Kefalonia Island: Where Turquoise Waters Meet Timeless Wonders

Kefalonia Island, shining in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, is one of Greece's largest Ionian islands.

With its legendary nature, historical texture, and delicious cuisine, Kefalonia offers visitors an unforgettable holiday experience.

Places to Visit in Kefalonia Island:

Myrtos Beach: Renowned for its turquoise waters and lush green hills surrounding it, Myrtos Beach is one of the island's most iconic spots.

Melissani Cave: A must-visit, Melissani Cave enchants with its crystal-clear lake and natural light plays inside the cave.

Assos Village: With colorful houses and a historic ambiance, Assos is a charming fishing village offering a serene atmosphere.

Fiskardo: This harbor town, influenced by Corfu architecture, is famous for its colorful buildings and luxurious yachts.

How to Get to Kefalonia Island from Turkey: Travel to Kefalonia from Turkey is generally done by air. After flying from Istanbul or Izmir to Athens with various airlines, you can transit to Kefalonia through domestic flights or ferries from Athens.

Cafe, Restaurant, and Bar Recommendations in Kefalonia Island:

Cavo Liakas Beach Bar (Lourdata): This beach bar stands out with its beautiful view and spacious atmosphere.

Taverna Sto Psito (Argostoli): A tavern where you can savor traditional Greek cuisine, offering delicious options in the city center.

O Makis (Assos): Located by the sea, this venue is famous for fresh seafood and traditional flavors.

List of Activities to Do in Kefalonia Island:

Car Rental to Explore the Island: Renting a car to explore the beauty of Kefalonia is one of the best options.

Water Sports: Engage in activities like swimming in turquoise waters, snorkeling, or sea kayaking.

Explore Hiking Trails: The island boasts famous hiking trails renowned for their natural beauty.

Accommodation Recommendations in Kefalonia Island:

F Zeen Retreat (Lourdata): Perfect for a nature-immersed holiday, this hotel combines luxury and tranquility.

Emelisse Nature Resort (Fiskardo): Designed with Aegean architecture, this resort stands out with its private beach and breathtaking views.

Kefalonia Island will enchant you with its nature and history, delight your taste buds with delicious cuisine, and offer an unforgettable holiday experience with its warm atmosphere. For all accommodation recommendations, click here.