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Antakya Hotels

Located in the Mediterranean, at the intersection point of all travel routes reaching from the east to the west, from the north to the south; Antakya with its fertile soil, rich water resources and truly cosmopolitan population,

has always played a strategically significant role in the course of world history. Today, Antakya is the largest district and the center of the province of Hatay, which has more than 1.4 million inhabitants. Antakya district has approximately 445.000 inhabitants, 202.000 living in the city center. It is one of the fastest growing residental areas of the Mediterranean region; boasting of an important position in terms of land and air transportation, as well as a campus university, a developing economy and recent breakthroughs in the food and tourism sector. Antakya plays a pivotal role in the shipping and transportation business, both nationally and internationally. Its economy grows in strength day by day, providing employment opportunities for 20.000 people. The industrial success rate of the city’s tourism and food sectors is especially noteworthy. Its rich historical heritage and world-famous cuisine makes Antakya an important touristic hub, welcoming over 230.000 visitors - especially from Syria - every year for recreation and shopping. The latest developments after the termination of the visa procedures between Syria and Turkey indicate that this figure is highly likely to multiply in the near future.

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