Hotels with a Unique Theme in Turkiye

It is an undeniable fact that the concept of "thematic hotel" has developed and become popular especially in recent years. In this period, when the understanding of vacation is becoming more differentiated day by day and the demands and requests of vacationers are diversifying, hotels with their own unique themes are becoming more prominent. Accommodation facilities that are differentiated and separated according to themes are completely shaped according to your personal preference, opening the doors to an extraordinary holiday.
Let us remind you that vacationers have many alternatives to have an interesting experience, from hotels designed only for yoga and meditation and where different events are organized throughout the year, to child and baby-friendly hotels with activities in line with the concept. Here are the 10 thematic hotels we have compiled!

1- Faik Pasha Suites - Cukurcuma Istanbul
A small, nostalgic hotel in Çukurcuma, 4 minutes on foot from Istiklal Street, the heart of Eyoglu, and 7 minutes from Taksim Square. Galata Tower, Ferry Ports and Sishane Metro Station are 1 km from the hotel. Ataturk International Airport is 20 km away. Many restaurants, cafes, bars and antique/vintage shops can be reached on foot. Read more on the blog

2- Jazz Hotel - Nisantasi Istanbul
Located in Nişantaşı, the trendy district of Istanbul, Jazz Hotel Istanbul is a luxury small city hotel with its concept and modern decoration inspired by jazz music, jazz-themed rooms, in the center of the city, within easy reach of everywhere. Read more on the blog

3- Akyaka Mountain Houses
A magnificent panorama from Gökova: Akyaka Chalets! There are a thousand and one reasons to come to Akyaka, but among them, Gökova Chalets, where we can relax in the heart of nature with a good book in our hands, are of great value. These chalets shine like a miracle of Gökova in the middle of nature, which suits its geography very well!Read more on the blog

4- Kirazli Sultan Konak, +12 - Kusadasi
We are on our way to Kusadasi. After passing the alleyway in Kirazlı Village, we arrive at Kirazlı Sultan Mansion.
The euphoria and tranquility we feel as soon as we set foot inside the giant door opening to the wooden floors shining under the sun is exactly the feeling we want! Almost everything here is wood and stone. Read more on the blog

5- Şiir Hotel - Denizli
Denizli is one of the beautiful cities of the Aegean. Located on the eastern side of the Büyük Menderes graben, this city envelops you with its unexpectedly rich texture as you enter it. The surroundings are full of unexpected surprises from ancient times. In my opinion, this place serves as a bridge between the past and the future. Read more on the blog

6- Longosphere Glamping, Igneada
Glamping is a combination of the words "glamorous" (glamorous) and "camping" (camping). In other words, we can say that it is a place for those who cannot give up their comfort to have an experience in touch with nature.
The facility is so well designed that it has everything you need on 100 acres; restaurant, market, barbecue, pool, picnic area, event, entertainment and walking areas... more on the blog

7- Başkonuş Plateau Forest Houses - Kahramanmaraş
Başkonuş Plateau, which is the hidden paradise of Kahramanmaraş and has an important community in terms of endemic plant species, hosts an average of 7 thousand people a week with the arrival of the summer season. Located 50 kilometers from Kahramanmaraş city center, Başkonuş Plateau is in an important position in terms of forest structure and endemic plant species.
The Alps of Kahramanmaraş: 'Başkonuş Plateau'. more on the blog

8- Olive Tree Bungalows - Orhaniye Marmaris
Would you like to visit a "Wild West" themed place by the sea on the Marmaris/Orhaniye coast, away from the hustle and bustle? Olive Tree Bungalows is a delightful realm. With its secluded location, intertwined with the sea, good music and cozy atmosphere, this is a place where a group of people like us spend their summer vacation every summer and can't stop by... more on the blog

9- FiveSenses Bodrum
A new place in Bodrum that will contribute to your deep breaths: Five Senses
Five Senses is a special place with its back to the hillside of Dağbelen Village, the highest settlement in Bodrum, so it shares the mountain view. Even in the hottest weather, there is plenty of oxygen in the air to keep you from getting overwhelmed. A place to breathe, as the owners call it: Bodrum's balcony... Read more on the blog

10- Villa Estet Vineyard Hotel - Kula Manisa
The slopes painted green by the vineyards and the sun setting in salute to the slopes... How beautiful this sunset goes with a glass of wine that smells of the sun! Moreover, as much as the sunsets, the mornings that start here with the sweet vineyard breeze are even more meaningful. more on the blog

11- Yenice Valley Natural Life Village - Menteşe Muğla
Located in the valley of Ula covered with pine, almond, olive and fruit trees, Yenice Vadi Natural Life Village will be good for you to wake up to the sounds of birds, make friends with squirrels and be alone with yourself in the wildlife... more on the blog

12- Redpine Guest House - Iznik Bursa
Attention, attention! It's time to return to nature!
Are you ready to dream with the chirping of birds at @redpineguesthouse surrounded by red pines? more on the blog

13- Bamboolow Resort - Sapanca
Sapanca Bamboolow Resort is a corner of paradise built on an area of 7000 m² on the shores of Sapanca Lake, at the foot of Kartepe, where nature generously exhibits every shade of green. Sapanca Bamboolow Resort offers you an unforgettable experience with its 11 beautiful houses if you want to have a nature vacation with your family, share unforgettable and special moments with your loved ones, and take a small relaxing break between the busy work tempo. more on the blog

14- Hypnos Sapanca Glamping & Spa, +12
Hypnos Sapanca Glamping & Spa is a facility established with the concept of an isolated holiday concept among 10,000 m² of land and carefully grown fruit trees. It is designed to offer guests more than just a hotel room accommodation, but more than their dream vacation plan. For this reason, you can taste organic crops by plucking dozens of kinds of fruits from the branches according to the season, and you can experience peace to your bones with the sound of the streams in the district, which are only in the garden of the facility. more on the blog

15- Dachas Evleri - Agva Istanbul
Here is an authenticity worthy of an Agva vacation: Dachas Cove Houses
🌿 Hotel & farm by the Göksu River in Ağva... How well it suits the place @dachasevleriagva . 20 years ago, the dream of a family who settled here and established a farm to host guests came true this year. more on the blog

16- Kayaköy Villas - Adrasan Antalya
I made a discovery where you will experience the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea in a concept that you will never see anything like; Adrasan Kayaköy Villas. Adrasan, Antalya
I am in @adrasankayakoy, which leans its back against the Bey Mountains, green as far as you can see, surrounded by orange and lemon trees and the blue of Adrasan Beach on the horizon winks every day, with fully equipped 2 + 1 rock villas that integrate with nature. The ones with jacuzzi are for two people, the others are two bedrooms for four people. more on the blog

17- Elif Bade Glamping - Kayakoy Fethiye
Every place must have a special sense of timing. Because we feel that the time of Kayaköy, which has a completely different depth, is September with the smell of autumn. In our opinion, a village built on the hills is more beautiful than a village built on the plain. Kayaköy is a magical town where we visited every part with great interest. more on the blog

18- Hindiba Nature House - Mengen Bolu
A magnificent nature house in Bolu, where every season is like a postcard: Hindiba Nature House...
🌳 I am in a lush green forest next to a gurgling stream. This is a place where you will not hear a sound other than birdsong and wild animals during your stay, where you can find your forgotten self.
🗝️ There are 9 stone rooms, 3 bungalows, 4 hobbit rooms, room sizes vary between 18-35 m2. more on the blog