Rhodes Island Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

In the southeast of Greece, in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, an island deep in history: Rhodes. On this unique island, you will discover a fairytale land full of streets full of history, where legends and realities are intertwined. Rhodes is not only an island of sun, sand and sea, but also of rich history, culture and natural beauty. With its rich history dating back to ancient times, Rhodes bears the traces of many civilizations. Rhodes Island is an island that bears the traces of history, fascinates with its natural beauties and delights the palate with its delicious cuisine. Here, you will experience a fairytale vacation experience and accumulate unforgettable memories. 

Unknown Things About Rhodes Island?

One of the Seven Wonders of the World. In ancient times, the Colossus of Rhodes, located in the harbor of Rhodes and built in the name of Helios (the Sun God), was considered one of the seven wonders of the world. But exactly what the Colossus looked like and how it was destroyed is still debated.

Rhodes' Annual Sunshine Record. Rhodes Island is known for an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. For this reason, it is also known as the “Island of the Sun”. In Rhodes, you can enjoy stunning blue skies and warm sunshine even in summer.

Whitewashed Houses of Lindos. The ancient city of Lindos takes its name from its whitewashed houses. Reflecting traditional Greek architecture, these houses form a labyrinth in the narrow streets and create an atmosphere where time is frozen.

Underwater Visibility of Rhodes. The waters of Rhodes are home to a spectacular underwater world. The island's beaches and diving spots are known for their crystal clear waters and colorful coral reefs. It is the perfect place for those who want to dive.

Hero of the Island Kolossos, the symbol of Rhodes Island, was considered a hero in ancient times. According to traditional stories, he protected Rhodes from dangers from the sea and became the savior of the island.

Wines of Rhodes. Rhodes Island has been famous for its wine production since ancient times. The island produces uniquely flavorful wines made from local grapes. A wine tasting experience in Rhodes is a great opportunity to discover the local flavors of the island.

Rhodes Island Events and Dates Rhodes Island Festivals

- Rhodes International Film Festival. Held every year in July, this film festival showcases the work of directors and actors from around the world. Rhodes' spectacular landscapes and historical sites make the festival even more special.

- Medieval Rose Festival. Held annually in June in Rhodes Town, this festival celebrates the island's connection to the era of the Knights of the Cross. Street performances, historical costumes, knightly fights and traditional dances are the highlights of the festival.

- Ancient Theater Performances in Rodini Park. Ancient theater performances are held in Rodini Park in Rhodes Town. These events bring ancient Greek mythology and theater to life, giving visitors a unique experience.

- Rhodes Flower Festival. During the spring months, a flower festival is organized in Rhodes Town. This colorful event showcases the island's beautiful flowers and is celebrated with the participation of the public.

- Rhodes Traditional Dance Festival. Traditional dance performances are organized in various villages of Rhodes and in the city center. These events celebrate the island's rich cultural heritage and folk dances.

-Rhodes World Music Day Celebrations. On June 21, World Music Day, which is celebrated around the world, is also celebrated in Rhodes with various concerts, street performances and music events. Performances by local and international musicians can be seen all over the island.

Rhodes Island Public Holidays

Kathara Deftera, Easter, Pentecost, Agios Pnevmatos.

The Best Time to Enjoy Rhodes Island?

April-May, Spring, is the ideal time to visit Rhodes. The weather is usually mild and sunny, but not as high as summer temperatures. During this period, you can explore the island in a calmer atmosphere as the crowds are not yet in their summer season. It's also a great time to see nature awakening.

September-October, Fall is also a perfect time to visit Rhodes. The weather may still be warm and sunny, but the dense crowds of the summer months are reduced. Sea water temperatures are still ideal for swimming and the tourist attractions are less crowded.

July-August, the summer months, are a hot and busy time in Rhodes. Temperatures can reach over 30°C and are ideal for sunbathing and cooling off in the sea. However, there are more tourists on the island during the summer months, and some popular spots can see heavy crowds.

The winter months, November-March, bring cooler and wetter weather in Rhodes. During this period the island's tourist attractions are usually quieter and more affordable prices can be found in hotels. However, sea water temperatures are generally unsuitable for swimming.

Don't Return Without Doing These Things in Rhodes Island!

Visit the Castle of the Knights of Rhodes. Discover the rich history of the island by visiting this historic castle in Rhodes Town. Visit the museums and exhibitions in the castle and see the artifacts from the period of the Knights of the Crusades.

Visit the Ancient City of Lindos. Visit Lindos, famous for its whitewashed houses and magnificent Acropolis. Explore ancient ruins, wander the narrow streets and enjoy breathtaking views.

Discover the Beaches. Rhodes is home to beautiful beaches. Sunbathe, swim and enjoy the sea at Tsambika, Faliraki, Lindos, Anthony Quinn and Elli.

Participate in Water Sports. Experience water sports such as water skiing, surfing, windsurfing or sea biking in the crystal clear waters of Rhodes. There are water sports centers on many beaches of the island.

Take a Walk in Rodini Park. Rodini Park in Rhodes Town is an ancient park dating back to ancient times. Take a walk here, explore the historic trees and water canals and relax to the sounds of birdsong.

Gastronomic Experiences. Visit local restaurants for a taste of Rhodes' traditional Greek cuisine. Enjoy delicious dishes such as seafood, olive oil dishes, souvlaki and meze.

