Akvaryum Hotel
Alaybey mah. Mermerburun mevkii, Bozcaada - Çanakkale
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Akvaryum Hotel, Bozcaada Island | Small & Boutique Hotels

Upon deciding to settle in Bozcada, where they grew up, the Pak Family transformed their home on the Aquarium Bay into a tiny, non-electric pension. Despite various difficulties, they designed seashore rooms with fireplace and terrace, which offer a peaceful getaway throughout the year, and opened their home as a hotel in 2010. The stone building hotel serves as an amazing destination, thanks to the contributions from the artist friends of the family.

Everything at the hotel is hand-made coming from separate workshops. During breakfast, visitors are presented with Paks’ own products from their own garden, the most delicious cheese assortments, home-made marmalades, bread types baked in their own facilities and local pastries. And the location, Aquarium Bay, bestows you the most secluded attractions of the nature, with nothing intervening. What you will only have to do there is enjoy the hidden gem on the most beautiful bay of Bozcaada.

Akvaryum Hotel

Dear Visitor

Welcome to our hotel. On this site you can find all kinds of information about us. You can also read guest reviews and write your positive or negative feedback if you have stayed here. If you have any questions or reservation requests, you can contact us by filling out the information form. Happy Holidays...
3.7 · 10 reviews
2 guest
Active between 5th June and 15th September

Good to Know

Distance to the sea
Akvaryum Koyu 100M
Distance to the city center
Bozcaada Merkez 10KM

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1 guests
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2 guests
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7/24 Reception
Air Condition
Breakfast included
Coffee-Tea Pot
Extra Bed
Family Room
Kids & Family Hotel
Mountain View
Pet Friendly
Sea View
Suit Room
Wireless Internet

Guest Reviews

Beril Kayacan
Beril Kayacan
· Great
Happy holidays, we are spending our Bozcaada holiday at Akvaryum Hotel, which we discovered thanks to you. Before breakfast, we go down the tiny path to the sea and when we come back, we wash off the salt in the showers in the garden. A luxurious advantage for the untouched bays of the island. The rooms are wonderful, the breakfast is very good, we drink coffee in the garden hidden among the trees without noticing the holiday crowd. We would also like to thank you for your consistent and precise discoveries and careful writings. Hello
Funda Arabacı
Funda Arabacı
· Bad
Due to the pandemic, we chose a hotel far from the center as a family. The hotel is close to the Aquarium Bay, but the bay can accommodate a maximum of 30 people, the wind is very strong, the sea is really cold. There is no social distance, there are at least 30 cars coming by car between 11-18 am. Forget the sea in the bay. .However, you can go to other bays by car. Coming from the 8-hour drive to the hotel, no tea or coffee was offered, it is not mandatory, of course it is expected. When we were hungry, we asked about the menu, there are 3 types of food, ravioli but no yoghurt. We asked for pasta, it was wrong and cold pasta arrived in 45 minutes. We had to eat at the center every evening. For breakfast, jam was at the bottom of the glass, 2 small bread rolls per person, 1 more when you asked again. You cannot eat eggs with sausage. The egg comes cold on a plate instead of a pan. There is no TV in the room, there is no minibar; you may have difficulties as a family. Due to the pandemic. It was said that cleaning would be done every 3 days, but there was only one toilet paper in the room (no spare), and one water bottle. As a family of four, we were not satisfied at all.
Bedriye Gungor
Bedriye Gungor
· Great
An absolutely wonderful boutique hotel... the breakfast is amazing, everyone is very friendly. It is little compared to 5 star hotels. Tea in the samovar, delicious fresh breakfasts, incredibly understanding team, the only hotel I'm glad I went to. I miss you so much I would love to go again

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