The Most Beautiful Vacation Hotels Alone with Nature

Nature hotels with a chalet concept and a magnificent location in nature, among the greenery, can be found in many untouched spots in Turkey.
You will have many different alternatives from natural living villages in the valley, yoga and meditation facilities, bungalow houses with sea views to villa-type accommodation hotels by the lake.
From Yalova to Burdur, from Kaş to Izmir, from Marmaris to Ordu, you can find nature hotels all around Turkey.
If you wish, you can stay in a wooden bungalow house in the forest, or you can stay in a plateau with an incredibly rich flora and fauna accompanied by an exquisite view. Nature hotels, which are more preferred especially in spring and autumn, host wonderful landscapes where all the colors of nature come together.
We have selected 7 of them for you.

1- Olympos Mountain Lodge - Beycik Mountain, Kemer Antalya -
Olympos is a magical village in a magnificent nature. On one side is the Tahtali peak with all its majesty, on the other side is the endless pine forest. In the foreground, the mountain slopes turning blue and the Mediterranean Sea... Once upon a time, the gods lived in Olympos, and rightly so. Our center of attention is Olympos Mountain Lodge, a gastronomy hotel located in Beycik.

2- Şatıroğlu Mansion, Hazikli Rize -
Owners; In the green paradise Rize Fındıklı Çağlayan village, which has a log house, wooden house, triangular tree house and historical mansion, which pioneered in bringing this mansion to tourism, creating awareness in tourism in a different place, a different concept and aiming to develop tourism in the region.

3- Green Boots Nature House, Safranbolu -
The places of our country are endless. This time our discovery comes from Yeşil Çizme Nature House in #Safranbolu. Safranbolu, built in two canyons, is stunningly beautiful with both its cultural structure and nature. And the beautiful people. This is such a magical place...

4- Hotel Berke Ranch and Nature, Çamyuva Kemer -
Enjoy the lofty mountains of the Mediterranean at the 60-room Hotel Berke Ranch & Nature in Çamyuva-Kemer, nestled in pine forests at the foot of Mount Tahtali and overlooking the Twin Peaks, a spectacular volcanic formation.

5- Hoyran Wedre Village Houses, Demre Antalya -
The day begins with the sounds of roosters and birds, and is enlivened by the flocks of goats and sheep that are taken to graze in the morning and evening. In order to offer their guests "the right to be lazy" on hot Mediterranean days, they designed their pools inspired by the ponds called "Aşırı", which are built for the animals in the region to drink water.

6- Kale Lodge Hotel, +16, Kas Antalya
We continue to discover the most striking examples of alternative tourism in Kaş, where the season never ends and has a rich flora.
The ideal place to disconnect from the world for a few days. Kale Lodge reminds us how direct contact with nature creates a sense of freedom and freshness!

7- Foleya Mountain Resort, Tonya Trabzon -
A true Black Sea dream! Exclusive niche villas located in the exotic plateaus of the mountain ranges, in harmony with nature. The decoration is designed in accordance with the nature of nature. The environment is extraordinary.