Folegandros Island Attractions, Travel & Hotel Guide

In the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, there is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered: Folegandros Island. This small but charming island is the perfect getaway for those looking for a peaceful vacation away from the crowds. With its whitewashed houses, narrow streets and unique views, it is an escape route. Chora, the heart of the island, is one of the places that best reflects the spirit of Folegandros. The village resembles a fairy tale land with its narrow and labyrinthine streets, balconies decorated with flowers and cute cafes. As you wander around Chora, there is a new surprise waiting for you around every corner. Especially in the evening, as the sun sets, the view of the village lights is breathtaking. The stone stairs leading up to the Panagia Church in the center of Chora offer you the most spectacular views of the island. If you are looking for a peaceful and authentic Greek island experience away from the crowds, Folegandros is the place for you. Every moment you spend here will be an unforgettable memory.
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Unknown Things About Folegandros Island?

The name of Folegandros Island comes from the Minoan king Folegandros in mythology. The island has been home to different civilizations throughout history and has been under various cultural influences. Remains from the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods can be found on the island.

There are great hiking routes to explore the natural beauty of the island. In particular, the trail from Chora to Ano Meria offers visitors breathtaking views. Along these routes, you can get in touch with the island's flora and local life.

Folegandros Island is an ideal place to observe the night sky as it is far from the city lights. Especially in summer, stargazing under the island's dark skies can be a mesmerizing experience.

Panagia Church, one of the most famous buildings on the island, has a legend. According to legend, a miracle took place on the spot where the church was built. Every year, on August 15, the islanders and visitors come here to celebrate the Virgin Mary's ascension.

Folegandros has many hidden caves and coves waiting to be explored. Especially accessible by sea, they are a great discovery point for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Many of the caves are famous for their clear waters and are ideal for snorkeling.

Ano Meria is one of the lesser known but charming villages of Folegandros. In the village you can see traces of traditional Greek life and witness the daily life of the locals. Also, the Folklore Museum in the village is a great place to learn about the island's cultural heritage.

The rugged terrain of the island allows traditional goat herders to maintain their way of life. When hiking or visiting villages, you may encounter goat herders and their herds. This experience will help you get to know the traditional way of life of the island better.

Events, Dates and Festivals in Folegandros Island

The Panagia Church Festival is organized to celebrate the ascension of the Virgin Mary. The islanders gather at the Panagia Church and religious services are held. Traditional food is served and celebrations are accompanied by music and dance. This day is an important meeting point for the islanders and visitors. Celebrated on August 15th.

The Christos Festival, Easter, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Folegandros as it is throughout Greece. During the week before Easter, special services are organized in the churches. On Easter Saturday evening, candles are lit in the churches and at midnight the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Traditional Greek dishes and sweets are also prepared. It is held in May.

Agios Panteleimonas Festival, the feast of Agios Panteleimonas Church, is one of the most important religious festivals of the island. The islanders go to this church and pray. The celebrations continue with music, dance and traditional food. This festival is an important social event where the islanders come together and celebrate together.

Agricultural Fair, organized in Folegandros, aims to promote local agricultural products. The islanders exhibit and sell their own olive oil, honey, wine and other local products. This fair is a great opportunity to meet local producers and taste the flavors of the island. It is held in August.

The Fish Festival is a celebration of seafood and fishing in Folegandros. At the festival, fresh fish and seafood are cooked and served to the public. Accompanied by local music, you can enjoy the seafood and get to know the island's maritime culture.

Folegandros Island Public Holidays

New Year, Epiphany, Kathara Deftera, Independence Day and Annunciation, Good Friday, Easter, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Ohi Day, Christmas and beyond.

The Best Time to Go to Enjoy Folegandros Island?

Spring, In the spring months, air temperatures usually vary between 15-25°C. The weather is quite mild and pleasant. The Easter Festival also coincides with this period. There are fewer tourists during this period compared to the summer months, so the island is calmer and more peaceful.

