Pamukkale Balloon Tour: Fly To The Clouds

Cappadocia is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to hot air ballooning in our country. In fact, we can say that it is the only place that comes to mind rather than the first, because there are many people who do not know that it is also done in Pamukkale. I would like to tell you all the details of this wonderful experience that flies to the clouds like Pamukkale balloon tour :)


You can choose Hierapolis Balloons for a balloon tour in Pamukkale, Denizli. At 06.30 in the morning, you will meet with the company officials near Pamukkale travertines. If you wish, you can take your own vehicle or take the shuttle service from your hotel and come to the departure area. If you are wondering how many people the balloon tours can accommodate, it depends on the size of the basket. There are also those for 6-8 people and those for 12-14 people. The team makes preliminary preparations by looking at the weather, sending lighted balloons to the sky and determining the direction of the wind. And at around 07.20, they start boarding the balloon for take-off. The excitement is through the roof :) In the summer months, flights are also organized at noon, but in winter there is usually only one flight a day.

And before the Pamukkale balloon tour starts, our pilot tells us to turn around and bend down and hold the ropes inside the basket. Then he ignites the balloon, fills it well with hot air and we start to rise slowly from the ground. Since it is the first hours of the morning, we feel a little cold while we are waiting, but as the pilot fires the balloon, we get warmer and warmer :) In the first 5-10 meters, my heart beats in my mouth out of fear. But as we ascend, fear slowly gives way to pleasure. 5 meters is the same as 50 meters, maybe the comfort comes :) Just like that, we rise up to 1000 meters.

Seeing the ancient city of Hierapolis and Pamukkale travertines from above adds a special beauty to our balloon tour. But if you ask if the view is a must, I think not because being in a balloon is exciting and an activity in itself. In our balloon tour, which lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour in total, we start descending slowly. Of course, you cannot land where you take off. While in the air, our pilot observes a suitable place for landing and communicates with the team via radio and determines the place. A different excitement fills me during the landing. I had never flown 3 meters above the trees in my life, that's all right :) And on take-off, we take the position our pilot told us and wish to land safely on the ground. Even though I was worried that we might land hard, it was as soft as if a feather had landed on the ground. Well, of course I am happy :) When we get off the basket, we crown our flight with a beautiful celebration. Our pilot pops champagne and offers it to the passengers. Finally, we are given our certificates of participation in the flight. And we end our balloon tour by engraving each moment in our memories. It was a great experience for us.

To summarize, if you ask if Pamukkale is nice for a balloon tour, I would definitely say yes. If you ask if you are satisfied with the company you joined the flight, I would say yes blindfolded. If you say I'm scared, can I get on, I'm someone who can't even get on a swing, but if it happened again, I would get on the balloon again. I say you should definitely experience this unforgettable activity. MY STRONG RECOMMENDATION!     
AUTHOR: bujuyollarda