Mersin Travel Guide

Mersin Travel Guide for the record...
The first things that come to my mind when I think of Mersin; Orange, Sea, Tantuni; Palmiye, İçel Künefesi and Historical Places.

After a long time, we are here with Mersin Guide...
🚗 Of course, the beauties, beaches and coasts are not limited to the sea in Mersin. Especially there is a magnificent place called #CennetCehennemMağara. Although it looks a bit scary, it is a very beautiful place. In the cave, which also has a church inside, you go up and down hundreds of stairs down to the ground.

🏡 While the locals of Mersin live in towns and cities in winter, they go to the plateaus in summer. Sorgun Plateau, Balandız Plateau, Fındıkpınarı Plateau, Çamlıyayla, Sertavul Plateau, especially Bardat Plateau are must-see places. I think it would be pleasant to go here and drink buttermilk, taste sheep yogurt, eat meat and meat products. You can even experience even more unforgettable moments if you participate in plateau ceremonies and festivals.

🎒 Let's talk about historical places. There are many historical places in Mersin. #NarlıkuyuÜçGüzeller #MosaicMuseum, #AnamurMuseum (under renovation), #SilifkeMuseum must be seen. There are also many ruins. #ÖküzlüOrenYeri, #YumuktepeMound is located here.
Nagidos Ancient City, #SoliPompeiopolisAntic City, #OlbaAntic City, #UzuncaburçRemains take us all the way back to ancient times, to ancient civilization. In terms of religious tourism, Mersin is a mosaic of religions. Here Ashab-ı Kehf Mosque, #Mamure Mosque are the ones I especially like.
✏️ Other Must-See Places:
1- Taşucu. Some of the places you can't get enough of visiting in Taşucu; Uzuncaburç, Narlıkuyu, Boğsak Bay and Boğsak Island, Göksu Delta and Taşucu Amphora Museum.
2- Tisan Island is a hidden paradise!✌️
3- Mut Yerköprü Waterfall, Alahan Monastery, Aydıncık Gilindire Cave should be seen
4- Heaven, hell and asthma caves. You should also swim in the sea in Akyar. Herb flatbread and tantuni should be eaten.👌

🍽️ Eating and Drinking Recommendations in Mersin:

Everyone says Göksel, Memoş but you can eat the king of tantuni at @adaetdoner. @migciogluocakbasi, which makes Adana Kebab even better than the ones in Adana, is the undisputed reason for preference.

🍳 For those who prefer arm pastry and lemonade for breakfast, Tarsus Gençlik Pastry Shop is the undisputed place to go. Tarsus @sofioglufindik for hazelnut lahmacun and @kervanhumustarsus for hummus are the best alternatives. You can have breakfast at the restaurants in the town of Elvanlı and the town of Dalakderesi, or you can eat chicken with butter.

While you are here, you can go to Santa ziraat waterfall and eat trout on a tile in one of the restaurants. Hmmmm yummy with sauce sauce... In Yenice on the way to Adana, you can eat the famous ayran-sıkma at Doğuş Sıkma.

Are we done? It is not over! In Tarsus Kirlik, you can hit the eye of the eye of the cutlet. I can hear those who say, "Enough, our mouths are watering. But you don't know yet how unscrupulous I am 🤣.  I won't leave @tarsusselalerestaurant until you go to @tarsusselalerestaurant and eat the stuffed chicken with cheese! If you eat BRUSCHETTA in Tarsus @pizza.pepino, I claim that you will have eaten the most perfect pizza you can eat on earth. If you say hi to Ecevit Abi, he can give you fifty discount. Try your luck 😉.

Everyone will call you Kerebiççi Oğuz. Oh my, what ignorance... I can't take anything away from Oğuz, but Hayri's kerebici is out of class. If you eat the burma kadayıf and lemon ice cream from Dondurmacı Halil, you might spike your sugar levels... But when you say baklava, @tarsuskelesoglubaklava, which will make Gaziantep baklava makers jealous, is the reason for preference. Sorry, I wrote jealous. That would be jealous.
I highly recommend you to have raki & fish against the sunset in Mersin / Mezitli coastal restaurant, taste mutebbel, spicy yogurt, wheat, creamed shrimp spicy, sea bass with eggplant. I would also add Liverman Bahattin and Künefeci Emin here.

Raki & fish in Narlıkuyu 👍🏼, yörük village breakfast in the same neighborhood. Their buttermilk, tantunis, tulumba dessert and countless other dishes... are legendary.
For tantuni in Mersin, Göksel Tantuni on the beach (very hygienic and safe meat), kebab at Edip Usta in Mezitli, Şalgam at Özkan, Mamül at Yürü, pistachio kerebiç at Kerebiçci Oğuz are my other recommendations.

Go to Dondurmacı Halil and try all the flavors (tahini bread, pepper bread, cezerye and mamül) and don't forget to eat kunefe at Cici. Sit in the cafes on Kuşimato street or in the restaurants in the marina. Don't come back without going to Bahattin the liver man 😉

Yes, if you have eaten enough, how about we start traveling and burn what we have eaten :)

What else to do in Mersin?
Those who love scuba diving should go to Tisan and Golden grouper bay (blue flagged) and dive.
I recommend you to see Kanlı Divane, Adamkayalar in Erdemli, St. Theakle Church, Tokmar Castle, Barbaros Bay (Güvercinlik Island) in Silifke, St. Paul Church, St. Paul Well, Tarsus Waterfall in Tarsus.

There are so many places to see, Kayacık valley in Narlıkuyu and Hidden Paradise in Tarsus must be seen 😊.
Gilindire cave must be seen and village breakfast and squema must be eaten around Ayaş
Let's add Kerebiç dessert, not many people know it, only Mersin residents know it, it is a sweet dessert with semolina and plenty of pistachios, it looks like stuffed meatballs.
Bozyazı Toslaklar bay, Anamur Ören ancient city should be seen, batırık, cold currant figs, salted pistachio boiled should be eaten.

Let me also give you Mersin Accommodation Suggestions;
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