Konak Fedra
Cumhuriyet, Atatürk Cd. No:41, 17680 Bozcaada/Çanakkale
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I am in Bozcaada again and again!

First let me give you some notes and then let me tell you about my new discovery.

🍽 Eating and Drinking Suggestions in Bozcaada:

☕️ Coffee to start the day at Kahverengi, Asma6's amazing appetizers, No8's sunset baskets, dinner at Madam Niça or Ada'm.

👨‍🌾 Places to visit in Bozcaada?

Bozcaada Castle, windmills, sunset in Polente, historical and cozy streets of Bozcaada.

🏡 Accommodation: If you are looking for a place to go every time you set foot on the island, if you want to have an acquaintance to chat and greet, you should definitely stop by @konakfedrabozcaada this summer, a magnificent and rare mansion that has survived from the 1800s to the present day.

🌸 Among the bay windows and colorful houses lined up side by side as if searching the history of Bozcaada, on the street where the flowers are colored one by one, @konakfedrabozcaada, which is immediately noticed with its imposing but timeless structure that makes you wonder who knows who lived there, is located in the Greek Quarter of Bozcaada with its 6 sweet rooms.

✨ The meticulousness, perfectionism and taste of Mr. Mustafa, the manager of the mansion, is reflected in every corner of the mansion with a different care. You know how they say it's like a flower, it really is in every corner...🌿 A business that works like a bee, a business that provides such hospitality to its guests... 👐 I say Bravo. Each of the soap-scented rooms is carefully decorated and the mansion serves its visitors with a total of 6 rooms ranging from 28-30 m2.

🗝️ The high-ceilinged, spacious rooms are especially popular with honeymoon and special occasion guests. The French Balcony room is both nostalgic and very special. The fact that it is only 2 steps away from the seaside is nice for exploring the island easily and comfortably.

🍳 An example of Bozcaada's magnificent breakfasts is in this establishment. Prepare yourself for delicious jams, baked goods served hot every morning, and the island's eggplant pastry.

👶 Child policy: Appeals to guests aged +6 and above.

✨ Who should come: Families, young couples, anyone who wants to have a getaway for special occasions.

📞 When you call Mr. Mustafa on +90543 225 0900 and send our greetings, a 10% discount is waiting for you, dear readers.😌

Konak Fedra

Host: Mustafa Vural

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5.0 · 1 reviews
2 guest
Active between 1st April and 31st October

This is a rare opportunity.

Mustafa Bey'i arayarak selamımızı ilettiğinizde %10 indirim sizi bekliyor sevgili okuyucularım.

Good to Know

Distance to the sea
Bozcaada 250M
Distance to the city center
Bozcaada Merkez 100M

Terms & Conditions

Reservation Cancellation and Refund Conditions
Pet And Child Policy



2 Kişilik Oda

2 guests
Standart Yatak (20 m2)

Fransız Balkonlu Oda

2 guests
Standart Yatak (25 m2)


+15 Adult Only
Bath towel
Family Room
Garden table and chairs
Hair dryer
Historical Building
Honeymoon Suit
Secure Tourism Certificate
Wireless Internet

Guest Reviews

Mehtap Ünlü Akarsu
Mehtap Ünlü Akarsu
· Great
We stayed there years ago and were very pleased.
Facility answer: Thank you for your valuable comments. We would be pleased to host you and your guests again.

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