Shopping in Giresun

Giresun is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and unique shopping experiences. Here are some of the best places to shop in Giresun:
    Giresun Bedesten: This historic covered bazaar is located in the city center and dates back to the Ottoman period. It's a great place to find traditional Turkish products such as textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and spices.
    Giresun Otogar: This is the main bus station in Giresun, and it has a large indoor market with a variety of shops selling local products such as hazelnuts, tea, and spices.
    Giresun Pazarı: This is a traditional open-air market held every Wednesday in the city center, where you can find fresh local produce, handmade crafts, and souvenirs.
    Giresun Forum: This is a modern shopping mall located on the outskirts of the city, with a variety of local and international brands, as well as a food court and cinema.
    Hazelnut Shops: Giresun is famous for its high-quality hazelnuts, which are grown in local orchards and used in a variety of dishes and desserts. You can visit local shops and markets to buy fresh hazelnuts, as well as products made from hazelnuts such as baklava, cookies, and chocolate.
    Giresun Coppersmiths: Giresun is known for its skilled coppersmiths, who create beautiful handmade copper products such as tea sets, trays, and decorative objects. You can visit local shops and workshops to buy unique and authentic souvenirs.
Overall, shopping in Giresun is a unique and authentic experience, with a mix of traditional markets and modern shopping centers. You can find a variety of local products and souvenirs, as well as high-quality hazelnuts and handmade copper products.

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Labonita Concept Hotel & SPA uçsuz bucaksız deniz manzarası ile mest ediyor.
What are the average hotel prices in Giresun?
Otel fiyatları için sayfamızı inceleyebilirsiniz.
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Birun Kümbet Dağ Evi doğa ile burun buruna olma keyfini tattırıyor!
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Birun Kümbet Dağ Evi gerçek bir Karadeniz kahvaltısı sunuyor.
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Labonita Concept Hotel & SPA, Giresun Kalesi'ne 3 km uzaklıkta bulunuyor.
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Birun Kümbet Dağ Evi, Kuzalan Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı'na 30 km uzaklıkta bulunuyor.