Things to See and Do in Akyaka

 Akyaka, one of the most beautiful getaway spots in the Aegean Region, continues to welcome its guests in all four seasons of the year. Located in the Ula district of Muğla province, right on the shores of Gökova Bay, this holiday resort is a valid holiday address with both the peaceful atmosphere it offers and the food and accommodation options it offers at affordable prices. Even travelers who are on their way to Marmaris and Fethiye do not hesitate to stop by Akyaka on the way and at least take a pancake break here. Akyaka, the humble address of magnificent views, is now here with all its details.

Places to Visit in Akyaka
One of the most beautiful places in Akyaka is the Azmak River. It can also be referred to as Kadın Azmağı or Azmak Creek. Since all of the beautiful restaurants are located by the river, you will definitely find your way here. Of course, if you wish, you can settle by the river with your folding chairs and thermos and enjoy the view more economically.

Akyaka Public Beach: It offers a wonderful atmosphere with cafes and bars right behind it. Here, a fully protected beach is at your disposal, but crowds are inevitable during the high season months of July and August.

Cinar Beach: Another alternative 3 kilometers from the city center. This beach with clear water is deeper than the public beach. You can benefit from services such as sunbeds and umbrellas at reasonable prices throughout the day.

Sedir Island: Küfre Bay, Değirmenbükü and Akbük Bay are other quiet bays you can explore around Akyaka.
Sakar Pass and Gökova Gulf Viewpoint, which you will definitely pass during your journey, should definitely be noted as the viewpoints here. Akyaka offers delicious flavors to photography enthusiasts in terms of navigation due to altitude differences.

Photo: Sedir Island

Things to do in Akyaka
When Akyaka is a seaside resort, the first activities that come to mind are swimming and sunbathing. However, there are dozens of other ways to enjoy nature while in Akyaka. First of all, everything is within walking distance, making it possible to do sports and explore the town at the same time. If you wish, there are also places where you can run at a light pace. Cycling with sea, river and forest views is another enjoyable activity.

We can say that the hotels in Akyaka are more aimed at relaxing. Instead of the nightlife, which is fun but definitely exhausting, there are hammocks, giant swings, fireplaces or rooms with jacuzzi. Therefore, it is unacceptable to come to Akyaka without a few books in your bag. In fact, Akyaka has such a geography that your activity here may even be writing a book in the face of the inspiration you get from nature! Hotel Recommendations: Available at

Since you will be taking lots of photos during your Akyaka trip, your phone battery should be full. If you use equipment such as tripods and professional cameras, take them with you.
Two options for those who want to get involved with the Azmak River are kite surfing and boat tours. While tours with small boats offer family fun, kite surfing is a difficult sport. Still, it may not feel bad to try your luck in this windy place.

Camping in Akyaka crosses your mind the first second you see this place. There is natural beauty everywhere, most of the visitors are young people and all of them are already camping, so why not?
Moving from Akyaka to other districts of Muğla can be considered as another activity. The center of Mugla or Koycegiz are the closest places within 20 minutes. If you want to go to Marmaris or Fethiye, you will have to travel 1-2 hours more, but the number of places you will discover will increase as a result.

Food and Drink in Akyaka
We can divide the food and drink options in Akyaka into two. One is the delicious pancakes and home-cooked meals with olive oil in the places run by locals; the other is, of course, the must-have seafood of the Aegean. Seafood such as squid, shrimp and octopus are cooked deliciously here. The appetizers accompanying the fish such as sea cowpeas, atom or haydari are equally good. Halil'in Yeri; one of the restaurants on the banks of the Azmak River; can be shown as an address for a nice visit. You also have the chance to start the day with a mixed breakfast. Orfoz Restaurant right next to it offers the same standards of service.

On the way to Akyaka, there are places like Ayşe Ana'nın Yeri or Yörük Ali Gözleme. These places also serve breakfast. If you're in Akyaka for a weekend vacation, you can enjoy a late breakfast and an early dinner and end the day with two meals. The prices are never as high as in resorts like Bodrum and Çeşme.
Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University is very close to Akyaka and camping activities of students are quite common here. Therefore, grocery stores are in great demand. You can spend some of your meals with snacks and prepare your tea and coffee to sip by the river. There are also those who travel here from Izmir or Muğla for a day trip and prepare flavors between bread and a picnic basket.

Accommodation in Akyaka
The majority of accommodation options in Akyaka are small hotels. There is no five-star all-inclusive concept here. Most of the hotels serve as bed and breakfast. In addition to alternatives such as İskelem Hotel and Baga Hotel where you can feel the sound of the water under your feet, riverside hotels such as Kerme Ottoman Konak or Elif Hanım Hotel Spa right next to it are also remarkable.
If you are looking for accommodation for a special reason such as a honeymoon, this is the right place. Many of the hotels manage to host their guests in the best way possible. Shimal Panaroma is also a candidate to be your choice as a result of alternatives such as sauna, hammam and massage. Our recommendations are at this link:

Shopping in Akyaka
The center of Akyaka is full of small businesses. You can buy magnets or small household items to remind you of Akyaka and take them to your loved ones. If you come across the local stalls of the villagers, especially on the main road, you can buy many vegetables, fruits, jams and derivatives. Products such as okra and cowpeas grown by the locals are sold at the stalls according to the season.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Akyaka
Akyaka Beach becomes a nightlife destination towards the night hours. Although the nightlife in Akyaka means long tables of fish and seafood, those who want to listen to live music or dance will not return empty-handed. Special places like No 22 Riders are especially for kite surfers. Poison Pub and Deli Memet on Karanfil Street and Kum Kafe Bar&Bistro on İncir Street may be your choices.

Photo: No22 Riders

Transportation to Akyaka
Akyaka is a place where bus companies continue their services all year round. The fact that the distance between Muğla city center and Akyaka is only 20 minutes strengthens your hand. Depending on where you depart from, you can choose to go to Muğla first and then go to Akyaka from the city center. For those who use a private car, it takes 240 kilometers and 2.5 hours from Izmir to Akyaka. From Istanbul to Akyaka is 850 kilometers and the journey time is over 8 hours.
If Dalaman Airport will be used for Akyaka transportation, the journey can be considered as 1 hour. The distance between the airport and the town center is 70 kilometers. The frequency of flights to Dalaman increases especially during the summer season. Apart from Turkish Airlines, Pegasus also has flights to Dalaman.