Anda Beach & Rooms
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Anda Beach & Rooms, Cunda Islands Balıkesir Small & Boutique Hotels

How about a beachfront, beach and tiny house accommodation on Cunda Island?

On a morning when we were on our way to "wherever!", we threw ourselves into Anda Beach&Rooms when all the unprecedented beauties of Cunda came to our minds. A short time before its opening and already the owners, I wish Ms. Derya and Mr. Hasan the best of luck.

🏠 Anda Beach & Rooms by the sea; offers us a beautiful, beautiful summer pleasure.

On the shore of the island, this place has such an awe-inspiring view with a beautiful view day and night and a fresh breeze... Maybe it owes some of its effect on us to its name: Anda... Because the present is constant here.

Anda Beach & Rooms is one of the few places where night is friendlier than day. The night is incredibly beautiful with the stars getting closer and closer and even though there is no moonlight, the starlight gives an extraordinary illumination.

The resort has 6 tiny houses and one 36 M2 CUNDA HOUSE by the sea among the beautiful palm trees.

Each of the Tiny Houses is 16 m2 wide and their private verandas are located independently of each other. Watching the panoramic view of the bay, leaving your room in the morning, entering the sea just two steps away, sunbathing on comfortable sun loungers is a precious situation and even a different pleasure!

🍴 You can have your breakfast on the veranda of your room against the sea view. The Cocktail Bar & Restaurant menu is unique and special local appetizers and meat.

As for music, they include Boheme and Chill Out style relaxing music in the whole facility.

🐶 Pets are not allowed.

Conceptually an adult hotel, Anda is an ideal place for families with children aged +12 and above...

🌴 Apart from accommodation, it is possible to go to Anda Beach & Rooms for breakfast, restaurant and beach. Prices vary depending on the period, so it's best to call. Reservation is a must!

There will be a 5% discount for kucukoteller followers on weekdays.

 Yoga sessions are organized during the season.

35 minutes from Balıkesir / Kocaseyit airport.

Food and Drink Recommendations:

For dining outside the hotel; I recommend BY NİHAT, AYNA and TEOAS restaurants.

For daytime and evening cocktails, I highly recommend the SİNYOR bar in ANDA BEACH, it will be enjoyable by the sea and accompanied by music.

Anda Beach & Rooms

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Deniz Manzaralı Çift kişilik Oda

2 guests
Single Bed (12 m2)

Cunda House

2 guests
Single Bed (37 m2)


12+ Hotel
Air Condition
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Guest Reviews

Dilara Balkan
Dilara Balkan
· Great
I've been there 3 times. Once you go there, you want to go again. It's a really great place, especially the atmosphere.
Suzan Altun
Suzan Altun
· Great
I love it, thank you very much to the entire staff, you are wonderful, I had a great time at Anda, thanks to you. Beyond that, Parna fascinated me with its very beautiful and decent atmosphere. There is nothing better than Mine Hanim's handmade jam and merimekli pastries. Ms. Eda's warmth is also different, it is a unique beauty, I would like to thank you and the entire team for everything, and greetings to the crow...
Yasemin Arız
Yasemin Arız
· Great
We had a very enjoyable stay in April. Thanks...

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