Summer, During the summer months, temperatures can be between 25-35°C. This is the best time to enjoy the sea and beach on the island. Summer is the peak tourist season. For this reason, it is useful to make your hotel and restaurant reservations in advance.

Don't Return Without Doing These Things on Folegandros Island!

Discover Chora! Chora, the capital of Folegandros, is a charming town with narrow streets, whitewashed houses and flower-decorated courtyards. Wander around and sit in the local cafes and visit the shops selling handmade souvenirs. Climb up to the Panagia Church at the top of Chora and take in the spectacular views of the island.

Visit Kastro! The historic Kastro area in Chora is one of the oldest settlements on the island. Here you can see medieval buildings and narrow streets. Feel the historical atmosphere and take plenty of photos while wandering the narrow streets of Kastro.

Swim at Agali Beach! One of the most popular beaches in Folegandros, Agali Beach is famous for its clear sea and golden sandy beach. Here you can swim, sunbathe and enjoy fresh seafood at the beachside taverns. Stay on the beach to watch the sunset; the view is truly mesmerizing.

Explore Karavostasis Port! Karavostasis, the main port of Folegandros, is a quaint seaside town. Here you can sit in seaside cafes and watch the local fishermen catch their daily catch. Take a walk around the harbor and have dinner at one of the restaurants serving fresh seafood.

Enjoy Matsata! Matsata, the famous local dish of Folegandros, is a traditional dish made with handmade pasta. It is usually served with chicken or lamb. You can try this flavor in many restaurants across the island. You can especially enjoy it at Blue Cuisine and To Goupi restaurants.

Go to Panagia Church! Panagia Church, located at the top of Chora, is one of the most important religious buildings of the island. Climbing up to the church can be a bit of a hassle, but the view is worth it. Especially at sunset, go up to the church and enjoy the unique view of the island.

Take a Boat to Katergo Beach! Katergo Beach is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches of Folegandros, accessible only by boat. With its clear waters and tranquil atmosphere, it's the perfect getaway. Take a boat trip from Chora or Karavostasis and enjoy a swim at Katergo Beach.

Try the Local Wines!  Folegandros is also famous for its local wine production. Be sure to try the wines made from grapes grown on the island. Don't miss the opportunity to taste local wines in restaurants and wineries.

Visit Ano Meria Village!  Ano Meria is a traditional village located in the north of the island. Here you can closely observe local life and see traditional agriculture and animal husbandry. Enjoy local food and chat with the locals in the small taverns and cafes in the village.

Places to visit in Folegandros Island

Chora, the capital of the island, is a typical Cycladic town with narrow streets, whitewashed houses and flower-decorated courtyards. Walking around Chora is a great opportunity to observe the local culture and daily life up close.

The historic Kastro district in Chora is fascinating with its medieval buildings and narrow streets. Strolling here you can feel the historical texture of the island. It's a perfect place to take photos. Don't miss the historical atmosphere and beautiful views.

Panagia Church, located at the top of Chora, is one of the most important religious buildings of the island. The road up to the church can be a bit challenging, but once you reach the top, the spectacular view will make it all worth it.

Karavostasis, the main port of Folegandros, is a quaint seaside town. Here you can sit in the seaside cafes and watch the local fishermen catch their daily catch.

The Folklore Museum in Ano Meria allows you to get to know the local culture and traditions of the island. The museum exhibits traditional household items, agricultural tools and handicrafts. Visit the museum to learn about the lifestyle and history of the local people.

Serfiotiko Cave, located in the south of the island, is a great discovery point for nature and adventure lovers. The cave is full of impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Take a good flashlight and be careful when exploring the cave.

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Folegandros Island

Katergo Beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches of the island. Accessible only by boat, Katergo Beach attracts attention with its clear waters and white pebbles. Since there are no facilities on the beach, it is natural and untouched. Explore the underwater world by snorkeling and enjoy the beach. Don't forget to take food and drinks with you.

One of the most beautiful beaches of Folegandros, Agali Beach is famous for its golden sands and clear waters. The beach is easily accessible and there are several taverns around it. After sunbathing and swimming on the beach, you can enjoy fresh seafood in one of the tavernas by the shore.

