Kalymnos Island Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

Hidden in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Kalymnos Island, known for its stunning beauty and historical texture, is one of the most special islands in Greece. Mesmerizing its guests with its natural and cultural richness, this island is the perfect place for both adventure seekers and those seeking peace and tranquility. This hidden paradise of the Aegean is full of surprises waiting to be discovered at every corner. Kalymnos Island, with its calm atmosphere and warm people, is a place that makes every guest feel at home. This island allows you to experience both peaceful moments that soothe the soul and adventurous discoveries. If you are ever in the Aegean, be sure to visit Kalymnos Island. We guarantee that you will experience magical moments of nature, history and culture intertwined on this unique island.

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Unknown Things About Kalymnos Island?

The Island of Sponge Divers, Kalymnos, has been known for sponge diving for many years. In the past, the island became an important center for Greece's sponge trade and they still continue this tradition.

Sponge Festival, “Sponge Festival” is organized every year in September on Kalymnos Island. It is an event full of colorful events, shows and competitions to celebrate the sponge fishing tradition of the islanders.

World Class Climbing Center, Kalymnos has gained a reputation as a world-class climbing and mountaineering center. The island attracts climbing enthusiasts with its spectacular cliffs and mountainous landscape.

Events and Dates in Kalymnos Island Kalymnos Island Festivals

The Sponge Festival is one of the most important events in Kalymnos, celebrating the islanders' tradition of sponge fishing. A festival full of colorful events, shows and traditional dances.

Kalymnos International Climbing Festival, Kalymnos, a world-class climbing center, hosts an international climbing festival every year in October. This festival brings climbing enthusiasts together and various events are organized throughout the island.

The Festival of the Church of Panagia Kyra Psili is celebrated on August 15, in honor of the largest church of Kalymnos, the Church of Panagia Kyra Psili. This religious festival is full of traditional rites, ceremonies and market events.

Public Holidays in Kalymnos Island

New Year, Epiphany, Greek Independence Day, Easter, Labor Day, Pentecost, Panagia, Ochi Day, Christmas.

Best Time to Enjoy Kalymnos Island?

The Spring months, April-May, are a great time to visit Kalymnos Island. The weather is usually warm and sunny, but the temperature is not yet excessively high. Close to the revival of nature

September-October, Fall is also an ideal time to visit Kalymnos. The temperature gradually drops but the sea is still warm enough for swimming. With fewer tourists, the island's beaches and attractions can be quieter.

June-September, Summer is also a popular time to visit Kalymnos, although temperatures and tourist density can increase during this period. July and August can be particularly hot, so the early or late summer months may be more suitable for those who want to avoid extreme heat.

Winter, Kalymnos can also be visited during the winter months, although the weather can be cooler during this period and some attractions may be closed. However, the winter months can also be enjoyable for those who want the island to be calmer and want to see a different side of nature.

Don't Leave Kalymnos Island Without Doing These Things!

-Kalymnos is a rock climbing paradise recognized worldwide. The steep and challenging cliffs of the island offer an excellent climbing experience for both professionals and amateurs. The annual climbing festivals bring together lovers of this sport. Famous climbing spots such as Grande Grotta and Spartacus on Telendos Island.

-Kalymnos is famous for sponge fishing. You can visit the sponge museum to see and learn about this traditional craft of the island. Here you can learn how sponges are collected, processed and traded. You can also buy handmade sponges from the sponge workshops.

-Kalymnos Castle, above Pothia, is the ideal place to learn about the island's history and see spectacular views. Built in the 14th century, the castle was built to protect against Ottoman pirates. From the ramparts of the castle you can enjoy stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

-Masouri, one of the most popular beaches in Kalymnos, is a great place to relax and practice water sports. Famous for its golden sands and crystal clear waters, you can swim, sunbathe and enjoy refreshing drinks at the beach bars.
-In the village of Vlychadia, the Vlychadia Maritime Museum showcases the maritime history and heritage of Kalymnos. Ancient sponge fishing equipment, ship models and other interesting maritime objects are on display here. The museum is very informative and interesting for those interested in maritime history.

-The cuisine of Kalymnos is famous for its fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes. Especially sun-dried octopus, sea urchin and fresh fish should be tried. You can taste these flavors in local taverns and have an unforgettable dinner experience accompanied by local wines.

-Pothia, the capital of the island, is charming with its colorful houses, narrow streets and lively atmosphere. Here you can take a stroll, shop in the local markets and sip coffee in the cafes. You can also get a closer look at the island's cultural fabric and local life.

-The small island of Telendos, just across from Kalymnos, is a great place for day trips. Easily accessible by ferry, quiet beaches and hiking routes await you. Spend a peaceful day in Telendos and enjoy delicious seafood at the seaside restaurants.

Places to visit in Kalymnos Island

-Pothia, the island's capital and largest settlement, attracts attention with its colorful neoclassical houses, narrow streets and lively harbor. The city's Archaeological Museum, Byzantine Museum and Maritime Museum are ideal for exploring the island's historical and cultural heritage.

-Kalymnos Castle, built in the 14th century, is located on one of the highest points of the island and has a magnificent view. From the walls of the castle you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. There are also Byzantine ruins and a small church in the castle.

-Vathy is home to one of the most beautiful valleys on the island and the harbor village of Rina. This valley is famous for its lush green nature, citrus groves and peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy fresh seafood at the fish restaurants in Rina Harbor.

-Masouri Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, famous for its golden sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is an ideal place for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. Also, the taverns and bars around Masouri make for a pleasant day out.

