Burdur and Surroundings Travel Guide

Burdur, the land of roses, hearts and lakes... As poetic as a city can be, Burdur is a hidden beauty that is exactly that. Is it possible for a city with a hundred different species of birds in its lakes alone not to be beautiful?
At the same time, we are in a simply wonderful geography that hosts hundreds of years of handicrafts and natural beauties such as Insuyu Cave, the first cave open to tourism in the country. Although it has not yet found the value it deserves; Burdur has recently been the subject of a lot of news and travel routes with Salda Lake. This lake in Yeşilova district of the city deserves to be called "Turkey's Maldives". For those who want to visit the most beautiful places in the world without taking a step away from the borders of the country, we are here with a travel guide to Burdur and its surroundings.

Places to Visit in Burdur
Burdur is known as the capital of the Teke Region and offers visitors a very rich sightseeing framework that includes lakes, plateaus, caves, ancient city ruins, mosques and tombs. It is also right in the middle of the connecting roads of Afyon, Antalya, Denizli and Muğla, so you can easily include Burdur in a long vacation that you can plan by car.

Sagalassos Ancient City: An ancient settlement on the UNESCO World Heritage temporary list. What you need to see here; Antonine Fountain and Medusa head can be pointed out. Another ancient city called Kibira or Kibyra is 110 kilometers from the city center and located on the slopes of Akdağ. Burdur Archaeology Museum has more than 65 thousand artifacts, including finds from these ancient settlements.

Salda Lake: Salda, which is remembered as Turkey's Maldives, is one of the first addresses in Burdur trips. The lake with a white beach and unique turquoise tones adds value to the city. In the city where ecological tourism is very common, there are Burdur Lake, Karataş Lake, Gölhisar, Yapraklı Dam Lake and Karacaören Dam Lake besides Salda.

Insuyu Cave It is remarkable as Turkey's first cave opened to tourism. There are also many plateaus in Burdur, including Aziziye, Kozağaç, Böğrüdelik, Akpınar and Eşeler. Offering cool breezes in the summer months, the plateaus are beautiful in every season of the year.

Activities to do in Burdur
The first thing you can do when you come to Burdur is of course lake visits. Many of the lakes are considered suitable for water sports and fishing. Of course, you should definitely take into account the warnings that change according to the season. Long walks by the lakes are powerful enough to take away your negative energy.
It is possible to camp at Yeşilova and Doğanbaba public beaches by Salda Lake. If you are visiting this place in June, when the heat is not scorching and even sweet, you should definitely consider the camping option.
When you come to Teke Region, it is impossible not to get to know the culture of this region closely. You should come across the lively music and folklore, also known as Teke zortlatma, while you are in Burdur. For this, special nights for tourists can be organized from time to time.
For those who want to see the view of Burdur; Susamlık and Serenler Hills in the city center are ideal. There are eating, drinking and resting opportunities here. You can also choose to be a part of this view by preparing your own picnic basket and thermos.
The love for lavender, which has increased with the development of social media, can best be crowned in Akçaköy Lavender Stream. Thousands of people flock here every year in July just to get enough of the lavender scent and take pictures with the view.

Food and Drink in Burdur
When it comes to food and drink in Burdur, the first thing that comes to mind is Burdur shish. This can be enjoyed at Şişçi Hasan, which is located in the center, even on the borders of the Industrial Site.
Walnut paste is an ideal product for you to eat plenty of in Burdur and to stock up on on your way home. Again, for your sweet cravings, you can eat Burdur's famous poppy seed ice cream at Kayımoğlu Dondurma in the center.
Finally, we can whisper Gölbaşı Restaurant to those looking for an address with a lake view for a mixed breakfast. Located on the Antalya Isparta Highway, the flavor address is connected to Kargı Village.

Accommodation Suggestions in Burdur:
You can be sure that a truly different experience awaits you during your stay in Burdur. This place will surprise you with how beautiful views you can stay in a small Anatolian city. Of course, for the most beautiful locations, you need to get a little away from the city center.
Hotel Lago di Salda , located 11 kilometers from the center of Burdur, is for those who do not want to leave Salda Lake. Tefenni Villas is located in the Tefenni region; this time 20 kilometers from the center and welcomes you with 1+1 villas. If you are willing to venture a little further; this time you can choose to stay in bungalows, tent houses or tent houses with jacuzzi among the red pine forests, Saklı Gol Evleri.

Shopping in Burdur
No more carrying Turkish delight for your loved ones everywhere you go! Walnut paste, which is a combination of walnuts and sugar, is one of the most famous and original souvenirs of Burdur. The second type of shopping in Burdur, which requires a little more budget, is definitely hand-embroidered products. Coppersmith Bazaar in the city center is a place where you can find everything from coffee pots to pans, decorative objects to cups.
Weaving is another tradition in Burdur that has been around for three hundred years. Burdur cloth or Burdur carpets are frequently purchased here. You can visit the village of the same name to see the local Ibecik cloths and Ibecik dolls up close.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Burdur
Entertainment and nightlife in Burdur can take the form of a pleasant table with red meat. Gölbaşı Restaurant or Burdur City Club are good choices for this. Frankly speaking, in this calm and quiet city, there are not many people waiting for a fast night out. Although the students of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University in Burdur make this city more lively than it used to be, they also organize day trips to neighboring cities. Burdur's next-door neighbor Antalya is a kind of capital when it comes to nightlife. The distance between the two cities is less than 2 hours.

Transportation to Burdur
It is possible to reach Burdur from all over Turkey by using buses belonging to national or local companies. Burdur is 602 km from Istanbul, 422 km from Ankara and 374 km from Izmir. Neighboring cities Antalya, Denizli, Denizli and Afyon are 122, 150 and 170 km away respectively.
Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport can be recommended for those who want to use air transportation. This airport is only 25 km from the city center. There are paid shuttle services between the airport and the city center. Antalya Airport is 130 km from Burdur. Since this airport has many more car rental companies, it may be a better option for those who want to rent a car and reach Burdur by traveling.

The Lakes Express, which returned to the rails after many years; for those who want to pass to Burdur by rail. TCDD provides bus transfer service between Gümüşgün stop and Burdur for this train service.