4 Accommodation Options in Bolu, Alone with Nature

For those who want to leave the noise of the city completely behind and stay alone with nature, we are here with 4 hotel suggestions in Bolu, just for you. Each of them is our recommendation, not an advertisement.

1. Nesilce Holiday Village is a wonderful bungalow hotel located in the lush green plateaus of Bolu. Located in the pine forests, the garden of the hotel is perfect for relaxing, and it is also possible to take a ride with ATV or horses in the forest.

2. Vonresort Abant is integrated with the fascinating nature in which it is located and has a very large area. At Vonresort, which gets full marks for its delicious food; You can take fresh air walks on the track inside, play basketball and tennis, and go on a pleasant ATV tour.

3. Before starting Çamlıpınar Nature Houses, we have to say that the one who leaves does not want to return again, beware! In the wooden houses of Çamlıpınar, which looks like a part of the lush forest in Bolu Mengen, you will experience simplicity and comfort together; You will have the peace of waking up with birds chirping every morning.

4. Kartaltepe Hotel has a very decent and authentic atmosphere. Its breakfasts are as successful as its ambiance and it is only 20 minutes away from Kartalkaya; it is announced to ski lovers. It is also very suitable for those who want to integrate with nature and embrace the trees.

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