Places to eat in Cyprus

Cyprus, which represents an ancient and deep-rooted culture for centuries, will of course have a deep-rooted food culture. It will be diverse. The most famous things that come to mind when it comes to Cyprus are of course Cyprus meatballs and peksimet with a thousand and one varieties. Peach kebab with a very interesting style, especially and especially halloumi cheese, Kolakas, a product unique to Cyprus, and walnut paste is also known as walnut jam. It is served with cold water almost everywhere in Cyprus. We recommend not to return without tasting these dishes. If you prefer local cuisine, you should definitely try Archwat Restaurant, İkimiz Restaurant and Bella Moon. For breakfast, Destiny Restaurant and Cafe Bar, Ezic Peanuts, Kyrenia Palace Jakaranda Restaurant can be tried. Most of these places are in Kyrenia. Halil İbrahim Restaurant and Beyti Restaurant will offer you a taste of Anatolian cuisine. You can also find many restaurants representing Turkish and Greek cuisine in Nicosia.
When you come to Cyprus, you should first try the kebab called peach kebab, which is actually named after Chef Ali. You can taste Cyprus Cognac. Apart from this, the local dishes of Cyprus are delicious foods such as mücendra pilaf, lentil soup with noodles, pilavuna, halloumi cheese, halloumi pastry, cube kebab, samarella, zivaniya, alic jam, kolokas, cacık, fava. You should definitely try them if you have the opportunity. Another most consumed food in Cyprus, an island country, is fish, seafood and appetizers. You can always find fresh seasonal fish and a variety of appetizers in Cyprus. You can eat all kinds and the best of seafood in Cyprus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels in Cyprus are best for couples?
Sitemizdeki tüm oteller çiftler için romantik ve tercih edilen otellerdir.
Which businesses in Cyprus have beautiful views?
The Hideaway Club Hotel; keyifle döşenmiş, bağımsız girişli odalarındaki manzara sıra dışı güzellikte.
Which hotels in Cyprus are best for families?
Sitemizde yer alan oteller aileler için en uygun ve uygun konumda yerlerdir.
What are the average hotel prices in Cyprus?
Otel fiyatları için sitemizi inceleyebilirsiniz.
What are the best hotels to stay in Cyprus?
Gillham Vineyard Hotel, bağların arasında keyifli bir konaklama...
Which are the adult hotels in Cyprus?
Gül Hanım House kendinizi evinizde hissedeceğiniz sevimli bir otel. Vazolarda çiçek eksik değil.