-Emporios Village, located in the northwest of the island, is notable for its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty. The beaches in Emporios are famous for their clean sea and relaxing atmosphere. You can also taste the local delicacies in the traditional taverns in the village.

-Telendos Island, located just opposite Kalymnos, is a small and quiet island. It is a short ferry ride away. Telendos has quiet beaches, hiking routes and historical ruins. Especially Potha Ma Beach and the ancient tombs are interesting.

-Therma Hot Springs, east of Kalymnos, is famous for its natural hot springs. These hot springs are ideal for both relaxation and healing. The water is rich in minerals and is good for skin diseases and rheumatism.

-Chora, the former capital of Kalymnos, is located in the interior of the island and attracts attention with its historical texture. You can observe the local life more closely in this village waiting to be discovered with its narrow streets, stone houses and ancient ruins.

-Kastelli, west of Kalymnos, is a popular area for rock climbing, with a variety of routes for both experienced climbers and beginners. From the top of Kastelli you can enjoy spectacular views.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Kalymnos Island

Masouri Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Famous for its golden sands and clear waters, Masouri is ideal for water sports and sunbathing. There are many taverns and bars around the beach, making for a pleasant day out.

Myrties Beach, Myrties Beach, located right next to Masouri Beach, has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The beach is known for its fine pebbles and is perfect for swimming. There is also a ferry service from the beach to Telendos Island.

Kantouni Beach, Kantouni Beach, located in the southwest of the island, is ideal for families with its fine sand and shallow sea. There are many hotels and restaurants around the beach. It is a great place to watch the sunset.

Kalymnos Island Food and Drink Recommendations

Miltos in Pothia is famous for its fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes. We especially recommend trying seafood such as sun-dried octopus and grilled calamari.

Xefoto offers local flavors with a modern twist Xefoto offers local flavors with a modern twist and you can enjoy a pleasant meal with a sea view. Mirmizeli (a kind of seafood salad) is a must-try.

Located by the beach, Masouri is known for its fresh fish and seafood. Especially grilled octopus and shrimp saganaki (shrimp cooked in tomato sauce) are recommended.

Prego, which combines Italian and Greek cuisine, is also famous for its pizza and pasta options. Seafood pasta is one of the most preferred dishes.

Myrties, located by the sea, serves traditional Greek appetizers and fresh seafood. The stuffed squid and red mullet are particularly delicious.

Emporios, with its magnificent garden and peaceful atmosphere, offers local and organic products. Many options especially for vegetarians and vegans. 

Kantouni is located by the beach and offers an extensive seafood menu and a great view. Stuffed squid and octopus salad are particularly popular dishes.

Psarokatastasi is especially famous for its fresh fish and traditional Greek appetizers. The seafood pilaf and grilled sea bass are a must try.

Located by the sea, Prego is famous for its rich breakfast menu. It offers a variety of options such as fresh breads, cheeses, eggs and Greek yogurt. You can have a pleasant breakfast experience with its cozy atmosphere and beautiful view.

Stukas overlooking the sea is the place for you if you want to have a breakfast full of fresh coffee, omelettes, freshly squeezed juices and local delicacies. It is ideal for a peaceful breakfast, especially in the early morning.

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Where are the entertainment venues on Kalymnos Island, what are the recommendations?

Located in Barbayannis, Masouri, this bar stands out with its pleasant atmosphere and extensive drink menu. It is very lively in the evenings with live music performances and DJ events.

Nadir Rock Club, Popular with rock climbers and adventure lovers, this bar has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can relax and unwind in this place that plays rock music.

Vivaldi Cafe Bar, located in Myrties, this bar is famous for its cocktails and cozy atmosphere. It is one of the ideal places to have a drink and relax in the evening.

Suggestions for Shopping in Kalymnos Island

The shops on the main streets of Pothia offer the widest range of shopping on the island. Here you can find sponges, handmade jewelry, ceramics and textiles. Masouri has small boutiques where you can find handmade jewelry, ceramics and works by local artists. Kalymnos is also famous for its natural sponges. In many parts of the island, especially in Pothia and Vlychadia, you can find shops selling sponges. These sponges can be used for both bathing and decorative purposes.

Where is Kalymnos Island and how to get there from Turkey?

It is an island in the South Aegean region of Greece. It is located in the southeast of the Aegean Sea and is part of the Dodecanese Islands. Transportation from Turkey to Kalymnos Island is usually carried out by sea. Here is general information for transportation from Turkey to Kalymnos Island:

1. Bodrum - Kalymnos Ferry Services

Bodrum is one of the closest ports in Turkey. You can reach Kalymnos Island with ferry services organized from Bodrum Port. Ferry services are usually busier during the summer months.

2. Kusadasi - Kalymnos Ferry Services

Kusadasi is also a port city on the Aegean coast of Turkey. There are ferry services from Kusadasi to Kalymnos Island.

3. Izmir - Kalymnos Ferry Services

Izmir is a large city and port city in Turkey. It is possible to reach Kalymnos Island by ferries from Izmir Port.

4. Didim - Kalymnos Ferry Services

Didim is another tourist resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey. There are ferry services from Didim Port to Kalymnos Island.


Ferry schedules may vary depending on the season and demand. Advance ferry reservations are recommended, especially during the summer months.

It is important to check visa and other entry requirements before traveling to Greece.

Transportation details may change over time, so it is important to check up-to-date information before traveling.

The ferries used for transportation to Kalymnos Island offer passengers a pleasant experience accompanied by magnificent sea views. Since transportation details may change depending on your travel dates, it is important to check up-to-date information before making your travel plan.

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