Kısık Konağı - Yeşilyurt Village, Ida Mountains
Yeşilyurt Köyü 153 Küçükkuyu Ayvacık, Çanakkale
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Kisik Konagi - Yesilyurt Village, Ida Mountains Small & Boutique Hotels

Good morning from Yesilyurt Village in Mount Ida...

Seeing a smiling #smallhotel owner makes us very happy, do you too?

In this sense, do you have a hotel that you liked the most, that you left the happiest, that you recommended to your friends and relatives while you were there? Write to us immediately.

Now we will tell you about a hotel we left with such an experience.

The place is Kısık Mansion in #Kazdağları #eşilyurtköyü. Mr. Yalçın and Mrs.

Sevgi (when you go there, you will prefer to call Yalçın Abi and Sevgi Abla, they are so warm and sweet) are a sweet husband and wife, the owners of this beautiful little hotel. I think we have known them for 14 years. One of the first hotels we featured on our website.

You will love this place with its huge courtyard, beautiful rooms furnished differently and most of all the food of Mrs. Sevgi.

There are so many people who can't stay because the hotel is full but come just for the food. Anyway, we will talk about this separately...

There is no charcuterie at breakfast, cheeses are plentiful. The #newspaper of the day will be before you with its own jams and #olives, delicious hot dishes. This is where your #holidaykey mode opens.

Snack #ikram cookies served towards the evening are also very successful. If you want herbal tea, they are also from the plants that survived in the mansion...

Dinner includes seasonal vegetables. Olive oil and tomato paste are their own production. Mrs. Sevgi's ingenuity is legendary... Even when we are not very hungry, we find ourselves at the table immediately and the appetizers are our favorite. Go and enjoy the sunset on the terrace where you can watch the sunset, take your black coffee (sugar-free for sugar-free), leave the phones or turn off the notifications, enjoy #tatil in the weekend, if you want, if you want weekdays.

Kısık Konağı - Yeşilyurt Village, Ida Mountains

Host: Yalçın Ünal

Welcome to our hotel. On this site you can find all kinds of information about us. You can also read guest reviews and write your positive or negative feedback if you have stayed here. If you have any questions or reservation requests, you can contact us by filling out the information form. Happy Holidays...
4.6 · 20 reviews
2 guest
Our facility is open every day of the year

Good to Know

Distance to the sea
Asos Sahili, Küçükkuyu Sahili 2KM
Distance to the airport
Edremit 51KM
Distance to the city center
küçükkuyu 2KM

Terms & Conditions

Reservation Cancellation and Refund Conditions
Pet And Child Policy



2 Kişilik Standart Oda (Şömineli)

2 guests
Single Bed (25 m2)

3 Kişilik Standart Oda (Şömineli)

3 guests
Double Bed (25 m2)

4 Kişilik Suit Oda (Şömineli)

4 guests
Sofa Bed (45 m2)

2 Kişilik Suit Oda (Şömineli)

2 guests
Single Bed (45 m2)


+18 Adult only
+9 Adults Only
0-2 Age Accepted
0-6 Age Accepted
12+ Hotel
7/24 Reception
Air Condition
Alcoholic Drink Service
Baby Cot
Banquet Organization
Bath towel
Breakfast included
Car Park
Child Friendly Menu
Coffee-Tea Pot
Electric kettle
Extra Bed
Family Room
Filter coffee machine
Fireplace In The Hotel
Fireplace in the room
Garden table and chairs
Hair dryer
Half Board
Historical Building
Honeymoon Suit
In the mountains
Kids & Family Hotel
Mountain View
Ping Pong
Room Service
Sea View
Soundproofed Rooms
Sport and Activity
Spreading Breakfast
Suit Room
Turkish coffee machine
Tv Room
Vegan friendly
Walking Track
Washing Machine
Wireless Internet
Yoga platform

Guest Reviews

Leyla Gürtekin
Leyla Gürtekin
· Great
It was a wonderful four-day holiday. A wonderful establishment where you will definitely feel at home. Especially the friendship and cordiality of Ms. Sevgi and Mr. Yalçın cannot be described or experienced. Especially the breakfast table, which is decorated with a variety of jams made by Ms. Sevgi herself. His appetizers and delicious side dishes made with various herbs. It was an incredible happiness to find our home in Kaz Mountains, which we always threw ourselves into at the first opportunity, after two years (due to the pandemic). Thank you very much for everything, Ms. Sevgi and Mr. Yalçın.
Facility answer: Thank you very much for your nice comments Ms. Leyla, it is always a great pleasure to be with you.
Yücel Akın Sadıkoğlu
Yücel Akın Sadıkoğlu
· Good
I stayed at the Kısık mansion. The food and hospitality were superb. Thanks to Sevgi Ünal and her husband
Pelin&Murat güneş
Pelin&Murat güneş
· Great
If you want to fill your heart with love, store peace within you, inflate your lungs with oxygen, calm your body, get rid of your stress, taste wonderful tastes, and sip your evening by the fireplace with pleasant conversations, you are at the right place. It was a great 3 days. We thank you for everything.. Foot note: Şila and Çiko :) you will make sweet friends, be prepared ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hotel's breakfast hours?
08.30-12.00 arası kahvaltı servisimiz vardır.
What kind of breakfast is offered?
Kendi yaptığımız zeytin, reçel, salça gibi ürünler ve fazlasıyla sizlere doğal, organik ve zengin bir kahvaltı sunuyoruz.
What are the room types and prices?
1- 4 kişilik olmak üzere standart odalarımız ve suit odalarımız mevcuttur. Standart odalarımız 25 m², suit odalarımız 45 m²'dir. Odalarımızda şömine bulunmaktadır. Daha detaylı bilgi ve fiyat bilgisi almak için telefon numaramızdan bize ulaşabilirsiniz. 05368836793
What are the hotel check-in and check-out times?
Giriş saati: 14:00 Çıkış saati: 12:00
Does it accept pets?
Konağımızda, sizleri sıcak ve tatlı bir şekilde karşılayacak Lucy adlı küçük bir Golden Retriever köpeğimiz olmasına rağmen maalesef konuklarımızın evcil hayvan getirme taleplerini kabul edemiyoruz.
Is the hotel accessible for disabled people?
Kaz Dağları'nın eteklerinde bulunan konağımızın engebeli koşullarından dolayı bazı engelli konuklarımız zorlanabilir. Fakat engelli olsun olmasın bütün konuklarımızı büyük bir özveriyle ağırlamaktan onur duyarız.
Does the hotel have free parking?
Is this place suitable for children?
Which popular attractions are close to the property?
Kaz Dağları Milli Parkı, Asos, Behramkale, Troya Müzesi, Ayazma, Hasan Boğuldu Göleti, Sütüven Şelalesi, Darıdere Tabiat Parkı, Zeus Altarı, Sarıkız Türbesi, Adatepe Köyü, Mıhlı Çayı, Şahindere Kanyonu ve çeşitli müzeler.
What are some of the amenities offered at the hotel?
Bahçemizdeki ateş kuyusu etrafında sıcak şarap keyfi, 5 çayı ve yanında sunulan ev yapımı ikramlar ve daha fazlası.
Are there sports facilities at the facility?
Doğa yürüyüşü, masa tenisi, yoga...
Is it suitable for remote working conditions?
Konağımız doğada, sessiz bir çalışma imkanı sunmaktadır. Home - Office şeklinde çalışmak için gelen bir sürü konuğumuz olmuştur.

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