Places to visit in Yalova

🪶 Yalova welcomes me with its mountains, gurgling fountains, noble stances of centuries-old plane trees, forests and historical healing hot springs... The Bottomless Lake is already a different world...

🐾 How to Visit ?

🌳 One of the most remarkable places in the center of Yalova is Karaca Arboretum. This place is a chirping sea of trees filled with people in all seasons with 7 thousand different kinds of trees! I think this tree museum is another beauty of the personal efforts of the late Dede Toprak (Hayrettin Karaca)... { @karacaarboretumofficial }

🏜️ After the city center, I'm heading towards Teşvikiye... And Dipsiz Lake... It's like I've arrived in a paradise... Dipsiz Lake is a unique place in terms of the beauty it promises! It has such an untouched and pristine atmosphere... Watching the sunsets in this mesmerizing environment is a tradition in the neighborhood. 📸

🌙 Where to Stay?

🌄 Stay at Limak Thermal Hotel, which is perfect for relaxing in the middle of nature! { @limakthermal } This Ottoman-style mansion uses healing hot spring water in the bathrooms of its spacious rooms with high ceilings.  ☎️ 0226 675 7800
Note: they are not suitable for pets.

🍸 What to Eat?

👉 Don't pass by without trying Yalova's famous Yalova Sütlüsü dessert ! { @yalovasutlusu }

👉 Breakfast is served in "Another World". Don't miss this table enriched with Antep's olive piyaz and Georgian khachapuri pita { @baskabirdunyayalova } 🫒
Having breakfast in the forest with a view of the trees was an unforgettable experience for me...
👉 Tike Restaurant in the marina for dinner; a unique place with a special view. There is a wide variety of fish/meat and olive oil appetizers. The gerdan with mountain thyme, beetroot with apple and basil, lamb spinach with quince and roasted eggplant with tahini are a must. You can't have a more beautiful table against the sunset. Tike Restaurant is sure to add to your enjoyment in Yalova... { @tikeyalova }

📩... I wish that my Yalova article will add beauty to your weekend routes and make your weekend unforgettable.