11 Most Unusual Hotel Suggestions in Turkiye

Extraordinary hotels, concept hotels and thematic hotels are among the most preferred accommodation facilities of recent times. If you want to take a look at these facilities, which arouse curiosity with every detail from the interior and exterior architecture of the hotel, the services and activities it offers, its ambiance and location, and make your accommodation experience extraordinary, you should read the rest of our article.
You will come across extraordinary hotels in many different parts of Turkey, sometimes with their architecture, sometimes with the activities they offer and their specially designed rooms. For example, staying in a cave hotel in Cappadocia can literally allow you to spend your vacation as the protagonist of a fairy tale. Here are the 10 most extraordinary hotels we have chosen for you:

1- Taşkonaklar Hotel , Uchisar Cappadocia
Have you ever been to a place in your life that once you set foot in it, you fell in love with it with a never-ending love? This is what Cappadocia reflects in us...
Cappadocia's "you name it" valleys covered with vines and fairy chimneys, secluded vineyard houses, handcrafted pottery and rugs of a thousand and one varieties... In the most striking panorama of the earth in this geography, we pass to a beautiful place in Uçhisar: Taşkonaklar... Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/taskonaklar-otel

2- Pinar Hotel - Erdek Balıkesir
For those looking for comfort, luxury, tranquility, gastronomy and peace, Erdek is the place to be!
The story of Pınar Hotel, located on the beach in Erdek, started in 1962 and has hosted many celebrities from Vehbi Koç to well-known artists. With 40 rooms ranging from 20 to 109 m2 and 8 villas, you can enjoy every comfort as well as being in touch with nature.

Although we have not met yet, we have been listening to the subtle nuances of Pınar Hotel's accommodation since 1962 for years from those who can't get enough of its food and have a stomach upset. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/pinar-hotel

3- Olympos Lodge, Cirali Antalya
One step away from paradise! Only 10 minutes on foot from Olympos, by the sea, quite exotic and romantic hotel. It's like in a fairy tale.
The hotel is located on an area of fifteen acres. It has a huge garden. They have a bed and breakfast concept, but they have small tastings and treats all day. There are 14 rooms in total (actually not rooms but like a house). The rooms are quite spacious, all of them are furnished with different tastes. All rooms have a patio. Some rooms have fireplaces for those who go in winter. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/olympos-lodge

4- Villa Turka, +12 , Alanya
How would you like to witness the panoramic view of a 200-year-old stone mansion in love with the Mediterranean?
There is a magnificent view through the eyes of a stylish and historical stone mansion, a pleasant, comfortable holiday experience here, says the editor and immediately comes to the details...
The restoration of the hotel took about three years. The mansion has 2 floors and 11 rooms. In the cedar-scented rooms, handmade armchairs, antiques, velvet slippers and olive oil soaps are carefully placed in the elegant bathrooms. The decoration of the rooms is not standardized, all of them are furnished in a very tasteful way with individual items and accessories. In addition, the rooms are spotlessly clean and smell fresh, cleanliness is very important for them too. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/villa-turka

5- Oludeniz Loft, +18 , Oludeniz, Mugla
Now you have landed in Dalaman; call us before you arrive and we will arrange your transfer. If you want to go on a bender at Fethiye Fish Market with the money I will give for the transfer, take a Havaş or Muttaş shuttle service, come to Fethiye bus station, take a taxi in front of the bus station, tell the driver "We are going to Ölüdeniz", we are just to the left of the first bend where you see the sea. You have no chance of not seeing the signs. If you are coming by car, park in the parking lot next to the signs and your incredible holiday pleasure begins.
Don't necessarily ask for a room with sea view, all rooms have sea view anyway; not to mention the forest view. Everything has been thought of for you in the rooms, each furnished with a different architecture. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/oludeniz-loft

6- Saklıgol Lake Houses , Karacaoren Burdur
I would like to open a parenthesis to the "Cedar" Houses of the facility among the accommodation options built as if they were a part of nature, each with a lake view. In an environment where you will feel the peace to your bones in a lush green nature, you should definitely enjoy the jacuzzi in the cedar barrels placed outside, always in hot water. 🔥 "Healing Witch Boiler" In these natural jacuzzis, where you can take a herbal bath, you will be free from the daily hustle and bustle all day long, and you will be grateful for what a wonderful place the world is by sharing all the beauty of nature. You can also enjoy the jacuzzi in glamping tent type houses. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/sakli-gol-evleri

7- Dachas Evleri , Agva Istanbul
Here is an authenticity worthy of an Agva vacation: Dachas Cove Houses
🌿 Hotel & farm by the Göksu River in Ağva... How well it suits the place @dachasevleriagva . 20 years ago, a family settled here and established a farm, and their dream to host guests came true this year.
🏠 Inspired by the simple beauty of the farm, Hülya Hanım's stone houses with colorful lines and high ceilings are among the lush green trees...
Here, they host guests with the care that comes with being in the heart of nature, but without rushing, enjoying the moment. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/dachas-evleri

8- Hypnos Sapanca Glamping & Spa, +12 , Sapanca Kocaeli
Hypnos Sapanca Glamping & Spa is a facility established with the concept of an isolated holiday concept among 10,000 m² of land and carefully grown fruit trees. It is designed to offer guests more than just a hotel room accommodation, but more than their dream vacation plan. For this reason, you can taste organic crops by plucking dozens of kinds of fruits from the branches according to the season, and you can experience peace to your bones with the sound of the streams in the district, which are only in the garden of the facility. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/hypnos-sapanca-glamping--spa

9- Club Amazon , Bördübet Marmaris
Club Amazon Bördübet has a wild, extraordinary atmosphere reminiscent of the Amazon jungle. It is located on the banks of the stream that connects from the forest to the sea. You can reach the beach with a pleasant and unique experience by walking under the trees or paddling canoes from the stream. The wooden gypsy carts called "Vardo" under the pine trees are very different from the classic hotel concept.  Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/amazon-club

10- Hotel Villa Mahal, +12 Kalkan Antalya
One of the most remarkable hotels in Europe, Hotel Villa Mahal is a quiet and private hideaway. Built in 1986, Villa Mahal brings a unique spiritual style and class to the geography of Kalkan. It was named the most romantic hotel in Europe by Condé Nast Traveller. It has been the subject of articles in global magazines such as Luxury Hotel Magazine, Travel + Leisure and Living Magazine. Not only that, it has been selected as one of the "10 Hotels with the Best Views in the World" by The Sunday Times.  Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/villa-mahal-kalkan

11- Mandalina Luxury Suites , Kas Antalya
Secluded, love with the sea... Kaş = Love ❤️ In the oxygen-rich air of the Taurus Mountains, with Meis in front of us and the sparkling sea in front of us, @mandalinasuites welcomes us.
At a secluded end of the Çukurbağ Peninsula, there is no one else around us and the sea is under our feet at Mandalina... Mandalina, which emerged as a result of a successful architectural work, is so harmonious with its surroundings that it fascinates people... Shades of blue and simplicity of white meet here. The interior of the rooms is in a simple elegance. Each room faces the sea. Our favorite: the isolated Lavender rooms with their own private pool. Read more on the blog http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/mandalina-luxury-suites