The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Trabzon

People who love travelling, travellers and people who often do cultural activities know. Mountains, forests and water naturally beautify a city. Trabzon has all three. Trabzon, with its deep blue sea on the shores of the Black Sea, lush green forests and majestic mountains, offers you a marvellous combination. The city is a marvel in terms of natural beauty. There are mountains, sea, lakes and streams, plateaus and endless forests.

However, it would be unfair to evaluate Trabzon only with its nature. Trabzon's culture, history and cuisine are also rich in a way that is not inferior to nature.  There are some cities that can be visited and finished in a day or two. However, Trabzon is separated from these cities. When we write the list of things to do for Trabzon, this time is more.
In recent surveys, Trabzon ranks in the top 10 of the cities to live in Turkey. The climate is extremely suitable for travelling. Of course, the summer months are more comfortable in terms of travelling, but every season in Trabzon has a different beauty.

- If you like to taste fruit, now is the time. Trabzon persimmon and local tangerines, pumpkin dessert, black cabbage soup and wraps, and don't forget the small but delicious chestnuts from the mountains!
- If you continue up from Uzungol and go to the lakes, eat fish one evening at the breakfast-fish-kofte restaurant called LAZ AND GAZ, especially the breakfast is also great. While you are here, visit Uzun Sokak. Visit the Trabzon City Museum on Long Street.
- Definitely make room for Pekünlü centre pita, and our recommendation for cheese pita is SÜRMENE BOZO PIDE.
- Be sure to add a breakfast with sea view at Memişağa Mansion in Sürmene to your travel plan!
- For breakfast, you can visit Kireçhane Village Public Market which is only open on Sundays or Balkabağı Şarküteri -@balkabagisarkuteri - Faroz Fishermen's Shelter to drink tea, get sea air and set the day in the evening, Şahinkaya/Doğakaya, Trabzon's only / largest natural rock climbing garden (next to Nayino Mountain House), located just above it if you go to Çal Cave, We can recommend Kalamış Restaurant/Meyhane opposite the airport for its unique butcher's meatballs, Osman Hoca for the best / beautiful meat, Özdemir Butcher for closer / accessible, Yomra Cazılar Deresi Trout Facilities in terms of seeing the environment even if not for direct food.
- And finally, we highly recommend a marvellous place @findikocagi in Trabzon. Handmade products are different flavours that cannot be tasted. And an example of the most beautiful entrepreneurial women of the region is a quality business.

Places to Visit in Trabzon

Historical texture is also a very satisfying place Trabzon. You can start your trip from Atatürk Mansion, where Atatürk also wrote his will. There is also a museum inside.
Afterwards, Hagia Sophia Museum and Trabzon Castle can be visited. Bedesten in the centre of Trabzon should not be forgotten. After that, Sumela Monastery, Peristera Monastery and Vazelon Monastery, which have very important places in Christian culture in world culture, can be visited. However, before going to these places, you need to know the road distance to the city. After finishing the historical places, you can visit Forum Trabzon Shopping Centre from modern buildings and relax in Zağnos Valley Park. Uzungol and plateaus are among the natural beauties of the city. Sis Mountain Plateau is one of the most beautiful plateaus, Kuruçam Plateau, Kadırda Plateau, Mavura and Kiraz Plateaus are natural wonders whose nature is legendary.

Other Sightseeing Routes:
- You can visit Ortamahalle, where there are mansions from the Ottoman period in Akçaabat. The view of the Black Sea and Akçaabat is under your feet. It is also very photogenic.
- There is a small Alaca Han in the centre, there are still small workshops with handicrafts, you can go if you are interested.
- One of the closest and most beautiful plateaus from the centre is Hıdırnebi Plateau. If the weather is clear, it has a magnificent view. It is also possible to come across the cloud sea. While you are there, do not neglect to go to Karester hill a little higher, Balıklı Lake and Aygır Lake! There are also the famous highland swings here.
- Trabzon Museum (Kostaki Mansion) & Hagia Sophia Museum are currently under restoration. Check it out before you go anyway.
- We also recommend Sisdağı plateau in Şalpazarı district. There is a chest lake and waterfall there.
- There are very beautiful plateaus up from Sümela. You can visit them all in order. Santa Ruins, Taşköprü Plateau, Çakırgöl, Camiboğazı, Hanzarya Gorge, Kıromantik City, İmera, Karaca Cave, Torul Glass Observation Terrace, Zigana are other sightseeing routes.
- On the Sürmene side, you should first see Araklı Asmasu Waterfall, then go back again and visit Sürmene Zarha Mountain this time.
- If you are going to visit Uzungol, it would be better to see these things. Karestel plateau, Haldizen, which is shown among the 50 Hidden Paradise by Atlas Magazine, and Balıklıgöl, Aygır lake, Büyük plateau and Demirkapı Village in the Seven Lakes region.

There is Kırklar Masjid between Bayburt and Trabzon, an ideal place for both cloud sea and drone shooting Since the altitude is high, transport may be a problem in winter.

