Now it's time for Adrasan, one of the most beautiful towns in Antalya!

Adrasan, which hosts extremely interesting natural beauties with its sea, sand and forests, awaits nature lovers for a peaceful and nature-intertwined vacation.
Adrasan-Olimpos and Cirali are 3 places side by side. If you come here, spend at least 5-7 days. 2 days tour, 1 day Lycian Way hike, 1-2 days lazing on the beach.

Let me tell you a little bit about Adrasan. It is a paradise for nature lovers for a peaceful and nature-intertwined vacation with its sea, sand and forests and extremely interesting natural beauties.

Adrasan is warm from April onwards, the sea is quite clear and sparkling. 
It has a magnificent bay at the foot of the Bey Mountains. The bay is surrounded by pine trees. Clean air and a magnificent sea. The bay is closed, you have the opportunity to swim from everywhere and the beach is quite long.
While you are here, you also have the opportunity to participate in fishing tours in Adrasan. In the fishing tours organized by Deepfishing, you can catch very large fish with a fishing rod and add unforgettable moments to your life.
 ☀️ Adrasan has also been at the forefront with paragliding activities in recent years... If you love adventure, you can paraglide when you go to Adrasan. Don't say don't come back without a boat trip to Suluada and the bay!

How to get to Adrasan:

It is possible to reach Adrasan, one of the holiday resorts of Antalya, both by road and by air. You can go to Adrasan, which is 80 kilometers away from Antalya, via Kemer. After passing Kemer, you continue for about 50 kilometers and turn left at the Olympos turnoff. From here you can drive 20 kilometers and reach Adrasan.
To reach Adrasan by air, you must first arrive in Antalya. You can go to Adrasan from Antalya Airport by various city transportation vehicles.
If you are traveling with your own vehicle, the distances of some big cities to Adrasan are as follows:
- Ankara is 610 kilometers from Adrasan.
- Antalya is located 80 kilometers from Adrasan.
- Bursa is 640 kilometers from Adrasan.
- Eskişehir Adrasan is located 500 kilometers away.
- Istanbul is located 800 kilometers from Adrasan.
- It is 490 kilometers from Izmir Adrasan.
- Kayseri Adrasan is located 700 kilometers away.
- Kocaeli Adrasan is located 720 kilometers away.
- Konya Adrasan is located 400 kilometers away.

Where to stay in Adrasan?

☀️Antalya Adrasan: a kind of tropical paradise valley in magnificent nature for us.
🏡 We are guests of Likya Adrasan Hotel, which has an atmosphere that draws attention to the benefits of alternative nature perspective with its rows of wooden bungalows hidden in a secluded village garden full of trees that bear fruit every season.

🛏Clean, spacious rooms. It is not luxurious, do not come with that expectation! In addition to standard rooms, there are suites where families with children can easily stay. While we were lying on our bed in our room, Lycia Adrasan offered us the opportunity to get out of the habits of our mind for a while in the sound of cicadas coming from the garden in the hum of the night...

🌿In the large well-kept garden under the shade of plane trees, the air is dominated by the scents of resin and citrus. It is very pleasant to relax in hammocks in the different seating areas that spread freely.
🍳 Handmade jams, vegetables and fruits from their gardens, daily eggs, glasses of tea, ohh yum! During the day, tea and herbal tea offerings continue unlimitedly. Guests can also take advantage of dinner options if they wish.

The main months to visit are September and October. Lycia Adrasan Hotel's environment may be suitable for those who want to stay alone with their loved ones for a few days.
Adrasan beach is 350 meters away. You can stand aside without touching anyone in the sandy beach area and sleep under the sun all day on this beach. Or, you can hop on their boat named (@likyaadrasantekneturu) and sail to the indigo waters of the Mediterranean, to the aquarium-like bays that are not accessible by land.
🏃🏻 Those who want to hike should spend plenty of time on the winding Lycian Way. Due to the mountainous nature of the region, paragliding can also be a good option.

It is also an ideal place for yoga classes and camping.
Lycia Adrasan's transportation is practical, close to everywhere. Olympos is 10 km away.

📞 Room rates are reasonable, contact them: 0 538 051 58 39
Small Hotels offer a special 5% discount for their followers and healthcare professionals.

