Kos Island Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

Located in the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea, Kos Island is a Greek paradise that fascinates its visitors with its historical texture and natural beauties. From ancient ruins to stunning beaches, from delicious Greek cuisine to hospitable locals, Kos Island is a treasure waiting to be discovered. With its historical and natural beauties, delicious food and warm hospitality, Kos Island guarantees you an unforgettable vacation. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway in the blue waters of the Aegean, Kos Island is the place for you. Pack your suitcase and enjoy this Greek paradise!

Unknown Things About Kos Island?

- Kos Island is the birthplace of Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine. However, many people don't know that the island is also where the Hippocratic Oath was first taken. Even today, the Hippocratic Oath is used by medical doctors to define their professional ethics.

- On Kos Island, there are ruins of ancient baths dating back to Roman times. These baths are located in the Agora area in the center of the island and show how important the island was during the Roman Empire.

- There is a small village called Platani on Kos Island. This village is home to Greek citizens of Turkish origin and has a cultural heritage dating back to the Ottoman Empire. There are restaurants in the village where you can taste the flavors of Turkish cuisine.

- Kos Island is home to a piece of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Some of the stones of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the world, were also used in the construction of Neratzia Castle on Kos Island. These stones are part of the island's rich history.

- Kos Island has one of the longest coastlines in Greece. With 112 kilometers of coastline and countless beaches and coves, it is a paradise for sea lovers. This coastline has many hidden beaches and hidden coves to explore along the island.

- Kos Island is also home to some endemic plant species. You can see these plants especially on the slopes of Mount Dikeos and around Zia Village. These plants contribute to the biodiversity of the island and are of special interest for nature lovers.

- Some historians suggest that Kos Island may be linked to the lost continent of Atlantis. According to legend, parts of Atlantis may have been located in the Aegean Sea and Kos Island is thought to be part of this legend. This theory makes the mysterious stories and legends about the island even more interesting.

- Kos Island has been famous for wine production since ancient times. The island is known for a variety of local wines produced using traditional methods. Especially the vineyards in the south of the island are known for their quality wine production and visitors can taste the local wines.

- Kos Island also draws attention with its Neratzia Castle, where the stones of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the world, were used. These stones were used in the construction of the castle and bear the traces of the ancient world.

- Kos Island is also one of the spawning grounds of Caretta caretta sea turtles. On some beaches of the island, you can observe the spawning process of these lovely sea creatures. This situation contributes to the ecological diversity of the island. 

Kos Island Events and Dates Kos Island Festivals

- Kos Island is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates and the Hippocrates Festival is organized in his memory. The Hippocrates Festival is a celebration of ancient medicine, featuring lectures, exhibitions and theater performances. Traditional Greek music and dance performances are also part of the festival. The festival is held in July-August, so be sure to check the dates before you go.

-Kos Carnival is a big celebration with colorful costumes, dances and parades. This event is especially fun for children. It is held in late February or early March.

-The International Folk Dance Festival features stage performances by folk dance groups from around the world. Local dance troupes also take part in this event, creating a cultural sharing environment.

-Dodecanese Film Festival, organized on the island of Kos, is an event where independent films and documentaries are screened. The festival is accompanied by various film screenings, workshops and panel discussions for movie lovers.

-Kos Music Festival is an event full of concerts covering various genres of music. Local and international artists take the stage and perform in different parts of the island.

Kos Island Public Holidays

New Year, Epiphany, Clean Monday, Independence Day, Easter, All Saints' Day, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The Best Time to Go to Enjoy Kos Island?

- Spring, warm and pleasant weather. Temperatures usually vary between 15-25°C. A calmer environment before the heavy influx of tourists in summer. The nature of the island comes alive, flowers bloom and the greenery is lush and peaceful.

The sea water can still be a little cool, not ideal for sea activities.

- Summer is hot and sunny. Temperatures vary between 25-35°C. This is the warmest time of the year, perfect for swimming, diving and other water sports. Summer festivals, concerts and cultural events are organized a lot during the summer. During the high season, the island can be quite crowded, and we recommend that you take into account that there are more beaches and tourist attractions.

- Winter, the quietest period, you can enjoy the island in a more local atmosphere. The weather is cool and rainy and it is not possible to swim in the sea.

By making your vacation plans in line with this information, you can enjoy Kos Island in the best way.

