The Most Beautiful Mountain Hotels

The fact that we are an incredibly rich country in terms of nature tourism brings countless mountain hotels. Mountain hotels, which you will come across in almost all regions of Turkey, usually come to the fore with wooden bungalow and villa type accommodation areas. Staying in a magnificent mountain house where you will see all the colors of nature together, starting the day with the chirping of birds and the sunrise, participating in nature walks, yoga and meditation programs prove that you will be more fit and energetic after the holiday.

It is possible to say that the most preferred glamping concept of recent times is also in the category of mountain hotels. You can stay in tents, bungalows or apart rooms and feel the great energy of nature inside you. Nature hotels, which are also very suitable for families with children, can also be within the borders of national parks in some regions.

1- Buyukada Glamping, Buyukada Istanbul
A place with a great ambiance, definitely worth the price. We felt like we were in the city of dreams so close to Istanbul. It was a great romantic experience in the nature of the birds. They brought our small requests immediately. Mr. Kaynak who took care of us was very friendly and polite. They gave us the opportunity to use the beach even after 2 days check-out. The room was clean and everything was thought of. The only problem was that it was far from the food places and the only possibility to eat was the restaurant within Yörükalı, which we were not satisfied with. I would never recommend it. But I would definitely recommend this place. A very nice place for a romantic experience.

2- Pionia Country House, Ayvacık Çanakkale
As we wandered through the streets of the village, we came across the extraordinarily beautiful Pionia Country House, which looks like a very old building in a very secluded place on the side we were heading towards. Pionia is very well situated on the floor of the valley. Everything here is very convenient, aesthetic and full of kindness. Especially the naive and pleasant energy of our gracious hostess, Mrs. Meliha, added another touch of elegance to the atmosphere of the hotel. The walls are rich with paintings depicting nature. All the works are the product of Ms. Meliha's art. We admire everything that feeds our creativity...Read more on the blog...

3- Masklavi Hotel, Alaçam Bursa
"Miss Bursa" in village decor Masklavi
I walk along the stone roads of Alaçam Village in Kestel district and where the village ends, Masklavi begins. First the old pine trees welcome me, then the friendly hosts of Masklavi. Masklavi is an authentic place with rooms bearing names from mythology.
I use the word "warm" in every sense for this place. Read more on the blog

4- Kure Mountain House, Bartin
A paradise within the borders of the National Park at the foot of the Küre Mountains... A hotel where you will stay and leave refreshed with plenty of oxygen, lush green nature and friendly hosts. They serve as bed and breakfast. When you come to your room, you are greeted by a fragrant smell. Everywhere is spotlessly clean, the beds are very comfortable. Read more on the blog

5- Seyr-i Cennet Mountain Houses, Çamlıhemşin Rize
By the stove and alone with nature...
Seyr-i Cennet Chalets are here, 10 minutes by car from Ayder plateau.
You are literally breathing happiness and peace into your lungs here. There are so many things that can be said about this place. You can only understand all of them if you come and live. I've mentioned a few of them, let me taste them. First of all, management and friendliness are very important and you say that there are those who do their job with such love. Read more on the blog

6- Gülnar Sultan Taş Konak, +16 , Dikili İzmir
On a winter morning in Dikili, while drinking our coffee with Ms. Gülnar, the owner of @gulnarsultantaskonak, we talk about our villages that are woven into the fabric of nature.
Our topic: the new of the old. Here we would like to tell you about Merdivenli Village in Dikili.
This mountain village makes you wonder how tightly it has captured the most striking of colors, green. Every single tree on the lush green slopes is exactly the same. Like the eggs of a mythological insect. And just opposite, the island of Lesbos and Behramkale... It is as if they are waving their hands, saying "come come come". The olive trees also make the view insatiable at the peaks... Of course, the old people of Dikili know the beauty of these places. Read more on the blog

7- Simurg Inn, +15 - Ahmetce Village, Canakkale
Now let's travel through the atmosphere of Mount Ida. There is an insatiable view in Mount Ida! The description of this place as "the joy at the summit" would not be wrong at all. On the quiet hills of these lush green slopes of the North Aegean, there is a silver spot in the village of Ahmetçe: Simurg Inn. Simurg Inn enters our lives like the Imbat breeze... When we step into its spacious grove with plenty of greenery, every shade of nature illuminates our eyes and hearts. We take our eyes off the view and go inside.  Read more on the blog

8- Hancıoğlu Çamburnu Forest Houses, Sürmene Trabzon
Sürmene Çamburnu Nature Park is one of the most inaccessible places in Turkey. That's where the pleasure comes from, its inaccessibility. It has become a favorite destination for people in search of inaccessibility! This is one of the rare places in the world where yellow pine forests can descend to sea level. They have built a structure that has never been damaged by human touch. They did not compromise on luxury and comfort. The decoration is minimal. There are no details that tire the eyes and mind. At the junction of the sea and the forest, there is a bay where the tonsurton of blue, clarity and peace prevail. It even has the title of being the first blue flag beach of the region. It has an uncanny beauty. It has a delightful restaurant. Delicious local dishes are among the indispensable flavors of their menu.
Read more on the blog

9- Foleya Mountain Resort, Tonya Trabzon
A true Black Sea dream! Exclusive niche villas located in the exotic plateaus of the mountain ranges, in harmony with nature. The decoration is designed in accordance with the nature of nature. The environment is extraordinary.
It takes serious effort to build such a regular facility at an altitude of 1600 meters in the Eastern Black Sea region, and there is a landscaping that pays for the effort. Read more on the blog

