Top 10 Most Beautiful Hotel Suggestions for April

In a vast geography such as Turkey, April is a special time with hints of both summer and winter. While the footsteps of the summer season are well felt in places with maritime influence; it is not even a dream to see snow in the spring months in parts of Anatolia with a continental climate.
As such, the concept of hotels to visit in April is shaped entirely according to the preferences of traveling souls. What matters is a comfortable accommodation experience, a pleasant view and, if possible, a delicious breakfast... What else would a person in search of a vacation want but a little pampering? We have listed small and boutique hotels where you can have the most enjoyable experience in April:

1. Elif Hanım Hotel Spa, Akyaka, Muğla
Akyaka, a town in the Ula district of Muğla, offers a rich selection of boutique hotels despite being a very small place. In the town, which has scenic spots such as Gökova Bay and Azmak River, Elif Hanım Hotel Spa can be an elegant choice especially for couples. It is not at its peak season in April, so prices are affordable. On the other hand, all the details of luxury such as sauna and jacuzzi are available within the hotel. Spending a calm and peaceful time should be your first priority here. Thanks to its romantic atmosphere, Akyaka Elif Hanım Hotel Spa is also the first choice of honeymooners who want to celebrate the most special period of their union.

2. Ephesus Boutique Hotel, Kusadasi, Aydin
Ephesus Boutique Hotel in Kirazli Village of Kusadasi is for those who want to do justice to village life. Here, there are no city lights and crazy crowds of people you don't know, instead there is the abundance of the village and peaceful evenings. Although it is geographically located in the Aegean Region, you should not be surprised by the cold weather here in spring. Therefore, it is always useful to be prepared to dress warmly. If you are lucky, your breakfast will be accompanied by a sunny morning. While you are here, you should not forget to hit the road and explore the world-famous tourist spots such as Şirince, the ancient city of Ephesus and the Church of the Virgin Mary.

3. Wineport Lodge Hotel, Agva, Istanbul
If you want to escape from Istanbul and take a breath in a decent holiday resort within an hour; Wineport Lodge Hotel Ağva may be your choice. In the different types of rooms of the hotel, it is possible to encounter everything you need against the April chill. Even the dream of enjoying the jacuzzi in front of the fireplace is nice enough. It is almost a shame to come to Şile district of Istanbul, especially to Ağva, and not enjoy fish. After a pleasant night in Agva, you will probably find the hotel's breakfast quite successful.

4. Splendid Palas Hotel, Buyukada, Istanbul
One way to get away from Istanbul even though you are in Istanbul is to go to the Islands. Splendid Palas Hotel in Büyükada is always ready to mesmerize you with its sea view. On weekends, this place is popular all year round. On weekdays, it can be a much quieter vacation alternative. As you can imagine, all meals are enjoyable on the hotel terrace overlooking Istanbul. If the weather is nice, a little walk around the island can also lift your mood.

5. Mahzen Cave Hotel, Ortahisar, Nevşehir
Massage service, rooms with fireplace, dozens of alternatives of places to visit and walk around... Mahzen Cave Hotel, located in Ortahisar, Nevsehir, can offer you more than you ever imagined at this time of the year. Fairy Chimneys, Ihlara Valley, Derinkuyu Cave, Ortahisar Castle, rock tombs and Ortahisar Ethnography Museum await you here. Whether you come to the hotel with a large family or as a couple, you will be offered a private room. The exquisite harmony between wood and rock will be one of the most important details that will remain in your mind when you return from vacation.

6. Hindiba Nature House, Mengen, Bolu
Hindiba Nature House, located on the Yedigöller road in Mengen district, symbolizes the escape from the embrace of the city to nature, as the name suggests. Cats, dogs and chickens can be your best friends here. If you are really traveling with friends, you can gather around the fire and chat on cold evenings. This getaway, which you can visit in any season, will offer a calmer atmosphere from Monday to Friday. Especially when you need to listen to yourself, you can easily hear the sounds you are looking for at Hindiba Nature House.

7. Abant Lotus Hotel, Abant, Bolu
Another boutique hotel alternative in Bolu is Abant Lotus Hotel, named after Lake Abant. The hotel has different types of rooms with fireplaces and jacuzzis. Most of your vacation is accompanied by the warmth of the wood fire and the sweet sizzle of the wood. Breakfast is sufficient and varied. World cuisine options are also available in the evenings at the hotel's a la carte service. Keep in mind that this place is very popular during the winter and the winter season does not end easily in April. There is internet connection in the rooms, but the truth is, you don't really need to connect with the rest of the world when you're so close to nature.

8. Macaron Konagi, Ayvalık, Balıkesir
For an accommodation experience right in the heart of Ayvalık, Macaron Mansion is the right choice. Its properly restored stone architecture, cozy rooms and balconies with geraniums are its most prominent details. You never know when geranium is in season, but you certainly won't come across the hotel's high season prices in April. This means high quality service at an affordable price, and what more could you ask for? From the moment you enter the mansion, you feel that the natural texture of this place is intact. You'll feel like you're in a period movie, and the only way to get out of its spell is to mingle with the nights of Ayvalık and enjoy fish on a long table.

9. Alachi Hotel, Alacati, Izmir
The atmosphere of Alacati is completely different in and out of the summer season. It is as crowded in July or August as it is quiet in April. Alachi Hotel is suitable for those who want to combine this calm atmosphere with quality service. The family's own home-grown produce and homemade jams adorn the hotel's breakfast. Just the energy of starting the day this way can be enough to mark your vacation. The lavender scents in the rooms, hammam, sauna and massage rooms are other memorable details of the hotel. While sipping your Turkish coffee in the garden of Alachi Hotel; you will agree with us that this is one of the best hotels to visit in April. The five o'clock tea is worth mentioning as one last nice detail about the hotel.

10. Nişanyan Houses, Şirince, Izmir
The second hotel on the list from Izmir is in Şirince, this time in Selçuk district. Nişanyan Houses is one of the most established options among the boutique hotels in Şirince, which is increasing day by day. This is reflected in both service and demand. On weekends, it is quite difficult to find a place in the hotel at all seasons of the year; because this place is frequently preferred on special occasions such as wedding anniversaries or honeymoons. Each of the rooms at Nişanyan Houses has a different story and atmosphere. The common thing in all of them is to feel yourself completely in the atmosphere and peace of the village. You can start the day with a delicious Şirince breakfast and make it even more enjoyable by getting lost in the narrow streets of Şirince.