Don't Return Without Doing These On Kos Island!

- Visit Asclepion! Asklepion, the ancient health center where Hippocrates' medical school was located, is one of the most important medical centers of the ancient world. Discover the traces of ancient Greek medicine here and enjoy the magnificent view.

- Discover Neratzia Castle! Built by knights, this medieval castle is located next to the harbor and has a wonderful historical atmosphere. Take a journey through history with a tour of the castle.

-Rest in the Shade of the Hippocrates Tree! This huge plane tree, where legend has it that Hippocrates taught, is a historical landmark. Rest under the tree and feel the historical atmosphere.

-Enjoy the Beaches! Enjoy the sea and the sun at amazing beaches such as Paradise Beach, Tigaki Beach and Mastichari Beach. Be sure to try snorkeling and other water sports.

-Watch the Sunset in Zia Village! Located at the foot of Mount Dikeos, this picturesque village offers spectacular sunset views.  Enjoy the view while savoring traditional Greek food.

-Explore Kos City Center! The city of Kos is full of historical ruins, bustling markets and cozy cafes. Visit the Roman Agora, the Ancient Theater and the Defterdar Mosque.

-Savor Greek Cuisine! Try the flavors of Greek cuisine at local taverns. Fresh seafood, appetizers and dishes prepared with the island's famous goat cheese are a must-try.

-Take a Bicycle Tour! Kos Island is famous for its bicycle path. Rent a bike and pedal along the coast or along the country roads, exploring the beauty of the island.

-Relax in the hot springs at Therma Beach! Relax at Therma Beach with its natural hot springs. Relax by swimming in the hot springs and enjoy the healthy mineral waters.

-Visit the Archaeological Museum! The Archaeological Museum of Kos exhibits many artifacts from the island's rich history. You can see ancient statues, mosaics and other archaeological finds here.

-Take a Sailing or Boat Trip! Take a sailing or boat trip to explore the islands and hidden coves around Kos Island. Seeing the beauty of the Aegean Sea from the sea will allow you to experience unforgettable moments.

-Participate in Local Festivals! Experience Greek culture up close by attending local festivals organized during your visit. Dance, music and local flavors await you at the festivals.

-See the Historical Baths! The Ottoman-era baths on Kos Island reflect the cultural diversity and history of the island. You can have a different experience by visiting these historical buildings.

Places to visit in Kos Island

-Asclepion, a health center in ancient times, is the site of Hippocrates' medical school. This archaeological site is one of the most important historical remains of the island and has a spectacular view.

Located next to the harbor, this Neratzia Castle was built by the Knights of St. John. From the castle you have a wonderful view of the sea and the city of Kos.

Hippocrates Tree, Legend has it that Hippocrates used to lecture under this huge plane tree. The area around the tree is full of history and legends and is of great interest to visitors.

The Ancient Agora, located in the center of Kos city, is full of ruins from ancient times. Here you can see ancient Roman and Greek ruins.

The Roman Odeon, an ancient Roman theater, has been restored and is now used for concerts and events. You can visit this historical building and see the traces of ancient Roman architecture.

Casa Romana is an ancient Roman villa. It is famous for its mosaics and interior decorations. Casa Romana reveals the lifestyle of the Roman period.

Kos Island is famous for its beaches. You can enjoy the sea and the sun at many beaches such as Paradise Beach, Tigaki Beach, Mastichari Beach and Kardamena Beach.

Therma Beach, this beach with natural hot springs is famous for the health benefits of thermal waters. You can relax on the beach and enjoy the hot springs.

The village of Zia is located at the foot of Mount Dikeos and offers spectacular sunset views. Taste traditional Greek food and visit the local handicraft shops.

Antimachia Castle, located in the interior of the island, was built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th century. From the castle you have a wonderful view of the island's interior and the sea.

The Archaeological Museum of Kos exhibits many artifacts from the island's rich history. You can see ancient statues, mosaics and other archaeological finds here.

Platani Village on Kos Island, where Greek citizens of Turkish origin live, reflects the cultural heritage from the Ottoman Empire. You can taste traditional Turkish dishes in the village.

The historical windmills in various parts of the island reflect the traditional structure of Kos. Especially the windmills in the village of Antimachia attract the attention of visitors.

