10 Hotels With Their Own Private Beach

You can take advantage of early booking opportunities by choosing among the hotels with private beaches in the category of seafront accommodation facilities. Hotels with private beaches, which are also very suitable for families with children, are concentrated in provinces with coastlines such as Antalya, Izmir, Aydın and Muğla. You can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun to the fullest in the famous districts of Antalya such as Kemer, Belek, Side, Alanya, Kaş - Kalkan, or you can also prefer the Aegean coast.
There are many beachfront hotels with private beaches in the regions of Muğla such as Fethiye - Oludeniz, Göcek, Marmaris. Likewise, you can find budget-friendly hotels with private beaches in destinations such as Dikili, Çeşme, Alaçatı, Kuşadası, Seferihisar, Özdere, Ürkmez, Gümüldür.

1- Sinop Antik Hotel - Sinop - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/sinop-antik-otel

I am in the hometown of Diogenes of Sinop, who lived in the 4th century BC and is famous for his saying "Don't shadow me, I don't ask for anything else". I am addressing you this time from Sinop, @sinopantikotel.
The green geography of the Western Black Sea is truly a legend for tongues and hearts! From fir to larch, from beech to hornbeam, it is an amazing chlorophyll exhibition! Sinop's nature is so lucky, its villages and towns so beautiful, its mansions so cool... They don't need to do anything to attract tourists. Hamsilos Bay, a natural inlet, is the most famous of these places.

2- Dirik Surf Club Hotel - Datça - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/dirik-surf-club-hotel

It's time to turn plans into reality! . If you still haven't gone on a summer vacation, if you are looking for a place where you can rest your head, leave everything behind and set sail for new decisions, Datça will be among the places you should definitely go this summer.
Datça, which promises a lot with its ancient historical past at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Aegean with the peacefulness of its still unspoiled atmosphere, is always among my favorite places. Datça, where you don't want to return when you go, where you will say "oh, I wish one of these stone houses with gardens could be mine", reminiscent of old holiday resorts, yet not captured by "beach clubs", is a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to listen to his head, stay with himself, spend plenty of time with the sea and be a part of nature without disturbing its tranquility.

3- Mavilim Hotel - Kas Antalya - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/mavilim-otel

This time in Kaş, I have a suggestion where each room is set against the sea view and you can leave yourself in the cool waters of Kaş on the private beach; @mavilimotelkas
I think there are two ways to relax on a hot Mediterranean day. One is to be close to the sea and the second is to stay in a place with a balcony/veranda with a breeze blowing. Mavilim Hotel has both of these, and I think it will be our new favorite address in Kaş.

4- Kıyı Hotel - Selimiye Marmaris - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/kiyi-hotel

In front of me is an exquisite sea view: after a while, the sky gives up its perfect blue to pansy colors... I stay in a room with a sea view and a balcony in Kıyı, where this family mood is felt. In the morning, the smell of the sea mingles with the smell of baked goods coming from the kitchen. Kıyı Hotel is like the realization of the rhythm of Selimiye's tranquil mood with its carefully selected dinner menus and cozy rooms... In the middle of the night, the moon illuminates Kıyı's restaurant in all its splendor...

5- Casa Mimosa Hotel & Restaurant - Karaburun Izmir - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/casa-mimosa-hotel--restaurant

I want to spend a vacation full of joyful and sweet memories, where the beach stretches right in front of me, where the sky is red on the right side and pink on the left side at sunset in the evening, where I enjoy the wind touching our foreheads.
As soon as I enter Casa Mimosa @casamimosa_ by the sea in Mimosa Bay in Karaburun; calmness and endless views welcome me. Sea-sand-sun: the best harmony of proportions for me! My favorite room at Casa Mimosa is the "loft suite" rooms with a terrace by the sea and a jacuzzi. This is a room where the clock runs slowly.

6- Eden Bungalows and Beach - Ekincik Köyceğiz - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/eden-bungalows-and-beach

Eden covered with pine forests that surrounded it like an ornament. We were surrounded by a dazzlingly beautiful sea and a silence and peace that was out of this world... We were in the euphoria of happiness in Eden...
Our host Barış welcomed us with the enthusiasm of a person who can get excited about this view he passes by every day in the same way. Eden Bungalows' garden, which blooms in summer and winter, is like an open-air museum in its own right: we admired the view from our wooden bungalow room by the sea, on our balcony... As soon as the sun came up, we went for a swim on the beach. You can't easily give up the things you love!

7- Gökçeada Surf Hotel - Gökçeada Çanakkale - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/gokceada-surf-hotel

Hello Gökçeada peace! Everywhere on the island, everything jumps out of nature. Gökçeada Surf Hotel is one of them. 🏖 It has been hosting its guests for 13 years with its awe-inspiring view on Aydıncık Beach @gokceadasurfoteli
A large courtyard made of giant stones, trees all around and a beautiful beach at the end of a lawn of green short grass. The high-pitched cries of the wind, unique to the island, add to the beauty of this hidden place. A natural order for this Gökçeada Surf Hotel... Anyway, doesn't this island resemble big waves in shape?

8- Assos Dionysos Hotel - Kadırga Bay Çanakkale - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/dionysos-hotel-assos

We never stop capturing beauty! Dionysos Hotel is a coastal hotel cut off from the world on the quaint, tranquil and tree-lined edge of the seashore. This created beauty, a product of human genius, is located in Assos. It is arranged in rows. It has very comfortable rooms. They are all spacious and elaborate. It is a great pleasure to feel the first breeze of the day from the rooms with balconies with a wonderful view surrounded by the island of Lesbos... Dionysos Hotel has a different atmosphere both in summer and winter. In the morning breakfast served as a spread, you can order your eggs with menemen, sausage or cheese, they make them as you wish.

9- Golden Key Bördübet - Marmaris - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/golden-key-bordubet

The beauty of nature at Golden Key Bördübet is not limited to the daytime. The sweetness of the evenings on the vast lawns, the presence of rabbits, squirrels, swans and peacocks, and the hundreds of birds perched on the thousands of trees around... It is as if nature is contributing to the beautiful fairy tale of Golden Key Bördübet...Golden Key Bördübet has different rooms, large and small, with wooden columns that stand confidently under the huge pines. Our favorite is the Boathouse House where we hear the sound of the exuberant river...

10- Khai Hotel - Ortakent Bodrum - http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/khai-hotel

We are in Bodrum, the cult center of the holiday... This recommendation comes for a peaceful holiday pleasure nose to nose with the sea in Bodrum; @khaibodrum
Bodrum/Ortakent Yahşi is a unique place in terms of the beauty it promises!
Here I am a guest of Khai | @khaibodrum, located in a secluded, secluded, private spot in Ortakent, right on the seafront. Khai is a unique, simple and stylish place that lives up to its name. It offers a truly boutique accommodation to its guests.

Khai has rooms with different concepts in a garden covered with lush green grass, flowers and trees. One of these rooms is designed for those with physical disabilities. I am staying in one of the rooms with a detached entrance to the garden.
My room has a simple design unique to Bodrum. I like the fact that there are no eye-straining objects around... That's how easy it is to make something beautiful...