Trabzon is very inviting with its cheerful people, cultural texture and easy accessibility. Trabzon's beauty is legendary. It has been mentioned in various memoirs and writings since ancient times and then became the favourite of Byzantium, the Greek Empire and the Ottomans. The city, which is one of the important stops of the historical 'Silk Road', has embraced people from many different cultures at all times.

There are many features that we can call unique to Trabzon in this city. Its unique music, historical and natural texture, seafood, other local dishes are known by many travellers. The city is also very rich in terms of sportive activities. The people of Trabzon attach particular importance to sports in the promotion of the city and support many different types of sports activities together.

How to get to Trabzon?

There is an international airport in Trabzon, you can go to the city either by air or by land. The city lines are also very busy and can meet your demand. There are also in-city sea excursions in the summer months.

What to Eat in Trabzon?

The city, as we wrote above, is a very rich city in terms of cuisine in Turkey. When you come to Trabzon, never return without eating Anchovies and other seafood, Black Sea Pita, Trabzon Butter. Dishes are usually diversified on these main types. However, more than 20 local dishes belonging to Trabzon have been determined. Corn Bread, Rice with Anchovies, Muhlama, Burma Dessert, Trabzon Date Cake, Bulgur with Anchovies, Corn Soup, Halushka, Hodan Pastry, Trabzon Halva, Hamsiköy Oven Sütlacı and many more national and local flavours are waiting for you.

Recommended Eating and Drinking Places:
-Buy kuymak from Tüysüzoğlu in Surmene!
-Eat good meatballs in Trabzon at Komaroğlu meatball parlour, a small business located in Akçaabat bazaar!
-Nihat usta is also one of the best for Akçaabat meatballs. In Akçaabat, definitely go to Cemil usta and taste the hazelnut baklava, both meatballs and baklava off ki off ...
-There is a place called İskender paşa meatball place behind İskender paşa mosque in the bazaar, (not everyone knows it) go there too. There is also Muharrem Usta Dönercisi in the bazaar, the doner is great!
-For our other meatball suggestions, we recommend Mehmet Usta in Moloz, Kamiloğlu Meatball Hall and Kalafatoğlu meatball.
-Be sure to eat meat in Trabzon Menzil butcher and drink their sodas with it, you can also take extra oil from the oil while eating meat.
-Eat a pita at Bir Tat Pide in Vakıfıkebir, then you may want to go back and eat again.
-One of the best fish restaurants in Trabzon; Bordo Mavi Balık.
-Our pita parlour recommendation is Terminal pide or Yilmaz pide.
-If you are going to go to Lake Sera, we can recommend you to eat meatballs in Akpınar, which is located on the upper part. It is quite delicious.
-If you are going after Surmene, there is Cansızoğlu restaurant on the right at the entrance of Of, there you should eat fish steamed in the oven without bones, the taste is great!
-Özkardeşler Restaurant is a good choice for döner in Of.
-Marina Fish in Çamburnu
-Lezzet Lokantası to eat döner in Ortahisar.
-Don't come back without eating Trabzon bagel. Also, if you go to Karadağ plateau, there is a small bakery there, the cheese pita is great.
-Zemu Swiss Bakery Trabzon is a great stop for a coffee break. (Boutique Bakery Cafe) 0462 231 03 05

What to do in Trabzon?
The activities to be done in Trabzon, whose reputation for its nature and history has exceeded Turkey, are of course not limited to these. Trabzonspor comes to mind when it comes to Trabzon. You can learn and see the history of this sports club, which has a great contribution to the promotion of the city. Horon and Kemençe is another important figure in Trabzon. You should definitely visit the place where there is a folklore show. One of the important activities that make Trabzon Trabzon is 'Plateau Festivals'. And not only once, there are dozens of festivals and festive programmes in the spring - summer period. I strongly recommend that you definitely coincide your trip with one of them. In fact, making a programme by looking at the festival programme will make you even more comfortable. The programmes are announced on the municipality and governorship websites. Paragliding, nature walks and water sports are also activities that are developing day by day in Trabzon. So you will not understand how time passes in Trabzon.

If you come to Uzungol, don't forget to eat the famous trout in butter, Muhlama, and the rice pudding on top. Don't forget to go up to the observation terrace, visit the ponds, drink tea in galo omad, take a tour around the lake and visit Uzungöl Dursun Ali Museum, which summarises the real history of Uzungöl.
When you go to Uzungol, go to Demirkapı plateau which is close to Uzungol. It is a place to be enchanted. Tea and stove enjoyment are also complementary there.

What to Buy from Trabzon?
As in every city, there are many local gifts in Trabzon. You can buy these gifts for both your own family and your loved ones. One of the most important symbols is Kemençe. Local clothes and belts can also be bought specially for Trabzon. Apart from these, we should not forget the peshtemal. Trabzon-style Telkâri embroidered jewellery and souvenirs are among the types that are in high demand. And since it is famous for its knives, you can buy knives.

We wish you an unforgettable Trabzon tour and trip.
For accommodation suggestions in Trabzon; Check out our Trabzon hotels page.