Paxos Island Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

Hidden in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, the island of Paxos is one of the smallest of the Ionian Islands, yet it captivates with its stunning natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. This little piece of paradise is the perfect escape for nature lovers and those seeking serenity. Paxos Island is a small but charming Greek paradise. With its historical and cultural richness, natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, it is ideal for both adventure seekers and those seeking tranquility. Whether you want to enjoy the sea, take nature walks or discover local delicacies, Paxos offers unforgettable memories to every visitor. If you are looking for a tranquil, nature-inspired and unique vacation, you should add Paxos Island to your itinerary.
Paxos: A Stunning Swimming Heaven in Greece

Unknown Things About Paxos Island?

Paxos is one of the islands with the densest olive tree cover in Greece. There are around 250,000 olive trees on the island and some of them are hundreds of years old. These trees play an important role for the island's economy and culture.

Paxos is believed to have been created by Poseidon for his wife Amphitrite. According to legend, Poseidon created Paxos by plucking a piece of Corfu Island with a trident. This legend adds to the romantic and mystical atmosphere of the island.

The Blue Caves on the west coast of Paxos are famous not only for their beauty but also for their mystical atmosphere. Some of these caves are only accessible by swimming or small boats, which makes exploring them even more exciting. In particular, there are hidden caves and undersea tunnels that are not easily accessible to the average tourist.

In the Middle Ages, Paxos was an important refuge for pirates. The island's many hidden coves and caves were ideal places for pirates to hide and store their loot. You can still find traces of the pirate past in some parts of the island.

The ancient aqueduct in Gaios is one of the ruins from the Roman period. This aqueduct is part of the island's ancient water supply system and is an interesting stop for history buffs.
Although Paxos is famous for its olive oil production, the island also produces local wine. Made with grapes from the island's vineyards, the wines are served in local taverns and restaurants. Paxos wines have a unique flavor profile, often due to the island's rich and fertile soil.

Paxos is an ideal place for sailing and sea sports. The clean and calm waters around the island provide excellent conditions for activities such as sailing, swimming, diving and water skiing. Also, the small islets and bays around Paxos are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by sailing.

There are many small and historic churches on the island. They are decorated with Byzantine frescoes and reflect the religious and cultural heritage of the island. In particular, the Church of Agioi Apostoloi and the Monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa are of great interest to visitors.

Events and Dates in Paxos Island Paxos Island Festivals

Paxos Music Festival is one of the most important cultural events of the island. The festival features performances ranging from classical music to jazz, folk music to modern works. Both local and international artists perform and the event takes place in various venues across the island. It is usually held in July and August.

The Panagia Festival, August 15, is an important religious festival celebrating the Panagia (of the Virgin Mary) throughout Greece. This day is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in Paxos. In addition to masses in churches, festivities are organized in village squares and enriched with traditional music and dance performances. It is organized in August.

Agios Haralambos Festival, organized in memory of Agios Haralambos, the patron saint of the island, is celebrated with religious rites and festivities. It starts with a big mass in one of the island's main churches and continues with celebrations in the streets. It is organized in February.

Summer Solstice Celebrations, Summer solstice is celebrated in Paxos with various cultural events and festivities. Locals and tourists celebrate the longest day of summer with dances, music and beach parties.

Olive Harvest Festival, Paxos is famous for its olive trees and the olive harvest period is eagerly awaited on the island. In this festival, held in November, locals and visitors participate in the olive harvest together, followed by a celebration with traditional Greek music. It is organized in November.

Public Holidays in Paxos Island

New Year, Epiphany, Greek Independence Day, Panagia, Ochi Day, Christmas, Pentecost.

The Best Time to Enjoy Paxos Island?

The most popular times to visit Paxos Island are the summer months. During this period, the weather is warm and sunny and the sea temperature is ideal for swimming. The beaches can be crowded, but many events and water sports activities are organized on the island during this period. Less busy periods are May and October. During this period, the beaches are quieter and ideal for activities such as nature walks.

Don't Return Without Doing These Things in Paxos Island!

Take the boats to the magnificent beaches of Antipaxos.

Go to Erimitis Restaurant near Magazia Village. It's a great place if you want to have nice cocktails in a romantic setting, delicious food and watch the spectacular sunset from the top of the cliffs.

The turquoise beaches of Paxos are a great option for sunbathing and enjoying the sea. Beaches like Voutoumi, Monodendri and Levrechio stand out.

You can spend time with water sports such as snorkeling, diving and kayaking. It can be interesting to discover colorful corals and marine life in the clear waters of the island.

Nature walks through olive groves and vineyards are a great way to discover the natural beauty of the island's interior.

Take time to explore the colorful harbor of Gaios, the capital of Paxos, the tranquil atmosphere of Lakka and the small fishing village of Loggos.

Visit Antipaxos Island and enjoy the sea at its famous beaches such as Voutoumi and Vrika.

Visit the Venetian Castle in Gaios for a panoramic view of the island's history.

Trying traditional Greek cuisine in the taverns and restaurants of Paxos can be an unforgettable experience. Seafood, appetizers with olive oil and local wines are among the favorites.