What to Eat in Adrasan?

On your way to Adrasan Bay, you encounter many options even on the road. The restaurants and eateries on the roadsides offer grilled dishes, seafood, various hot and cold appetizers. It is also possible to find fresh seasonal fish in these restaurants. 
Apart from these, tulum cheese, village butter, fragrant orange honey and fresh village eggs, which are produced by the locals, are among the things you should taste. It can also be a different experience to taste cherry bread kadayif, a local specialty. Adrasan breakfasts are also very famous for a nice and pleasant start to the day. Breakfast tables, many of which consist of natural products grown in the region, can be a good opportunity for you to start the day energetically, both in your hotel and in the restaurants in the region.
In Adrasan, you can also find olive oil dishes like the Mediterranean cuisine. You should definitely try the many olive oil varieties served as appetizers especially with fish. You can also find fresh seasonal fish in the fish restaurants in Adrasan. There are almost fifty different types of fish caught especially in that region. You can taste the most beautiful fish species according to the season you are in.
Arikanda River Garden Restaurant: One of the most frequented restaurants by tourists. Vegetable dishes are quite delicious. On some special days you can find delicious barbecue meats. There are evenings when they organize dance shows in season. Located by the river, Arikanda River Garden Restaurant's view is also remarkable.
 Chill House Lounge: Located on the sea road, Chill House Lounge is on the beach with fresh food and snack options. Chill House Lounge has a very relaxing atmosphere and the prices are also very affordable.
Mithat Restaurant: Mithat Restaurant is located on Özer Street. The portions of the restaurant, where you can taste meat and vegetable dishes from Turkish cuisine, are quite large.

Places to Visit in Adrasan;

If you come to Adrasan and are looking for places to go, if you are looking for where to go in Adrasan, it may be nice to listen to our suggestions... Adrasan is a town with a long and historical past. For this reason, there are many historical ruins in Adrasan that you should visit and see. 
You can take a historical stroll with your bicycle or on foot on the Old Lycian Way, which is Turkey's first long-distance walking route and one of the longest walking routes in the world. You can explore the vast blue waters by canoe, pedalo or surf. You can swim or dive in the spectacularly beautiful waters.
You can organize day trips or tours to Yanartas, Olympos Ancient City and Phaselis Ancient City, which are very close to Adrasan. In Cirali and Olympos, you can see the beaches where caretta carettas breed. You may even meet these cute turtles. 
You can visit the bays worth seeing such as Ceneviz, Sazak and Suluada, which are about an hour's drive from Adrasan.

What to do in Adrasan?

Do not think about what to do when you come to Adrasan, many different activities await you in this charming holiday resort.
You can go to see Yanartaş on the mythological mountain with its unquenchable fire in Çıralı. You may also be interested in Papaz İskelesi Bay and alternative diving and diving school activities. In Cirali and Olympos, one of the breeding grounds of loggerhead turtles, you can watch the hatching of hatchlings at night during the breeding season. You can take a historical stroll on the Old Lycian Way, Turkey's first long-distance walking route, on your bicycle or on foot. You can choose the route of your choice when planning your hike: 3.5 hours Ulupınar - Yanartaş, 7 hours Musa Mountain or 8 hours Adrasan - Gelidonya Lighthouse, 6 hours Göynük Valley, 8 hours Tahtalı Mountain Pass, 5-6 hours Gedelme-Yayla Kuzdere. 
You can rappel down to the waterfalls in the canyon, jump into the pools or participate in a wide range of fun and exciting activities from climbing to swimming. You can make a safari with ATVs on the foothills of Beydağları.
Among the activities organized in Adrasan are boat tours to visit the bays, fishing tours and diving tours. Vacationers can take diving courses. Even if they have never dived before, they can do a trial dive or experienced ones can participate in group dives every day and dive at 25-30 meters in Hacivat Mevkii opposite Pırasalı Island and Sulu Island.
You also have the opportunity to join fishing tours in Adrasan. In the fishing tours organized by Deepfishing, you can catch very large fish with a fishing rod and add unforgettable moments to your life.
Adrasan has also been at the forefront with paragliding activities in recent years... If you love adventure, you can paraglide when you go to Adrasan.