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Small and Boutique Hotels Guide

Explore a travel and lifestyle blog with refined taste, offering recommendations from Turkey and Greece! Search hotels based on style, scenery, and interests for boutique and small hotels. Discover this month's featured fabulous boutique accommodations, holiday homes, travel, and dining guides!

Amazing Hotels Featured This Month

Glamping experience in the middle of a Jungle.

Casa Mimosa Hotel & Restaurant

Tranquility and boundless scenery.
The spacious, calm, and peaceful atmosphere of Ovabükü Cove.
A mansion dating back to the 1800s, still standing today.

Editor's Choice

The editors of Small and Boutique Hotels in Turkiye & Greece know well how the hotels they select can elevate your everyday life with memories that bring a smile to your face. Here are some of them...
Luxury Adult Only Beach Hotel, Bozburun Marmaris

Dirik Surf Club Hotel

Surf tutkunlarına, dalga ve kuş sesi dinlemek isteyen herkese.
You should stay at Akvaryum Hotel, a Bozcaada classic.

Casa Elia in Karaincir

Datça Karaincir Koyu’nda Aile Oteli

Discover Unseen Places With Us!

This month, we have once again listed fantastic accommodation options that will enhance your holiday experience. Carefully selected from Turkey and Greece, these venues promise a dream-like stay with a unique atmosphere. Each hotel is designed to provide guests with luxury, comfort, and tranquility. Explore our recommendations to secure your spot in these special places and make your holiday experience truly unforgettable!
Selimiye'ye sonsuzluk havuzundan bir de bakın!

Jade Residence, Adult Only

Sahil Kenarında, Balayı Konsepti, Lüks
Bozburun Yarımdası'nda Denize sıfır, balayı oteli

Port Ladera-Adults Only

Fidanka Houses, +12

Luxury Hotel, Great Landscape, Adult Hotel

Baharınbahçe Pension

Doğanın Ruhu Hotel & Bungalow

Doğanın içinde otel ve bungalov evler.

Olive Odore Palace Hotel

Recently Added Hotels

Every month, we send our team to discover the best new hotels and holiday homes across Turkey and Greece, but only 5 out of every 100 make the cut.