Mountain Lodge Hotels

Unlike many seaside resorts, chalets offer a calmer and more peaceful holiday with their fresh air and nature in lush forests. Away from the noise of the city, chalets are one of the indispensable addresses of nature lovers. And you don't even need to be a mountaineer...

Weekends can be a good opportunity to escape from the noise and crowds of the city, even if they are short, for a vacation in chalets. You can also perform many activities such as nature walks, guided nature climbs, perhaps canoeing in nearby streams while taking in the fresh air in your lungs. Chalets, which are generally made of wood, serve in the style of bungalow houses. Staying in chalets that give a different flavor in every season of the year means experiencing different excitements every season. Watching the white snow by your stove in the winter and waking up vigorously to a day with plenty of oxygen in the summer will give you a different pleasure.

1- Habitat Recreation Bungalow Houses Yedigöller, Bolu

Habitat Mesire Houses, which started to serve in 2015, is the only accommodation facility in the Yedigöller Millipark area, which offers accommodation for 90 people today with its 18 Bungalow Houses. Located in Bolu-Yedigöller Millipark, the Houses are the ideal place for travelers who have not yet lost their nature-loving spirit! 

2- Uymanlar Dag Evleri, Bolu

In the middle of nature with a magnificent view of Bolu, chalets with fireplace and private garden offer accommodation for up to 7 people. There is a peaceful environment where you can walk in your own private forest accompanied by bird sounds. You can enjoy a barbecue with a fire pit in your garden and we are waiting for a peaceful holiday where you will enjoy the green, nature and scenery… 

3- Vonresort, Abant Bolu

They are located about 10 minutes by car from Abant Lake, in a large area, in a magnificent nature. Accommodation and breakfast included. There are many villas inside. The rooms are in several different concepts, some rooms have an open kitchen. Wood dominates the decoration of the rooms. They are very clean and comfortable. Abant"> 

4- Iznik Taş Mahal, Iznik Lake Bursa

Hobbit Houses - Hobbit Houses with Lake View

Our Hobbit House houses are located on the road to Elbeyli village, 8 minutes from Iznik center. We currently have 4 active houses in the facility. Hobbit houses are 3+1 160 m2 in size and can accommodate 6 people. There are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen. There is underfloor heating and fireplace as heating.
All the utensils you can cook in the kitchen are available. Iznik-tas-mahal"> 

5- Karinna Forest Pavilions, Uludag Bursa

As autumn is coming to the door with a breeze, we started to prepare beautiful routes for ourselves... Of course, we did not think of a route without Bursa Uludag.

Now we want to tell you about one of our chalet favorites on our list… 

6- Masklavi Hotel, Alaçam Bursa
I will tell you about a very pleasant place with a magnificent view alone with nature in the Alaçam region, located in the forest on the outskirts of Bursa Uludağ; Masklavi Hotel and Restaurant @masklavialacam

I walk along the stone roads of Alaçam Village in Kestel district and where the village ends, Masklavi begins. First the old pine trees welcome me, then the friendly hosts of Masklavi. Masklavi is an authentic place with rooms bearing names from mythology. 

7- Mütevelli Farm, Mudanya Bursa

Bursa never loses its natural beauty. Mütevelli Farm is a lonely villa in the middle of a stunning natural panorama just outside Mudanya. This is an extremely special place. Details such as double-glazed windows, a well-kept garden and swimming pool immediately catch the eye. The decoration is consistent: Mütevelli Farm is tastefully furnished with antique and similar furniture. It has 5 simple and sober rooms, modern bathrooms, a well-furnished living room and a fully equipped kitchen. Mountain forest at the back. 


8- Redpine Guest House, Iznik Bursa

Attention, attention! It's time to return to nature!

Are you ready to dream with the chirping of birds at @redpineguesthouse surrounded by red pines?

In the unique nature of Iznik, @redpineguestgouse offers an atmosphere where you will stay with yourself in houses of different widths between 25-75 m2, where you will stay with yourself in houses of different widths between 25-75 m2, where you will not drop your book for a moment, where you will forget all your worries and leave everything behind, and where you will breathe in the fresh air. 


