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Babil Bungalov Hotel, Masukiye

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4.3 · Great · 10 reviews
Hobbit Houses, Bungalow
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4.0 · Good · 3 reviews
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5.0 · Great · 3 reviews
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Kartepe Panorama Suites

Dağ Evi, Otel, Göl Manzarası
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Papuli Köyevi Village House

4.9 · Great · 408 reviews
Delicious breakfast in country house w/ fireplace.
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The Canyon Hotel & Resort

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The Green Park Kartepe Resort & Spa

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Kocaeli Hotels

Kocaeli has coastlines on both the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. The waters of the İzmit Gulf extend into the city, adding to its maritime character. The economy of Kocaeli is generally industrial-focused, with the potential of Kocaeli Port contributing significantly to industrial development. Despite its tourist and historical aspects, Kocaeli is primarily known as a city for business travel. Over time, Kocaeli has largely lost its historical and natural beauties.


Kocaeli hotels are typically located in the city center, offering services in the form of city hotels. With modern amenities, Kocaeli hotels also provide facilities such as meeting rooms for your business trips. They offer comfortable rooms to help you escape from the city noise and chaos. When you return to your room and lay on your bed, you'll forget the fatigue of the day. The prices of Kocaeli hotels are planned to fit almost every budget. To gather information about Kocaeli hotels and see suitable price options, you can visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels in Kocaeli have nice views?
Papuli Köy Evi , doğal konum bakımından olağanüstü bir yer.
Which hotels in Kocaeli are best for families?
Narköy'de çocuklarınızla vakit geçirip, doğa ile temas halinde olabileceğiniz eşsiz bir deneyim yaşayabilirsiniz. Her şey organik. Tam da olması gerektiği gibi...
What are the average hotel prices in Kocaeli?
Otel fiyatları için sitemizi inceleyebilirsiniz.
Which hotels in Kocaeli have good breakfasts?
Narköy ve Papuli Köy Evi'nin enfes kahvaltıları var...
What are the pet-friendly hotels in Kocaeli?
Chaleten Otel by Erkansas ve Narköy evcil dostlarımızı kabul ediyorlar.
Which hotels are close to the center in Kocaeli?
İzmit Otel şehir merkezinde yer alıyor.
Which hotels with fireplaces in Kocaeli?
Chaleten Otel by Erkansas, Narköy, Papuli Köy Evi şöminenin keyfine varabileceğiniz özel yerlerden.
Which are the adult hotels in Kocaeli?
Kartepe Köşkü yetişkinlere yönelik bir sessizlikte...
Which hotels in Kocaeli near Seka Park?
Seka Park 42 km uzaklıkta. Sitemizde refere ettiğimiz yerleri inceleyebilirsiniz.
Which hotels in Kocaeli near Izmit Clock Tower?
İzmit Saat Kulesi yaklaşık 40 km uzaklıkta bulunuyor. Sitemizde refere ettiğimiz yerleri inceleyebilirsiniz.