Livadi Beach, just south of Karavostasis, is a quiet beach with a wide sandy beach and crystal clear waters. The beach is equipped with a camping area and several tavernas. Relax on the beach, swim and explore the surrounding hiking routes. It is also a suitable place for those who want to camp on the beach.

Folegandros Island Food and Drink Recommendations

To Goupi in Chora is famous for its seafood. You should definitely try the fresh fish and squid. You can have a nice dinner at this place where the fish and seafood are fresh and delicious.

Blue Cuisine serves the local flavors of the island with a modern touch. We especially recommend the Matsata. This traditional Folegandros dish is usually served with lamb or chicken. Another recommendation is lamb. You can also try local wines with your meals.

Papalagi Seafood, located in Karavostasis harbor, serves fresh seafood. If you want to eat by the sea with a sea view, you will enjoy your meal here. Among our recommendations; Octopus, grilled fish, mussels.

Irene's Restaurant in Ano Meria focuses on traditional Greek appetizers and local delicacies. You should definitely try the fava, eggplant salad and goat cheese.

Bakery Artemisia is a small and lovely bakery that makes freshly baked goods. You can buy pastries and bread for breakfast and indulge yourself with desserts.

Katerina's Cafe is ideal for both breakfast and afternoon coffee breaks. You can have a pleasant time with Greek coffee and local desserts.

If you want to eat fresh pastas, seafood and olive oil dishes, we recommend Eva's Garden for its fresh and delicious food.

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Where are the entertainment venues on Folegandros Island, what are the recommendations?

Kocc Bar, located in Chora, has live music and a fun atmosphere. Open until late at night, Kocc Bar adds color to the island's nightlife.

Rakentia Bar, a traditional Raki bar in Chora, Rakentia is famous for local drinks and cocktails. It has local music and a friendly atmosphere.

Suggestions for Shopping in Folegandros Island

olegandros, many shops sell handmade ceramic products. These include a variety of vases, plates, ornaments and pottery. You can especially visit the shops in Chora to discover unique pieces made by local artists. Fresh olive oil from olives grown throughout the island and local wines are among the most popular products of Folegandros. You can visit wineries and olive oil producers selling these delicious products and have the opportunity to taste the local flavors of the island. Matsata, a type of handmade pasta, is the traditional dish of Folegandros. You can experience the authentic flavors of the island by visiting the shops that sell these delicious pastas produced locally on the island. Also, a local dessert called Pasteli is among the delicacies you should taste. Coffee and spices grown on the island are also among the products you can shop for. The coffee shops in Folegandros have locally grown coffee beans and special blends.

Where is Folegandros Island and How to get there from Turkey?

It is located between Santorini, Milos and other well-known Cycladic islands. To get to Folegandros Island from Turkey, there are usually several transportation options via mainland Greece. Here are the main methods that can be used for transportation to this island

Air Route

Flights from Istanbul to Athens Many airlines operate direct flights from Istanbul to Athens. Athens is a transit point, often used to reach Folegandros from Turkey.

Flight from Athens to Milos Island From Athens you can find a flight to Milos Island. You can then take a ferry from Milos to Folegandros.

By Sea

Ferry from the Port of Athens Ferries departing from Athens depart to various Aegean islands. To go to Folegandros Island, you can choose the ferries departing from the Port of Athens.

Ferry via Milos Island Milos Island is another island close to Folegandros. After flying to Athens from Turkey, you can take a ferry to Milos Island and continue to Folegandros from there.

Connection via Rhodes or Kos Island

In some cases, you can fly from Turkey to Rhodes or Kos and then take a ferry from these islands to Folegandros. However, this option may require a slightly longer journey.


Before making your travel plans, it is important to get up-to-date information on routes, ferry schedules and flights.

Travel policies between Greece and Turkey may change over time, so it is important to check the current travel rules.

Transportation options to Folegandros Island may vary according to the seasons, so you should consider the weather and sea conditions before planning your trip.

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