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Marmaris Hisaronu Hotels

The most pleasant part of the Marmaris-Datça road, which is narrow and winding, is that which gets to the highest point and from where you can see the scenic view of the Hisarönü on one side and on the other the Gulf of Gökova.

Shortly you will go downhill and get to coves that compete with each other in beauty.

Turning left off the Datça road after 22 kilometres onto the Bozburun road, and after driving one kilometre more, you will get to the village of Hisarönü, which lies on the edge of the gulf that it is named after. The village is a bit off the main road. Hisarönü has shallow waters and red coloured sand and is an option for those who want a quite and calm holiday away from the Marmaris crowds.

It is known that the air of Hisarönü, which is non-humid and always has a breeze, and its clean waters are good for those suffering from asthma and heart diseases.

Between the village and the gulf on the flat region called Pazarlık (or Gavur) on Eren Mountain there are the ruins of a small temple. The ruins are those of the Temple of Hemithea. Diodoros, an ancient historian from Sicily, said that the Molpadia (singer) was brought to the region by the God Apollon. The woman singer was worshiped as a demi-deity (Hemithea) and a temple erected to her. He said that the fame of the temple lasted for a long time.

The small city of Kastabos was linked to the ancient city of Baybassos. The ruins of Baybassos are one or two kilometres to the north of the temple on the hill between the Marmaris-Bozburun road and the sea. The Middle Ages castle is in good condition.

From Hisarönü there are organised boat tours to the region. The boats stop at Inbükü Cove (aka Emel Sayın Cove after a famous Turkish singer), Kartal Cove, Tavşan Island and Bencik Cove.

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