10- Akyaka Mountain Houses , Gokova Mugla
A magnificent panorama from Gökova: Akyaka Chalets! There are a thousand and one reasons to come to Akyaka, but among them, the value of Gökova Chalets, where we can relax in the heart of nature with a good book in our hands, is great. These chalets, which suit its geography very well, shine like a miracle of Gökova in the middle of nature!  Read more on the blog

11- Kazdağı Atilabey Mansion, Mıhlı Waterfall Ida Mountains
Would you like to welcome a new day with the sound of waterfalls and birds chirping?
In Kazdağları, one of the most beautiful and untouched locations of the North Aegean, a new hotel with a wooden and stone building architecture with mountain and sea views embracing the Mıhlı Waterfall opened its doors and said hello.
The Atila Bey Mansion hotel, which is open all year round, is 8-10 minutes by car from the nearest settlement, so it is the perfect place for those who want to be isolated from the crowd and relax. As everyone knows, this is an opportunity that cannot be found during the pandemic period. Read more on the blog

12- Handüzü Holiday Village, Güneysu Rize
Rize's most beautiful plateau, with the feature of being the closest plateau to the center, we would like to thank all the interest and interest in both service quality and location. If you want to escape from the city in the summer heat, Handüzü Holiday Village should be the place you can come without thinking. The breakfast is very varied and satisfying, the presentations are very attentive. We also liked the evening meals very much, the flavors were far above the quality of a general restaurant with its visual and presentation. Read more on the blog

13- Çandır Resort, Koycegiz Mugla
The forest surrounding the nature of Dalyan is phosphorescent green. Nature here looks like a very intense surreal painting. There are too many red pines to count,
We are going to the ancient city of Kaunos, which is a rare and beautiful ruin. A hundred steps from the shore, surrounded by walls, this is a very beautiful harbor city. Around it, on the inaccessible rocks, are the tombs of kings. Old tombs with prayers for the souls of the dead are still intact. One can easily interpret all kinds of depictions here... Read more on the blog

14- Gafulluk Holiday Village, Araklı Trabzon
Gafulluk holiday village is a facility consisting of 5 bungalows. Each bungalow is designed as a detached duplex. The lower ground floor has a living room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom, while the upper floor has a bedroom. The entire front facing the valley is all glass, giving you a visual feast both day and night. The terrace in front of the living room is perfect for enjoying the valley. The stove in the living room heats the whole house with more than enough. Read more on the blog

15- Inn Han Hotel, +12, Güre Mount Ida
The land of nature, the magical Mount Ida is like a hidden paradise. We cross the pine forest covered slopes wave by wave and head to Kavurmacılar Village of Güre with its uniquely beautiful view.
The reason we chose this place is that the Inn Inn is located in a lush garden at the point with the widest view of Lesbos Island, the pine-colored Aegean sea and the beautiful gulf! The other islands of the archipelago also shine like emeralds in the sparkling waters of the Aegean. We remember one of Sappho's poems written in one night: "The brilliance and beauty of the stars are nothing compared to this marvelous moon / In its roundness it shines silvery on the edge of the world."  Read more on the blog

16- Elevit Holiday Village, Zilkale Rize
We stayed in the Sevdaluk suite room. It was a very satisfied vacation. The cleanliness, location, decoration of the rooms, the sincerity and kindness of the employees, the interest was very good. We were like at home. The flavor of the food, breakfast was very good. You are almost under the spell of nature in the environment. Enjoying the fireplace is completely different. We definitely recommend it to everyone. Especially for those looking for a hotel in the black sea for honeymoon, the first place to look! Thank you elevit family. Read more on the blog

17- Simisso Kasaba Dağ Oteli, Samsun
First of all, I would like to thank all the staff for their friendly attitudes and warm and hospitable attitudes, it was one of the most beautiful holiday experiences we had. It is perfect to get away from the crowds of the city and the stress of business life. We were very pleased with the concept, hygiene and service. The fact that the first snow of the year fell on the night we arrived added pleasure to the holiday. It is a very nice place where you can relax in peace and taste the delicious food of the facility. I would like to thank all the Simisso town family and employees who gave us this beautiful experience, especially Mr. Yusuf and Mr. Davut for their attentive and friendly attitude. A place I will come again, I highly recommend it. Read more on the blog

18 - The Canyon Hotel & Resort, Kartepe Kocaeli
First of all, the extraordinary nature and the rooms, which are positioned without harming any trees and natural life, are really worth living not for a few days but for a lifetime. In terms of cleanliness, it competes with many 5-star hotels I have been to so far. Although it is very newly opened, you do not feel the slightest deficiency, or that wonderful staff does not make you feel. We left very happy from this vacation we went with our children. Read more on the blog

19- Dergiz Holiday Village & Spa, Artvin
It doesn't have a view but it has everything else. The service is very good, very clean. The heating system is good. The garden is beautifully designed. We could sit comfortably for 6 people in the bungalow for two people. There are seats that can be opened for two people for the child. We stayed very comfortably. Thank you for everything, we recommend it to everyone. Read more on the blog

20- Kartepe Panorama Suites , Kartepe Kocaeli
A place where five stars would be inadequate.
Kartepe Panorama Suites has a specially designed chalet for 2 and 4 people and 4 hotel rooms (deluxe-jacuzzi, suite, standard).
All the staff, especially Ms. Irem, are so friendly and nice that you feel like you are a guest in the house of a dear friend.
Everyone does their best to make you feel valuable. When the door of your home opens, the breeze of cleanliness comes to your face. Read more on the blog