Watching the sunset from Gaios Harbor or Lakka Beach, seeing the sun disappear over the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea can be a romantic activity.

The small size of the island offers an atmosphere that can be easily navigated by bicycle or scooter. Exploring the island with rental cars can be enjoyable.

Paxos Island offers a relaxing vacation with its natural beauties and peaceful atmosphere. You can make your vacation enjoyable and unforgettable with many activities to do.

Places to visit in Paxos Island

Mongonissi is one of the island's pleasant and easily accessible seaside options. It is a few kilometers from Gaios and connected to the island by a small bridge. In addition to the beach alternative, it also has a restaurant in the garden.

Blue Lagoon is another swimming spot on the ridges of Paxos Island.

Gaios, the capital of Paxos Island, is a charming town with its colorful buildings, narrow streets and harbor. Gaios Harbor is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Lakka is a port town in the northeast of the island. It is located in a bay with turquoise waters. It is famous for its colorful houses, taverns and calm atmosphere.

Loggos is one of the smallest villages of Paxos. It has a beautiful harbor lined with fishing boats and calm beaches. There are also hiking routes with natural beauty in Loggos.

The Achaiological Museum, located in Gaios Harbor, is a museum exhibiting the history and culture of Paxos Island. It contains artifacts from the ancient period.

Antipaxos, south of Paxos, is famous for its small size and magnificent beaches. Especially the beaches of Voutoumi and Vrika are a great place to enjoy the sea.

The Venetian Castle in Gaios bears traces of the history of the island. Located at the high point of Gaios Harbor, the castle's history and panoramic view are interesting for visitors.

Located west of Paxos, Tripitos is an archaeological site with ancient rock caverns and caves. It offers an exploration of natural formations and history.

Paxos Island offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its natural beauty, traditional villages and historical sites. It will be enjoyable to get lost in the tranquil atmosphere of the island and take the time to discover its beauties.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Paxos Island

Erimitis Bay Beach

Kipiadi Beach

Harami Beach

Lakka Beach

Paxos Island Food and Drink Recommendations

At Genesis Restaurant, you can enjoy Greek food in the harbor view. You can try fresh fish, grilled octopus and saganaki cheese.

You can try street food at Taka Taka. You should definitely try the gyro, souvlaki and Greek salad.

Dodos Taverna serves traditional Greek food and seafood by the beach. You should definitely try mussel saganaki, moussaka and fresh squid.

Nionios Taverna is a family run business. You should try traditional Greek cuisine such as kleftiko (roasted lamb), stifado (goulash) and homemade baklava.

If you want to try Greek tapas, fresh seafood and appetizers with olive oil, you can try Four Seasons Restaurant. 

Café Kalimera offers traditional Greek breakfasts as well as fresh coffee, croissants and homemade jams. It has a friendly and warm atmosphere. Its location by the sea makes your breakfast enjoyable.

Where and What to Eat on Paxos (2024 Guide)

Where are the entertainment venues on Paxos Island, what are the recommendations?

Roxi Bar is located on the seafront. Appetizer plates, grilled shrimp and local wines are among the must-try dishes.

Vassilis Taverna is a traditional family-run restaurant where you can enjoy a drink with local flavors.

Another place where you can have a cocktail with light snacks in a relaxed atmosphere by the beach is Voutoumi Beach Bar.

Suggestions for Shopping in Paxos Island

You should definitely try the natural and pure olive oils that Paxos is famous for. Many small family businesses on the island sell their own olive oils. Soaps and other cosmetic products made from olive oil can be a great gift option for yourself and your loved ones. You can try and buy local wines produced in Paxos. Local wines have a special flavor thanks to the unique climate and soil structure of the island.

Where is Paxos Island and how to get there from Turkey?

Paxos is located about ten kilometers from Corfu and twelve kilometers from Epirus. There are several different options to get to Paxos Island from Turkey. It can be reached via Igoumenitsa or Preveza, which are the main land ports near Paxos Island. Here are a few of these routes:

1. Via Igoumenitsa

You can follow the steps below to get to Igoumenitsa from Turkey:

By Air One of the nearest airports is Ioannina National Airport. You can get to Igoumenitsa from Ioannina.

By Land You can reach Igoumenitsa by car from Turkey, especially via Istanbul or Thessaloniki. It is approximately 1,000 km from Istanbul to Igoumenitsa by road.

By ferry Igoumenitsa is the closest major port to Paxos Island. There are ferry services from Igoumenitsa Port to Paxos Island. The ferries go to Gaios Port, the capital of Paxos.

2. Via Preveza

By Air Aktion National Airport is another option for transportation to Paxos Island. Flights from Turkey may be available to this airport.

By Road To reach Preveza by road, you can rent a car or take a bus from big cities like Ioannina or Thessaloniki.

There are also ferry services from Preveza to Paxos Island.

Travel Tips

Depending on the season and demand, ferry schedules may change, so it is important to check ferry schedules before traveling.

Once you arrive in Paxos Island, you can choose from local transportation, taxis or walking around the island.

Make sure you have the necessary documents to enter Greece by checking your passport and visa requirements.

You can choose the most convenient option for transportation to Paxos Island depending on your travel plans and location. Planning transportation options in advance can make your trip more comfortable.

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