These natural hot springs, Embrós Thérmes, are located by the sea and are a great place to relax. You can enjoy the mineral-rich hot waters.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Kos Island

Paradise Beach is located in Kefalos District. Famous for its fine sandy beach and crystal clear waters. Popular for water sports and beach bars. Ideal for snorkeling.

Tigaki Beach is located in Tigaki Village. A 10 kilometer long beach with fine white sand. The shallow waters are also suitable for children. A perfect place for windsurfing and other water sports.

Mastichari Beach is located in Mastichari Village. It is famous for its golden sandy beach and crystal clear waters. It has ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are also restaurants serving fresh seafood.

Kos Island Food & Drink Recommendations

- Mummy's Cooking serves traditional Greek food and is famous for its homemade delicacies. You can try classic Greek dishes such as moussaka, dolma and pastitsio here.

- Elia is known for its fresh seafood and different types of appetizers.

- You can dine at Agios Fokas Beach Club by the beach with a sea view. It is known for its fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

- If you want to experience both local and international cuisine, you can choose Broadway Restaurant.

- Saganaki, made of fried cheese, is preferred as a starter. It is especially served with a squeeze of fresh lemon. You can try it in local restaurants.

- Tzatziki sauce made with yogurt, cucumber and garlic is served as an appetizer and consumed with bread.

- Gyro, similar to a doner, and souvlaki, made in the style of a shish kebab, are fast and delicious street food options.

- We recommend Loukoumades and galaktoboureko at Special, where you can find traditional Greek desserts and fresh coffee.

- Hatziemmanouil Winery is one of the local wine producers. You can have a wine tasting and try wines unique to the island.

- Ouzo is a traditional Greek drink with anise flavor. It is drunk before a meal or with appetizers.

- Located by the sea, Sardelles offers both local and international breakfast options. Famous for its fresh seafood and traditional Greek flavors.

-Avra, a cozy café, is known for fresh coffee, homemade cakes and an extensive breakfast menu. You can especially choose healthy and organic breakfast options.

Kos, Yunanistan – Hesaplı ve lezzetli yemeğin peşinde olanların adresi

Where are the entertainment venues on Kos Island, what are the recommendations?

- West Bar is a popular bar with live music and DJ performances. It is very popular among young people.

- Heaven Club is one of the biggest nightclubs in Kos Town. It is famous for its big dance floor, international DJs and themed parties.

Tips for Shopping in Kos Island

You can visit the vineyards to taste and buy local wines produced on Kos Island. Wine producers such as Hatziemmanouil Winery are popular in this regard. Handmade ceramics and pottery products by local artists can be preferred as souvenirs unique to the island.

Where is Kos Island and how to get there from Turkey?

An Aegean island located opposite the Bodrum Peninsula, 8 miles from Anatolia. It is connected to the 12 Islands Province of Greece. Transportation from Turkey to Kos Island can usually be done by ferry or plane. Here is information about both options:

Transportation by Airplane

1. Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV) or Other Airports

To fly to Kos Island from Turkey, you must first find a flight to Greece from Milas-Bodrum Airport or another airport.

2. Flights and Airlines

There may be direct flights from Bodrum Airport to Kos Island. You can choose between flights of Turkish and Greek airline companies.

3. Transportation from Airport to City Center

For transportation from the airport to the city center, you can consider options such as taxi, car rental or public transportation.

4. Transfer by Ferry

From the airport where you fly to Kos Island, you can come to Bodrum Port and transfer by ferry.

Transportation by Ferry

1. Bodrum Harbor

Ferry services from Turkey to Kos Island are usually organized from Bodrum Port. Bodrum is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Turkey.

2. Bodrum-Kos Ferries

There are ferry services from Bodrum Port to Kos Island. Ferries are usually available for day trips or overnight stays.

3. Travel Time

The ferry journey usually takes about an hour on average. However, sailing times and travel time may vary depending on the ferry companies.

4. Ferry Tickets

You can buy ferry tickets from Bodrum Port to Kos Island through the official websites of the ferry companies or at the ticket offices at Bodrum Port

5. Customs and Passport Control

There will be customs and passport checks when crossing from Turkey to Greece. You should have your passport and visa (if you have one) with you.

When planning your transportation it is important to check ferry schedules, flight times and visa requirements. This information may change over time, so it is important to contact the relevant carrier or organization for up-to-date information prior to travel.

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