Turkey's Most Beautiful Canyons

If you've been to different geographical regions of Turkey and have ever taken a swim in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea or Marmara Sea, you may already feel like an explorer. On the other hand, no matter how much you travel around, it is not possible to fully fit the cultural and natural beauties of our country into travel routes and to do justice to every place.
There are such treasures in Turkey in terms of culture and tourism that places that would be flooded with tourists abroad are almost forgotten and neglected here. Among these are certainly the most beautiful canyons in the country. These deep valleys formed by rivers and streams are fortunately on the radar of more and more local and foreign tourists every day. We have prepared a selection of the most beautiful of these canyons, which are mostly concentrated in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions but can also be found in the middle of Anatolia at any time.

1. Saklikent Canyon, Fethiye, Mugla
In the Fethiye district of Muğla; there is a great escape point for tourists who are overwhelmed by the summer heat. Saklıkent Canyon, which can be reached by following the Kemer turnoff on the Antalya highway, is also known as Saklıkent National Park. This place is perhaps the epitome of paradise itself, with its lush recreational places with rivers flowing underneath.
Walking in the icy waters of the canyon means to be completely discharged and purified from negative charges. Drinking tea and coffee and having a snack amidst the sounds of the water is an indispensable activity. It is not a good idea to return from Saklikent without eating pancakes and drinking ayran on the wooden piers on the Esen Stream.

2. Koprulu Canyon, Manavgat, Antalya
Antalya's canyons are quite famous, but if you have to choose one, Köprülü Canyon National Park will probably be the most popular one for most people. Born from the Taurus Mountains, Köprüçay meets the Mediterranean Sea south of Serik with its icy waters. In summer and winter, this place can offer completely different landscapes with the same beauty. The Köprülü Canyon, famous for having a wall height of over 100 meters, is exactly 14 kilometers long.
While you are in one of the most beautiful and longest canyons in Turkey, you may want to consider rafting on Köprüçay. Other alternatives to rafting, which is a very fun activity for crowded groups, can be canoeing or camping. Visitors are not charged for entering the canyon. There are eating and drinking opportunities on both sides of the river that you can enjoy.

4. Arapapıştı Canyon, Bozdogan, Aydin
If the intersection of ancient ruins and natural beauty excites you, you should also visit Arapapıştı Canyon in Aydın. Since April 2017, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality has been organizing boat tours in Kemer Dam. During the tours, it is possible to see the 5,000-year-old rock tombs and temples hidden in the rocks up close and take plenty of photos.
The canyon, which has lush green waters and an equally green vegetation around it, has already been declared the "8th Wonder of the World" by the locals. During the high season, the number of visitors to the canyon exceeds 2 thousand a day.

5. İncesu Canyon, Ortaköy, Çorum
Incesu Village in Ortaköy district of Çorum has an exquisite canyon with the same name. Although Incesu Canyon offers an opportunity for adrenaline enthusiasts for rafting; it should be mentioned that this is a very difficult geography. The canyon with steep cliffs on both sides is most beautiful in spring.
There is only one entrance and exit in this natural wonder, which is between 40 and 60 meters wide in total. The canyon is 12.5 kilometers long. You can also take a pleasant nature walk here if you wish.

6. Ihlara Valley, Güzelyurt, Aksaray
Ihlara Valley, which hosted different civilizations in different histories, is not only the largest in Turkey but also the largest in the world in this respect. The canyon, which is within the borders of Güzelyurt district of Aksaray province, is exactly 18 kilometers long and 150 meters deep. The width of Ihlara Valley is 200 meters.
In the valley, which has been eroded by the Melendiz River for years, there are many cultural assets such as churches and carved rocks. This place is also very rich in natural beauties. Tourists coming to Cappadocia usually do not return without stopping by Ihlara.

7. Şahinkaya Canyon, Vezirköprü, Samsun
Şahinkaya Canyon, located 13 kilometers from Vezirköprü district center; It is a candidate to be declared as the most beautiful place in Samsun. While this place is located on the Altınkaya Dam Pond; it also has the feature of being the deepest place of the pond.
If you want to take the Kızılırmak River from geography books and bring it to the center of real life, you are definitely in the right place in Şahinkaya. This place is remembered both for its length and majesty of 1.5 kilometers and the turquoise color of its waters.

8. Cehennem Deresi Canyon, Ardanuç, Artvin
Located on the Artvin Ardanuç highway, Cehennem Deresi Canyon is a wild beauty, so to speak. As the name suggests, this place contains very difficult passages. There are also sources that declare the canyon, which is 7 kilometers from Ardanuç district center, the most difficult in the world.
Located in the difficult geography of the Eastern Black Sea region, Cehennem Deresi has roads where one person can barely fit. Despite this, locals are not the only explorers of the canyon. Those who come from all over the world to see this hidden paradise of nature and enjoy the hospitality of the Black Sea people are not few.

9. Kapıkaya Canyon, Karaisalı, Adana
In Kapıkaya Village, located in rural Adana, there is the Kapıkaya Kalyon, which is about 200 meters high. Çakıt Stream, which originates in Ulukışla, Niğde, flows right through here. The canyon, which creates a magnet effect for nature lovers with its 7250-meter hiking trail, is 72 kilometers from Adana city center. After arriving in Karaisalı district, you only need to go 5 kilometers for this place. If you come to Adana is not all about eating kebabs and drinking turnips for you, you should definitely make a note of this route. In fact, even if you love eating and drinking; activities such as trekking and slope climbing in Kapıkaya can be a sporty way to burn calories.

10. Alaçam Waterfall and Canyon, Kestel, Bursa
Alaçam Canyon, one of the hidden paradise corners of Bursa, is located in the village of the same name in Kestel province. The lush vegetation of Alaçam Village extends to an altitude of over a thousand meters in Uludağ. As you can imagine, this green geography is also covered in white in winter.
The trail offered by the waterfall is ideal for anyone interested in extreme sports. Sports communities organize special trips to the canyon. Eating trout in the district, which is 13 kilometers from the city center, is one of the things especially recommended. You can stay in wooden houses here or you can camp by carrying your tent with you.