Aral Holiday Farm
Çayıryolu çayır mevki Aşıklar Çeşmesi karşısı, Bozcaada Çanakkale
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Aral Holiday Farm, Bozcaada Canakkale Small & Boutique Hotels

Will the road necessarily lead to Bozcaada this year?

👨‍🌾 So how does the idea of staying in a farm with years of experience among the vineyards sound?

In our one and only Bozcaada, where it is not difficult to become a regular every year, where the famous wind circulates through your hair as soon as you get on the ferry departing from Geyikli, where you will find peace in the narrow, cobblestone, colorful streets as soon as you step on the island; I am a guest at Aral Tatil Çiftliği (


🏡 The facility, which has 23 rooms and built with the texture of a farm, consists of detached stone houses of different sizes, each of which is uniquely decorated and can accommodate 2-4 people. All of the 20-30 m2 rooms have a patio and garden view.

🌿 Colorful flowers gush out from every part of the garden and they do not miss their fragrance.

Ideal for private meetings, yoga & retreat camps or special celebrations in Bozcaada.

🍯 Don't be surprised to see not one but several types of Bozcaada jams in the open buffet breakfast! In addition to this scrumptious breakfast prepared from seasonal and fresh products, the restaurant in the facility is a must try. You can taste the local wines of the island here without any hassle, accompanied by the breeze blowing in the breeze.

Ideal for families with children and crowded families, the facility is a place where everyone from 7 to 70 can find something from themselves and fall in love with its nature.

🐶 The property is pet-friendly.

🍽️ Bozcaada Food and Drink Recommendations:

Unique desserts at Uğurlu shop, Turkish coffee with gum at Madam's coffee, dinner at Asma6 or Yalova Restaurant, cocktails at Sapa. Be sure to visit the town of Aral. There are mini shops where you can shop and eat and drink.

✨ Bozcaada Recommendations;

Sunset at the Polente lighthouse, wandering recklessly through the beautiful streets of the Greek neighborhood, taking photos in front of colorful bay houses, tasting island wines, swimming in unique turquoise blue bays.

Aral Holiday Farm

Host: ahmet - arzu aral

Hoşgeldiniz ! Bizimki kuşaklar boyu süren bir sevda öyküsü aslında. Bozcaada'nın binbir bereketli toprağına, eşsiz üzümlerine, zorlu şarapçılığa, cömert doğasına duyduğumuz derin, tutkulu aşkımızın öyküsü…

4.9 · 19 reviews
2 guest
Our facility is open every day of the year

Good to Know

Distance to the sea
Çayır Plajı 500M
Distance to the city center
Bozcaada merkez 2KM

Terms & Conditions

Reservation Cancellation and Refund Conditions
Pet And Child Policy



Standart Verandalı

3 guests
Double Bed (25 m2)

Verandalı Aile Odası

4 guests
Sofa Bed (35 m2)


0-6 Age Accepted
7/24 Reception
Air Condition
Alcoholic Drink Service
Baby Cot
Banquet Organization
Breakfast included
Buffet Breakfast
Car Park
Child Friendly Menu
Children's Playground
Coffee-Tea Pot
Ecological Hotel
Extra Bed
Family Room
Honeymoon Suit
Kids & Family Hotel
Pet Friendly
Ping Pong
Playing Room
Room Service
Sport and Activity
Spreading Breakfast
Suit Room
Wedding Area
Wireless Internet

Guest Reviews

Esin Türe Aygün
Esin Türe Aygün
· Great
I have stayed in this hotel before. Now it has a different place in my heart. Thank you so much
Melis İdil Köker
Melis İdil Köker
· Great
We loved your business when we came last summer, and my 2-paw daughter loved it even more than we did :) Thank you, beautiful people. Glad to have you, we wish you luck
Mihriban Akyol
Mihriban Akyol
· Great
Aral Farm, which I have visited many times and when I want to go to Bozcaada, is my only address... Long live them.

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