Leros Island Attractions,Travel & Hotel Guide

Located in the Aegean Sea, Leros Island is the perfect place for those looking for a peaceful vacation away from the big tourist crowds. One of the hidden beauties of the Aegean Sea. It offers unforgettable moments to its visitors with its historical richness, natural beauties, warm and friendly atmosphere. For those looking for a peaceful and authentic vacation away from the crowds, Leros is a paradise waiting to be discovered. Pack your suitcase to discover this hidden treasure of the Aegean and fall under the spell of Leros!

Leros – Yunanistan – Çılgın Rotalar

Unknown Things About Leros Island?

- Leros Island had a strategic importance during the Second World War. The Italians used the island as a military base and built many defense facilities on the island. In 1943, the island was the scene of fierce fighting between German and Italian forces. Remnants of this battle can still be seen on the island. Leros is like an open-air museum for those interested in the history of the war.

- The town of Lakki in Leros is characterized by its Art Deco and modernist architectural styles. Built by Italians in the 1930s, this town is known for its Italian Rationalist architecture. Lakki is one of the best preserved examples of this style in Europe and is very interesting for architecture enthusiasts.

- Leros is known for its rich maritime history and diving spots. The waters around the island are full of sunken ships and underwater caves. These areas provide unique moments for diving enthusiasts. In particular, the wrecks from the Second World War are a must for divers looking for history and adventure.

- One of the unknown natural beauties of Leros is the Butterfly Valley. Thousands of butterflies flock to this valley during the summer months, turning it into a colorful paradise. Butterfly Valley is a great place for nature walks and photography enthusiasts.

Events and Dates in Leros Island Leros Island Festivals

The Maritime Festival is organized to celebrate the rich maritime history of Leros. This festival includes sea races, exhibitions, concerts and traditional dance performances. Various events are also organized in different parts of the island during the festival. The festival is usually held in August, so be sure to check the dates before you go in case they change.

Panagia Kavouradena Festival is celebrated at Panagia Kavouradena Church. Islanders and visitors gather on this religious holiday and celebrate with local music and dances.

The Agia Marina Fair in the Agia Marina area is a religious festival celebrated with local food and drinks. The festival is held in July, so be sure to check the dates before you go in case they change.

The Dodekanisos Yacht Race is a prestigious yacht race around the Dodekanisos (Dodecanese) islands in the Aegean Sea. In addition to being a great attraction for sailing and sailing enthusiasts, this race is an important event that highlights the tourism and cultural richness of the region. It is usually held between May and June. The dates can change every year, so it is important for those planning to participate in the race to check the current calendars.

Leros Island Public Holidays

New Year, Epiphany, Independence Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Panagia, Holy Spirit Day, Ochi Day, Christmas, St. Stefanos Day.

The Best Time to Go to Enjoy Leros Island?

Spring, warm and pleasant, temperatures usually between 15-25°C. Fewer tourists and a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere. Events such as the Dodekanisos Yacht Race are organized during this period.

Summer, Hot and sunny, temperatures between 25-35°C. The sea water is perfect for swimming and water sports. Many festivals and events are organized during this period.

Autumn, Warm and pleasant, the heat of the summer has subsided, with temperatures between 20-30°C. Fewer tourists and a calmer atmosphere. The sea water is still warm and suitable for swimming.

Don't Return Without Doing These Things in Leros Island!

Visit Agia Marina Church! Visit the Church of Agia Marina, one of the most famous and historic churches of Leros. This church is an important part of the architectural and religious heritage of the island.

Take a Walk in Panteli Village! Take a walk in Panteli Village, one of the most charming villages on the island. With its unique landscapes and traditional architecture, this village is a great place for visitors.

Explore Kastro Castle! Visit Kastro Castle, one of the most important historical buildings in Leros. The castle contains interesting information about the island's defense history and architecture.

Swim at the Beaches! Leros is famous for its beautiful beaches. Visit beaches such as Agia Marina, Alinda and Panteli to enjoy the sun and swim in the cool waters of the island.

Visit the Leros War Museum! Leros played an important strategic role during World War II. Therefore, learn more about the island's history by visiting the Leros War Museum.

Try Traditional Flavors! Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine in Leros. Seafood, olive oil dishes and local flavors are among the flavors you should definitely try in the restaurants on the island.

Wander the Rocks of Rhodes! Discover the Rocks of Rhodes, one of the natural beauties of Leros. These magnificent rock formations are a great location for photographers.

Places to visit in Leros Island

Agia Marina is the main port town of Leros, famous for its colorful fishing boats, quaint restaurants and cafes. In Agia Marina, you can take a walk along the harbor and taste the local delicacies in restaurants full of seafood.

Panteli, Panteli is a village overlooking a beautiful bay and decorated with traditional whitewashed houses. Here you can spend time in a tranquil atmosphere, walk along the beach and dine in the local tavernas.

