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5.0 · Great · 3 reviews
Luxury mountain hotel with fireplace in nature
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Kazdağı Atilabey Mansion

4.5 · Great · 8 reviews
The only hotel with a waterfall in Kazdaglari
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Casa Mila Kazdaglari, +12

5.0 · Great · 3 reviews
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5.0 · Great · 13 reviews
Art and peace at your side at every step...
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4.6 · Great · 20 reviews
In a lush green nature, everything to rest my mind and body is all around me...
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4.3 · Great · 8 reviews
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5.0 · Great · 6 reviews
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Kısık Konağı - Yeşilyurt Village, Ida Mountains

4.6 · Great · 20 reviews
The huge courtyard, the beautiful rooms furnished differently and the food of Mrs. Sevgi...
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Manici Kasrı Hotel, Yeşilyurt Village

4.0 · Good · 11 reviews
Luxury Hotel
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Nadas Kazdağları, Adult Only

5.0 · Great · 2 reviews
Lüks ve Tasarım Otel
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Yesilyurt Village Hotels

The highway straightens out at Küçükkuyu, the only real coastal town and gateway to the two traditional villages of Yeşilyurt and Adatepe in the foothills of the Kazdağı range (the ancient Mount Ida). Beyond here, the road leads past a dreary succession of Turkish-dominated resorts and second-home complexes to the inland county town of Edremit. At Burhaniye, 18km south, a side road leads 5km west to the old-fashioned resort of Ören, with an excellent, long, west-facing sandy beach. The attractive village of YEŞİLYURT huddles around a picturesque main square, then continues down tree-lined cobbled streets to the river and uphill again, peeking at the sea from their pirate-proof location. Most of the houses are built in honey-coloured stone and many are being converted into boutique pansiyons for well-to-do İstanbullus. Read more:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels in Kazdağları are best for couples?
Ida Blue Otel , Adatepe Otel, İda Taş Konak çiftlere uygun romantizme sahip.
Which hotels in Mount Ida have exceptionally beautiful views?
Manıcı Kasrı ve Ergüvanlı Ev sıra dışı güzel manzarasıyla mest ediyor. Keyfini çıkarın!
Which hotels in Kazdağları are best for families?
Karye Müze Hotel ve Çetmihan Otel ailelerin konaklayabileceği konfora sahip.
What are the average hotel prices in Kazdağları?
Otel fiyatları için müesseseleri arayabilirsiniz.
What are the best hotels to stay in Kazdağları?
Aeneas Hotel, Ida Blue Hotel ve Çetmihan Otel müthiş bir çekiciliğe sahip.
Which hotels in Kazdağları have good breakfasts?
Hünhaphan Otel, Rezone Health&Oxygen Hotel, Ergüvanlı Ev'in kahvaltıları nefis!
What are the pet-friendly hotels in Kazdağları?
Hünhaphan Otel ve Aeneas Hotel evcil hayvan dostu otellerimizden.
Which hotels with fireplaces in Kazdağları?
Ergüvanlı Ev ve Çetmihan Hotel'de şöminenin keyfini sürün!
What are the villa rental and chalet options in the Kazdağları region?
Sayfamızdan refere ettiğimiz yerlere bakabilirsiniz.
Which hotels in Kazdaglari are romantic?
Ida Blue Hotel, Kısık Konağı doğanın içinden gelen romantizmi sunuyorlar.