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Lumin Hotel Sarımsaklı

At the peaceful beach of Ayvalık Sarımsaklı.
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Masal Evi Hotel Sarimsakli

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Myrodia By Etapaltınel

Just a 3-minute walk away from the island's harbor.
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Pino Mar Luxury Bungalows, +12

5.0 · Great · 5 reviews
Luxury Bungalows near by the beach
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1 Ömür Otel, Sarımsaklı

4.0 · Good · 1 reviews
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1774 Kazdağı Thermal Hotel

5.0 · Great · 2 reviews
Termal Lüks Otel
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4.7 · Great · 33 reviews
A warm and peaceful hotel at the foot of Ida Mnt.
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4.9 · Great · 8 reviews
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Bandırma Palas Hotel

4.0 · Good · 3 reviews
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5.0 · Great · 3 reviews
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5.0 · Great · 3 reviews
Peaceful stone house hotel by the sea
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Beyaz Taş Suit Otel, Sarımsaklı

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4.1 · Good · 7 reviews
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4.7 · Great · 13 reviews
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5.0 · Great · 1 reviews
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4.6 · Great · 14 reviews
The seafront facility was built taking into account the architectural features of Ayvalık.
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5.0 · Great · 53 reviews
Your address for serenity in Cunda.
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5.0 · Great · 4 reviews
Small hotel with pool in the heart of Cunda Island
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5.0 · Great · 7 reviews
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Marlo Ayvalik, +12 Adult Only

5.0 · Great · 2 reviews
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Balıkesir Hotels

Close to modern Balıkesir was the Roman town of Hadrianutherae, founded, as its name commemorates, by the emperor Hadrian.[4] Hadrian came to the region in A.D. 124, as a result of a successful bear hunting he had established a city called his own name here. It is estimated that the city consisted of the castle, the homestead, the stud and a few homes. It is thought that the small town was the stadium where to be present.[5] Members of the Roman and Pre-Byzantine dynasty had used this castle as a vacation area and for hunting. During Byzantine period, the small town which had become increasingly neglected was known as Palaeokastron (Greek: Old Castle). Also, when the Turkmens came from Middle Asia to Mysia, they called it Balak Hisar because of the remains of castle, as Hisar is the Turkish word for castle. Balıkesir's former name was Karasi, because Balıkesir city was founded by Karasi Beg in the 13th century as using the remains of the small town. 1297 is considered as the date of establishment of the city which has built by the Turks founded the rare cities in Anatolia. The Karasids was a Turkic principality in Mysia. Until the 13th century, Balıkesir city had been the administral centre of the Mysia region. In 1345, Balıkesir city was annexed by the Ottomans. In 1897 an earthquake destroyed much of the city. In 1920 Balıkesir city was conquered by the invading Greeks but on 6 September in 1922, the Turkish army took back the city. During the Turkish War of Independence, Balıkesir was a main centre of the militias in Western Anatolia against Greeks. In the 1950 major fire, again, destroyed a part of the city which was later rebuilt. Some mice were the cause of the 1950 fire. The mice gnawed the crackers which produced the first spark of the big fire. That fire destroyed a big and important part of the city

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels in Balikesir are best for couples?
Ziya Bey Konağı, Otel Sobe, Ferahi Evler Otel ve Ortunç Hotel atmosferi ile ilginçlik sunuyor.
Which businesses in Balıkesir have unusually beautiful views?
Begonvilla Evleri'nin gayet sıcak ve farklı bir ruhu var.
Which hotels in Balikesir are best for families?
Cunda Despot Evi, Parna Hotel ve Idahan Hotel Burhaniye ailelerin konaklayabileceği konforlara sahip.
What are the average hotel prices in Balıkesir?
Otel fiyatları için müesseseleri arayabilirsiniz.
Which hotels in Balıkesir have good breakfasts?
Cunda Despot Evi, Cunda Sakin Otel ve Zeytinbağı Otel kahvaltıda eşsiz gurme lezzetler sunuyorlar.
Which hotels are pet-friendly in Balıkesir?
Cunda Labris Hotel, Aeneas Hotel, Ida Natura Otel, Moshinos Otel evcil hayvan dostu otellerimizden bazıları...
Which hotels are closest to Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport?
Aeneas Hotel, Ida Natura Otel, Macaron Konağı havalimanına yakın otellerimizden bazıları...
Which hotels are close to the center in Balıkesir region?
Balıkesir'de merkezden ziyade, kıyı şeridinde kalabileceğiniz birbirinden keyifli oteller buluyor. Sayfamızdaki otellerimizi inceleyebilirsiniz.
What are the best beachfront hotels in Balıkesir?
Ortunç Hotel, Otel Sobe ve Mola Hotel deniz-kum-güneşçi diyenlere yönelik bir yer kesinlikle:)
Which hotels with fireplaces in Balıkesir?
Ziya Bey Konağı, Etap Altınel Çam Hotel, Zeytinbağı Otel ve Cunda Sakin Otel'de şöminenin keyfini çıkarın!
What are the villa rental options in Balıkesir region?
Balıkesir destinasyonunda böyle bir seçeneğimiz maalesef bulunmuyor.
Which hotels in Balikesir are romantic?
Otel Sobe, Cunda Despot Evi ve Moshinos Otel'de romans yapabilirsiniz:)
What are your pet-friendly hotels in Balıkesir?
Macaron Konağı, Zeytinbağı Otel, Aeneas Hotel evcil dostlarımızı kabul ediyorlar.