Tips from the Editor for Going to Cirali and Olympos

Çıralı, located in Ulupınar Village of Kemer district, is a perfect place for travelers looking for peace and quiet. The fact that it is located within the borders of the Olympos Beydağları National Park causes the coastal area to be minimally affected by human impact. While many vacationers who want to enjoy the sea flock here in summer, experienced travelers who are aware of the richness of the region prefer the spring months, which are considered the most beautiful time. If you are dreaming of going to Çıralı and Olympos during these months, you can create a great holiday program by considering our recommendations below.
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1. Don't End Your Vacation Without Swimming at Olympos Beach
The peaceful beach in the shadow of the mountain is perhaps the most important reason for the intense interest of travelers in Çıralı and Olympos from spring onwards. Entering the sea of the beach in the morning, which is always clear and at the ideal temperature even in the middle of summer, gives you extra vitality. Add to that the opportunity to sunbathe while listening to the sounds of nature and it is almost impossible to leave.
The beach is under protection as it is one of the spawning grounds of caretta caretta turtles. Therefore, there are no facilities in the vicinity. Naturally, it is up to you to provide umbrellas and sun loungers.

2. Make Time for Adrasan and its Dazzling Beach
While vacationing in the shadow of Olympos, we recommend you to make time for Adrasan. Adrasan Beach, which is frequented by tour boats, can be reached after a 20-25 minute drive from Çıralı. The sandy beach is 2 kilometers long and offers travelers the opportunity to sunbathe and swim without being disturbed even on the busiest days.
If you are interested in water sports other than swimming in Adrasan, we recommend you to consider water sports. Especially if you like diving, you can easily find the opportunity you are looking for here. After all these activities, if you walk to the lighthouse on the right side of the beach towards sunset, you can enjoy the exquisite view.

3. Visit the Ancient City to Understand the Splendor of Lycian Civilization
During your Çıralı holiday, we also recommend that you visit the ancient city of Olympos, one of the most magnificent settlements of the Lycian civilization. Because the ruins that have survived to the present day from the historical settlement contain important information about how important a civilization the region was once part of. We didn't mention the beach, but if you buy a card at the entrance to the ancient city, you will make your visit much more economical.
The ancient city of Olympos is divided into two sections called North and South Necropolis. There are many sarcophagi in both sections. During your visit, in addition to the tombs, you can closely examine the surviving parts of the temple, baths, theater, city walls and streets. You can even see the Roman church.

4. Must See Yanartaş, the Symbol of Olympos
Another reason to visit Çıralı and Olympos in spring is the opportunity to see Yanartaş. Although there are various stories about it, the gas leaking from between the rocks is the main factor in the flame never going out. Don't forget to listen to the legendary battle of Belephontes and Khimera from experienced travelers and locals.
Based on many sources, you can choose to walk to reach Yanartaş. However, you may have to spend a lot of time and effort with this method. For this reason, we recommend you to use the shuttle service that picks up passengers in front of almost every accommodation facility. At the end of this journey as it starts to get dark, you can have the privilege of seeing the fire that is believed to burn forever and the exquisite view.

5. Take a boat trip to get to know the surroundings in detail
Olympos and Çıralı within its borders are not only popular holiday destinations with their gems on land. By joining the boat tours, most of which are organized on Fridays and Saturdays, you can have the opportunity to see the most rare parts of this unique geography. But before we go into more details, we recommend that you make sure that Sulu Island is on the route you choose for the tour. You can easily understand why we make such a suggestion when you see the island reminiscent of the Maldives.
Tour boats start their voyages from two different points. The boats departing from Olympos follow a smaller route. By choosing these, you can effortlessly reach the caves right near the beach. Those departing from Adrasan follow a slightly longer route. Popular stops on both routes are Cennet, Ceneviz, Sazak, Phaselis and Maden Bay.

6. Don't Miss the Opportunity to Observe Caretta Caretta Spawning Areas
If you like to observe wildlife, we have very good news for you. Starting from April, you can visit the spawning grounds of loggerhead sea turtles in this region. Depending on the date you set for your trip, you can witness with your own eyes the moments when the females lay their eggs and, even better, the efforts of the hatchlings to reach the sea.
The ideal place for observation is Olympos Beach. However, if you are going to follow the movements of these cute creatures, you should pay attention to some points. The most important of these points is not to dig in the sand, not to turn on lights at night and not to make noise. Because if you don't pay attention to these things, the eggs can be damaged and the hatchlings' sense of direction is impaired.

7. Take the cable car to Mount Tahtali
On your way to the beaches, on any of the paths or on boat tours, you can encounter a wide variety of landscapes. But in order not to miss the most beautiful one, you should definitely take the cable car to Tahtali Mountain. Thus, you will engrave a unique image in your memory that you will not forget even if years pass since your Çıralı vacation. Of course, if you want to have a concrete evidence to tell your friends about the beauty of the bird's eye view of the region, don't forget to take your camera with you.
When it's time to go down, you can choose a different method. Moreover, you can have this experience by flying from the highest runway in our country. This adventure, where experienced members of the national team will help you, takes a maximum of 60 minutes. Tekirova Beach is used as the standard landing point. But the destination can be changed for groups.

8. Take Long Walks on the Lycian Way
In our opinion, you can't stay next door and skip the Lycian Way. Moreover, spring months are considered to be the ideal time to walk the ancient route from Fethiye to Antalya. Because you can take a pleasant journey through history by listening to birdsong and taking short breaks under the pine trees without being affected by the rain and mud of winter or the heat of summer.
If you need preparation for walking on this road, which has nearly twenty ancient settlements and many ruins, sometimes following the coast and sometimes requiring you to climb steep cliffs, we recommend Kate Clow's guide called "The Lycian Way". Of course, if you wish, you can go with the flow and follow the directions and signs placed by volunteers.

9. Spend Time in Kadir's Wooden House
The fact that there are accommodation places with unique concepts makes Olympos a must-visit geography for travelers who value different experiences above all else. Kadir's Wooden House is the ancestor of such places, so to speak. Raising awareness of the region, this pension has turned into an icon representing the bohemian lifestyle over time.
Even if you prefer to stay elsewhere, you can visit Kadir'in Ahşap Evi to have fun and have deep conversations with other travelers. Considered one of the most ideal places to spend time in the evenings, there is a bar where you can meet like-minded people. Let's not forget that if the conversation here doesn't grab you, you can turn your route to the beaches.

10. Enjoy Fish in the Peaceful Atmosphere of Ulupınar
Ulupınar, which fascinates travelers with its peaceful atmosphere, is another great reason to go to Olympos in spring. In fact, this place is almost a sanctuary for individuals who want to escape the scorching heat of Antalya. There are many restaurants within the borders of the village covered with pine trees. In any of the restaurants, guests can catch their own trout while cooling off with the sparkling water flowing beneath them.
Reminiscent of a corner of paradise, Ulupınar is waiting for its guests just before the Çıralı turnoff of the Antalya-Kumluca highway. Do not end your Olympos vacation without going to this settlement where you will experience peaceful moments with the sound of water cascading in a lush green atmosphere.

As for Accommodation Recommendations: If you go to our page and search for Cirali or Olympos, you will see the accommodation options we recommend.

Happy Holidays...