9- Sarıalan Forest Pavilions, Uludag Bursa

Have you ever heard of the Sarıalan Forest Pavilions, which are open for four seasons, but which we love the most in winter, almost like a village on its own? We invite those who know about it to the comments, and those who don't know about it to read the rest of the article... (Such a kind editor)
Log Houses consist of 45 wooden villas in the #sarıalan region of #uludağ.
You are 1350 meters above the ground. Uludag-sarialan-orman-koskleri"> 

10- Kairos, Kas Antalya

Kairos Hotel Kaş is a place to stay away from the crowds in the center of Kaş, in nature, with a view of the pine forest in Çukurbağ Village, but without going too far from the unique beaches of the region!

Our longing for Kaş had been incubating in us for a long time. Wondering what horizons the winding roads of Kaş would open for us, we set off and visited Kairos Hotel in Kaş last week! 

12- Hidden Lake Houses Glamping Resort, Burdur

Shall we wake up to these winter days, which are almost like spring, against a magnificent lake view, accompanied by birdsong?

By turning our route to Burdur's Karacaören Village, I have come up with a suggestion that you will question its reality over and over again, and that you can say "this is the place" if you were asked to describe heaven on earth.
Hidden Lake Houses-Karacaören Village, Burdur. 

13- Tefenni Villas, Burdur

The road back to Antalya brought us to #Burdur... Burdur, the beautiful city where we love its salsa and lavender gardens in summer and ski in winter. We now have a new reason to come here.

Let's tell you about its story. The family's 28 years old chicken and egg farm has been transformed into a full-fledged hotel that adds life to ecotourism by their sons who live in the Netherlands and work in tourism there. What's inside… 

14- Hope Sapanca Tiny Houses

Hope Sapanca; In the center of Sapanca, with its location by the lake, isolated garden, heated pools, offers accommodation in nature. With a total of 14 tiny house accommodation units, they offer a service concept including mixed breakfast. The most heartwarming part of Hope Sapanca is their hospitality. Their sincere demeanor in welcoming guests makes one go back again and again. Right under the nose of Sapanca Lake, in a lush green garden, with a heated pool, barbecue area, spacious tiny houses will surely be good for your tired souls in the chaos of the city…



15- Hypnos Sapanca Glamping & Spa, +12

Hypnos Sapanca Glamping & Spa is a facility established with the concept of an isolated holiday concept among 10,000 m² of land and carefully grown fruit trees. It is designed to offer guests more than just a hotel room accommodation, but more than their dream vacation plan. For this reason, you can taste organic crops by plucking dozens of kinds of fruits from the branches according to the season, and you can experience peace to your bones with the sound of the streams in the district only in the garden of the facility.

16- Kartepe Panorama Suites

A place where five stars would be inadequate.

Kartepe Panorama Suites has a specially designed chalet for 2 and 4 people and 4 hotel rooms (deluxe-jacuzzi, suite, standard).

All the staff, especially Ms. Irem, are so friendly and nice that you feel like you are a guest in the house of a dear friend. 

17- MC Sapanca

MC Sapanca Hotel is designed with 11 bungalow houses ranging in size from 52 to 62 meters2 and a private garden that surrounds you with its greenery, making it the most comfortable for you in the forest.

Wooden floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings and bohemian breeze invite you to an experience you will not want to leave. In the heart of Sapanca, alone with the nature we long for ...Fresh air, plenty of oxygen, every shade of green … Sapanca"> 

18- Ayder Güven Mountain House, Rize

Ayder Güven Dağ Evi is a hotel that suits the texture of the Black Sea with its natural structure. The suites with fireplace, jacuzzi and view are in the form of bungalow chalets. Since 2000, they continue to host their guests with the same hospitality. Easily 23 years have passed...

Bungalow chalets are arranged as 1+1. The houses are comfortable, spacious and have everything you could need. Kitchen, fireplace, jacuzzi are not missing. 

19- Elabay Mountain Houses, Rize

Elabay Mountain Houses is located in Çamlıhemşin, Rize. Elabay is a family-run business; they welcome their guests just as if they were coming to their home. All houses of Elabay, which has a garden and mountain forest view overlooking the valley, have their own terraces and gardens. 


20- Foleya Mountain Resort, Trabzon

A true Black Sea dream! Exclusive niche villas located in the exotic plateaus of the mountain ranges, in harmony with nature. The decoration is designed in accordance with the nature of nature. The environment is extraordinary.

It takes serious effort to make such a regular facility at an altitude of 1600 meters in the Eastern Black Sea region, and there is a landscaping that pays off. There are three different areas as ala carte restaurant, doruk restaurant and cafeteria. 

You can see our other suggestions according to regions from the link