Kastro Castle, Kastro Castle, one of the most important historical buildings of Leros, is located on a high point of the island. The castle has a history dating back to the Byzantine period and a magnificent view.

Lakki, the capital of Leros, is known for its architecturally interesting Art Deco buildings. You can take a walk along the harbor, sit in the cafes and explore the surrounding architecture.

Alinda, Alinda is home to one of the biggest beaches in Leros. You can sunbathe and swim on this long and sandy beach. You can also eat seafood in the surrounding tavernas.

Leros War Museum, Leros Island was of strategic importance during World War II. The Leros War Museum exhibits the island's war history and the events of the period in detail.

Belenia Bay, Belenia Bay is one of the most beautiful bays of Leros. Here you can relax swimming or sunbathing on a small beach with clean water.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Leros Island

Agia Marina Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Leros, is located in the town of Agia Marina, the center of the island. This beach with golden sand and shallow waters, sun loungers and umbrellas are available.

Alinda Beach, one of the longest beaches of Leros, is located in Alinda Village. It is known for its long and wide beach. Here you can enjoy the sea and have a refreshing drink in one of the surrounding cafes.

Gourna Beach, Gourna Beach, located northeast of Leros, has a calm and natural environment. Hidden among large rock formations, this beach offers visitors peaceful moments.

Leros Island Food and Drink Recommendations

- The best known of the fish restaurants is Milos Taverna, built on a windmill on the beach in Agia Marina. Discovered by Turkish yachtsmen, don't end your Leros vacation without eating at this restaurant.

- In Panteli, there are Zorbas, Psaropoula, Patimenos taverns lined up on the beach. You should definitely try astakomakaronada (pasta with lobster) in these restaurants.

- If you prefer to eat something other than Greek cuisine and seafood, you can also try Italian cuisine at Castelo Hotel in Panteli.

-There are many traditional tavernas and restaurants in the main towns and villages such as Agia Marina, Lakki and Panteli. In these places you can taste fresh seafood, olive oil dishes, appetizers and other Greek delicacies.

-There are street vendors and open-air markets in various parts of Leros. Here you can find snacks and meals consisting of local products.

-Ouzo and raki, the famous alcoholic drinks of Greece, are available in restaurants and bars in Leros. You can enjoy the Greek islands by having a glass of ouzo or raki with your meals or at sunset.

- A modern and friendly café, Sweet Leros offers fresh coffee, homemade cakes, pastries and healthy breakfast options. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast in a spacious and cozy environment.

-Psaropoula, located by the sea, is famous for its traditional Greek breakfasts. You can experience local delicacies such as fresh bread, olives, cheese and honey. It also has a magnificent view of the sea.

-Decorated in traditional Greek style, To Paradosiako offers authentic Greek breakfasts. The breakfast menu is enriched with local ingredients, pastries, fresh yogurt and honey.

Leros Adası Gezi Rehberi: Neler Yapılır, Nerede Konaklanır?

Where are the entertainment venues in Leros Island, what are the recommendations?

Traditional Taverns, Many traditional taverns have a fun atmosphere with Greek music. There are live music performances, traditional dance shows and fun events.

There are several bars and nightclubs in Agia Marina, Lakki and other main towns and harbors. Here you can dance to local music, watch live performances and have a drink.

Suggestions for Shopping in Leros Island

You can find traditional handmade products in the shops in Leros. You can choose traditional handicrafts such as ceramics, hand-woven carpets, ceramic ornaments and silver jewelry as souvenirs. You can find local products in the markets throughout the island and in the shops in the villages. You can buy delicious products such as olive oil, local jams, herbs and spices as gifts for your home or loved ones.

Where is Leros Island and how to get there from Turkey?

It is located in the South Aegean region of Greece. Transportation from Turkey to Leros Island is usually provided by ferry or seaplane. Here is general information for transportation from Turkey to Leros Island:

Transportation by Ferry

Bodrum - Leros Ferry Ferries

Bodrum is one of the closest ports in Turkey. You can reach Leros Island with ferry services organized from Bodrum Port. Ferry services are usually busier during the summer months.

Kusadasi - Leros Ferry Flights

Kusadasi is a port city on the Aegean coast of Turkey. There are ferry services from Kusadasi to Leros Island.

Didim - Leros Ferry Services

Didim is another touristic town on the Aegean coast. It is possible to reach Leros Island by ferries from Didim Port.

Transportation by Seaplane

Bodrum - Leros Seaplane Flights

There are seaplane flights from Bodrum to Leros Island. Transportation can be provided with this fast and comfortable option.


Ferry services may vary depending on the season and demand. It is recommended to make ferry reservations in advance, especially during the summer months.

It is important to check visa and other entry requirements before traveling to Greece.

Since transportation details may change over time, it is important to check up-to-date information before traveling.

The ferries and seaplanes used for transportation to Leros Island will carry you to this beautiful island of the Aegean in a fast and pleasant way. Since transportation details may change depending on your travel dates, it is important to check up-to-date information before making your travel plan.

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