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Historical Mansion Hotel in Sanliurfa
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5.0 · Great · 11 reviews
Historical mansion with an inner courtyard restored to its original form.
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5.0 · Great · 4 reviews
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Socrates Hotel - Halfeti

5.0 · Great · 3 reviews
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Sanliurfa Hotels

Sanliurfa, also known as Urfa or Şanlıurfa, is a city in southeastern Turkey. It is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, with a history dating back to the Neolithic period. The city is known for its religious and cultural significance, as it is believed by many to be the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham. It is also home to several important historical and religious sites, including the Cave of Abraham, the Halil-ur-Rahman Mosque, and the Great Mosque of Urfa. The city is also an important center of industry, agriculture, and trade in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which businesses in Şanlıurfa have exceptionally beautiful views?
Kasrı Canan; Halfeti'nin tüm haşmetiyle karşınızda.
What are the average hotel prices in Şanlıurfa?
Otel fiyatları için müesseseleri arayabilirsiniz.
Which hotels in Şanlıurfa have good breakfasts?
Şehrazat Konağı'nda kahvaltı nefis!
What are the pet-friendly hotels in Şanlıurfa?
Socrates Otel evcil hayvan dostu otellerimizden.
Which hotels are closest to the airport in Şanlıurfa?
Şehrazat Konağı - Şanlıurfa Gap Havalimanı arabayla yaklaşık kırk dakika sürüyor.
Which hotels are close to the center in Şanlıurfa region?
Sayfamızda refere ettiğimiz otellerimizin hepsi şehir merkezinde bulunuyor.