Milos Island Guide

Each journey to Milos Island was more magical than the previous one! It is now more popular than when we first visited four years ago, but it is definitely worth exploring.

Plan to spend at least 2-3 days here. You could stay for a week and not get bored, but if you're also trying to explore other islands, 2-3 days might feel sufficient.

To get to Milos from Turkey, you first need to reach Athens by air or land. Then, you can transit to Milos by ferry or plane from Athens. It's essential to check for up-to-date information on flight and ferry schedules.

🏖️ Best Beaches in Milos Island:

  • Sarakiniko - Milos' most iconic beach, resembling a lunar surface. Visit at different times to witness the changing light.
  • Tsigrado - Meaning "hidden" beach, going down is truly an adventure, but it's beautiful once you reach the bottom. Arrive early as it quickly fills up due to its small size.
  • Firiplaka - Probably the most "traditional" beach on the island, yet still breathtaking. It has rental loungers or you can simply lay your towel on the sand.
  • Paleochori - Featuring beautiful red and yellow hues on limestone cliffs and stunning blue tones in the water.

✏️ Things to Do in Milos Island:

  • Boat tour to Kleftiko - Rent a boat from @firiplaka_boat_rental and go to Kleftiko on your own; one of our favorite things we did on the island.
  • Watch the sunset from Plaka or climb to the castle for even better sunset views.
  • Visit fishing villages - both iconic and picturesque places for photography. We love Klima and Mandrakia.

🏠 Where to Stay in Milos Island: Click here for the full list: Milos We highly recommend staying in Adamas, Plaka, or Pollonia. These are the most central locations and ideal for exploring the island.

🍽️ A few recommended restaurants in Milos Island:

  1. O Hamos Taverna:
  • A tavern focusing on traditional Greek cuisine, offering seafood and local flavors.
  1. Medusa Restaurant:
  • This beachfront restaurant is known for its fresh seafood and Greek specialties.
  1. Ergina’s:
  • With a fantastic sea view, this restaurant is known for dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.