Places to visit in Rhodes Island

-The Castle of the Knights of Rhodes, this enormous castle in Rhodes Town was built by the Knights of the Crusades. The castle is full of old city walls, moat (dry moat), museums and historical buildings. One of the symbolic buildings of Rhodes.

-Lindos Ancient City, Lindos, located southeast of Rhodes, is an ancient city and famous for its Acropolis. It attracts visitors with its whitewashed houses, narrow streets and ancient buildings.

-Anthony Quinn Bay, named after the famous actor Anthony Quinn, is known for its crystal clear waters and spectacular views. It is an ideal spot for underwater diving and snorkeling.

-Valley of the Butterflies. This valley, located in the interior of Rhodes, is an area where butterflies are dense during the summer months. It is famous for its natural beauty and hiking trails.

-Acropolis of Rhodes Located on Monte Smith in the north of the island, the Acropolis contains an ancient Greek city and temples. From here you can see spectacular landscapes and sweeping views of Rhodes.

-Seven Springs Located in the interior of Rhodes, this natural area offers cool shady trees and hiking trails. Ideal for cooling off in the summer and taking nature walks.

-Rhodes Archaeological Museum. Located in Rhodes Town, this museum showcases the island's rich history and archaeological remains. In addition to artifacts from ancient times, sculptures and mosaics are also found here.

-Butterfly Valley. Located in western Rhodes, this natural reserve is full of tall pine trees, cool water channels and of course thousands of butterflies. A natural cooling spot in summer. 

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Rhodes Island

Tsambika Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Rhodes, Tsambika is known for its white sands and crystal clear waters. The beach is surrounded by mountain views and sand dunes. The shallow waters and child-friendly conditions make it ideal for families.

Faliraki Beach, Faliraki is one of the most popular beaches in Rhodes and has a lively atmosphere. It has a long sandy beach and hosts many water sports activities. There are sun loungers and umbrellas along the beach, and there are also several restaurants and cafes.

Lindos Beach, surrounded by the historic town of Lindos, this beach is known for its beautiful views and tranquil atmosphere. The clear waters and sandy shore are ideal for relaxation. There are also many tavernas and beach bars near the beach.

Rhodes Island Food and Drink Recommendations

- Alexis Taverna is a place you can choose with its original menu. You can taste the traditional flavors of Greek cuisine and fresh seafood.

- Souvlaki, a delicious Greek dish served as chicken or beef skewers and served with its own unique sauce, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki.

-Moussaka, visually similar to moussaka but different in taste. You can find it in restaurants.

-Saganaki, an appetizer made with the famous Greek feta cheese fried in oil. If you eat it with lemon, you will see that the flavor increases.

-For ouzo and taramosalata, Greek taverns or traditional mezedopolia are the ideal places to try appetizers like ouzo and taramosalata. There are many meze bars in the old streets of Rhodes Town or in the seaside towns.

-If you want to try Greek salad or shepherd's salad, it is on the menu of many restaurants. Local restaurants, especially those that focus on Greek cuisine and use fresh ingredients, make this salad in the best way.

-For baklava, bakeries and sweet shops in Rhodes Town or in the coastal towns make baklava and other Greek desserts. There are many options where you can try fresh and delicious desserts.

-Cake Box, a modern and cozy café, is famous for its fresh coffee, homemade cakes and pastries. There are healthy breakfast options and an extensive drinks menu.

The Luna Bar is located by the beach and you can have breakfast with a sea view. There are both Greek and international breakfast options.

Where are the entertainment venues in Rhodes Island, what are the recommendations?

Faliraki Beach, Faliraki is one of the most vibrant and popular beach towns in Rhodes. There are many beach bars and nightclubs along the coast. Beach parties and live music events are organized. It's a great place to dance and have fun while watching the sunset.

Lindos, Lindos is a seaside town with a calm and romantic atmosphere. There are local tavernas and bars where you can have dinner accompanied by traditional Greek music. It is ideal for those who want to spend a pleasant night with historical views.

Suggestions for Shopping in Rhodes Island

The Old Town, the historic and old part of Rhodes Town, is filled with many shops and boutiques selling handmade souvenirs, traditional crafts and local products. Here you can find authentic products such as silver jewelry, ceramics, leather goods, local wines and olive oils.

Where is Rhodes Island and how to get there from Turkey?

It is located 18 km from Bozburun Peninsula, the closest point of Turkey's coast. Transportation to Rhodes Island from Turkey is usually carried out by sea and air. Here are the transportation options from Turkey to Rhodes Island:

Transportation by Sea

Transportation by Ferry

The most common mode of transportation to Rhodes Island is ferry services. You can reach Rhodes by ferry by crossing from various ports in Turkey to Greece.

One of the closest Turkish ports is Marmaris. There are regular ferry services from Marmaris to Rhodes. The ferries usually intensify in the summer months.

It is recommended to book in advance for ferry services from Turkey to Rhodes.

Transportation by Air

Rhodes International Airport

There are direct flights from Turkey to Rhodes. Especially in the summer months, charter flights are organized to Rhodes from Istanbul and other major cities.

There are regular flights to Rhodes from Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Connecting Flights
Connecting flights to Rhodes International Airport can also be preferred. After flying to one of the main airports in Greece, you can take a domestic flight to Rhodes.


It is important to check the visa status before reaching Rhodes Island. It is necessary to complete the visa procedures required to enter Greece.

Both transportation options can be considered depending on your preferences and travel plan. The status of flights and ferry services should be checked up to date before traveling.

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