Alcohol Free Hotels

Alcohol-free hotels in the conservative hotel category are perfect for those who want to spend their vacation in an alcohol-free facility. It is possible to come across alcohol-free hotels in Alanya, Side, Belek, Kemer, Fethiye, Kekova, Selçuk, İzmir, Kızılcahamam, Afyon and many other domestic destinations. It is possible to say that there is everything that a hotel should have, but not only alcohol service. The first choice of guests who do not prefer to have alcohol service in the facility where they will stay during their vacation is in favor of hotels with this concept.

You can search for alcohol-free hotels located in many points of Turkey and quickly make your reservation by choosing the one that best suits your budget and taste. In addition to alcohol service, non-alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks are available in accommodation facilities that provide alcohol-free service.

Let's start with the Marmara Region;
Bagdat Resort - Yalova... Please visit the link for the entire list from the Marmara region. Marmara Region Alcohol Free Hotels -

How about a nature getaway? Then save this place and don't forget to tag your loved ones!
Close to Istanbul, Bursa, by the river and alone with nature, like a chalet, with lots of oxygen, full of detox for your soul, open in all seasons: 🏡 @bagdatresort

💡The hotel is named after the historic Baghdad Road that runs through it.
🏘️ Baghdad Resort is a place where you can come and spend time with your children or groups of friends every day of the year in an area of 13.000 m2, spread naively without harming nature.
🌿It consists of 5 different units including Hobbit Houses, Bungalow Rooms, Deluxe Type Rooms, Hotel and Villa.
🏡The hotel has a children's playground, adult and children's pool, a 10 km walking track with bird sounds in the stream and forest right next to it, and 2 restaurants.
The houses are very comfortable inside... Bungalow houses with fireplace🔥, Hobbit houses are sympathetic, some of the houses have closed balconies, we can say that they all have a different charm.😊 Rooms with stream, pool and mountain views.
🍳 Breakfast is in mixed form between 09:00-11:00. The food in the restaurant is also delicious, but the presentations and menu options could be improved. Our favorite is their stewed chicken👍. The restaurant is alcohol-free.
Come here and enjoy the fresh air, listen to your head in an isolated environment without getting too far away from the city... We saw the latest version again, we came, we liked it and we wanted to share it with you... Whether the owners are Mr. Levent, his daughter Ms. Buse, decent, decent people. The hotel is not luxurious but it is a clean, organized place. Let's meet in the comments now 😊
🏡 We have sent our notes, call Ms. Buse from the hotel and say hello from @kucukukoteller.
🦠 Rooms are disinfected with ozone machine.
🚗 Nearby places to visit: iznik 30 min, Yalova 25 min, Karamürsel 20 min away.
The nearest city center is 8 km away.

Aegean Region Alcohol Free Hotel Options
Marmaris Alya Villa Boutique... Click for Aegean Region Alcohol Free Hotels

Villa Alya Hotel, located in Turunc town of Marmaris, which attracts attention with its natural beauties, saves you from the troubles of the city, the stress and negativities of daily life in Islamic Hotel standards.
Villa Alya Hotel, which hosts a calm and serene holiday with its location in the lap of unique natural beauties, brings you together with the real alternative holiday concept you need. Villa Alya Hotel, located in the valley where you can watch the unique view of Turunc Bay, where bird sounds echo in nature, is built on a total of 10.000 m2 and consists of Deluxe Villas.

Each villa in the hotel has a private pool and garden with hijab. The gardens and pools, which are absolutely invisible from the surroundings and other villas, can be easily used by conservative families. We invite you to the Islamic Hotel Villa Alya to continue your habits and comfort on vacation without compromising your lifestyle.
If you want to benefit not only from the pool but also from the sea, you can swim with a hijab swimsuit on the private beach on the Blue Flag Award-winning Turunc Bay coast.
Structured in accordance with Islamic principles for conservative families, the hotel offers facilities where our guests can spend time in peace. Alcohol use and service is prohibited in the hotel. All products used in the kitchen have "Halal Food Certificate".


" Villas have nature and sea views and have a capacity of 3+1.
" 2 bedrooms have double beds and one has 2 single beds.
" Villas have 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen.
" Maximum 8 people can be accommodated
" Fully equipped kitchen; Refrigerator, dishwasher, built-in oven, microwave oven, 4-stove, electric kettle (kettle), pans, pots, pans, cutlery, knives, etc.
" Seating group, dining table, satellite receiver, TV, air conditioning, iron, ironing board, ornament, decor, washing machine, exit to the poolside.
" All rooms have the latest technology VRF system air conditioning.

Important Note: Villa Cleaning is carried out every 3 days.

Black Sea Region Alcohol Free Hotel Options
Abant Villa Hotel... Click here for other options

Non-Alcoholic Hotels in Central Anatolia Region
Image by Tafana Cave Lodge... Click here for the full list.

Tafana Cave Hotel, which we visited and met in the past weeks, consists of six measured, meticulous and comfortable rock rooms located around the courtyard, which used to be called 'life'.
The 4th generation generation, embracing its values, has carefully and lovingly restored the old 19th century stone mansion of Urgup and started to host its guests. Of course, hospitality is at the highest level.
It has a cozy atmosphere that embraces you and makes you feel it.
At the head of the business is Mr. Fatih, a born and raised local travel guide. Upon request, he makes alternative programs about the region for his guests. You should definitely listen to his recommendations. I wish the walls of this peaceful house where Mr. Fatih spent his childhood could speak. He should listen to his memories from him personally:)
You enter the domed, arched stone rooms by taking off your shoes. Breakfast is local. The location is within walking distance to Urgup bazaar.
The beautiful view created by the sunset in the Red Pit Valley is not something we see every day. It creates a whole new self! While you are there; you can choose the testi kebab at Sofra Restaurant where you can taste local dishes.
-The panoramic view of Ürgüp accompanies the sahlep you will drink at Şüküroğulları Cafe:)
They accept children of all ages. Pets are not accepted. They have their own parking lot.

Southeastern Anatolia Region Alcohol Free Hotels
Seljuk Mansion from Mardin... Click here for other options.

This work, which carries the important features of Mardin residential architecture, is a magnificent mansion that embodies all the features of the period. Due to its topography, it is one of the rare mansions planned on 3.5 floors with 3 different doors facing 3 different streets.

This work, which reflects the features of Mardin stone decoration with its large courtyards and iwans, served as a courthouse in the 19th century. It is waiting to host you, our esteemed guests, with a total of 10 VIP rooms, 3 of which are king, 5 deluxe, 1 classic, 1 single, which have been brought to world tourism with its original appearance.

Mardin Seljuk Mansion; Away from the traffic and crowds of the main street, after walking 70 meters from the unique narrow streets of Mardin, it is located in a position overlooking the Mesopotamian plain. You can enjoy the rich local breakfast unique to Mardin in the unique Mesopotamia view.