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Akamoy Boztepe Otel

5.0 · Great · 1 reviews
Akamoy Boztepe Otel, Ordu Small & Boutique Hotels
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Aktuğ Elegance Hotel

4.0 · Good · 2 reviews
Aktuğ Elegance Hotel, Ordu Small & Boutique Hotels
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Sebile Hanım Konağı

4.0 · Good · 1 reviews
Sebile Hanım Konağı, Ordu | Small & Boutique Hotels
You will breathe the smell of history in your room decorated with canvases with wooden ceilings.
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5.0 · Great · 3 reviews
Sinema Otel, Ordu Small & Boutique Hotels
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Yıldız Apart, Fatsa

4.0 · Good · 1 reviews
Yıldız Apart Otel, Fatsa Ordu Small & Boutique Hotels
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Ordu Hotels

Ordu has the cleanest and most beautiful sand and coastline of the Central Black Sea Region. The length of the coastline is 150 kilometers. Beaches form about 90 kilometers of this long coastline. Ordu is one of the most preferred centers of the Black Sea in recent years, with its lush forests, highlands, as well as its deep blue sea. Ordu, which has a wide tourism potential, also has opportunities for activities such as highland tourism, sea tourism and paragliding. Ordu hotels are mostly city hotels and they are located close to the coast or in the highlands. However, there is an Ordu hotel for every taste and budget in Ordu. When you stay in Ordu hotels, you will have the opportunity to taste the local delicacies. You can see the sea, nature, culture and many local things in Ordu boutique hotels. You can also review our website to see the Ordu hotel that best suits your taste with affordable price options and reservation opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels in Ordu have unusually beautiful views?
Yıldız Apart Hotel ve Sinema Otel sıra dışı güzel manzara sahip.
Which hotels in Ordu are best for families?
Sayfamızda refere etiiğimiz otellerimizin hepsi ailelerin rahatlıkla konaklayabileceği konforlar sunuyorlar.
What are the average hotel prices in Ordu?
Otel fiyatları için müesseseleri arayabilirsiniz.
What are the best hotels to stay in Ordu?
Akamoy Boztepe ve Sebile Hanım Konağı'nın farklı bir ambiyansı var.
Which hotels in Ordu have good breakfasts?
Sinema Otel kahvaltıda yöresel gurme lezzetler sunuyorlar.
Which hotels are pet-friendly in Ordu?
Yıldız Apart Otel ve Akamoy Boztepe Otel evcil hayvan dostu otellerimizden.
Which hotels with fireplaces in Ordu?
Akamoy Boztepe Otel'de şöminenin keyfini çıkarın.