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İznik Hotels

The center of History, Culture and Faith, İznik : İznik; “The Mysterious, Quite and Modest Capital City “ of the history. It has hosted many ancient civilizations and always maintained itself; from Homer's “The Epic Of Iliad”.

to Nazım Hikmet’s “The Epic Of Sheikh Bedrettin”. It was the Capital City of many empires, as Bithynian Kingdom, Byzantine Empire, The Ottoman Empire etc. It is possible for you to see evidence of all this rich history of Nicaea in dozens, to touch and breathe history.

İznik is the place where the Christian world’s famous Nikaia Laws determined, "Hz. Jesus is the Son of God" thesis, is acceptanced in the “first council meeting” and “painting and sculpture is not haram “thought is accepted in the 7th Council. Famous thinkers of the Islamic world and Sufism, Davud-el Kayseri and Eşrefzade Rumi also lived and left their works of art in İznik. %100 Green Nature Trips: As written in the travelouge of Evliya Çelebi, İznik is a place where 5th climate is seen. Hikes that you can do in every seasons with the orchards that you can freshly pluck the fruits from their branches and eat, will be waiting for you. In addition to the Ancient Silk Road and the Evliya Çelebi Road there’s also a lot more culture and nature courses are involved. The City of Immortal ‘’Moments’’, Iznik: Iznik is a place where in every street, corner and nature a photograph is hidden for Photography Passionate, waiting to be discovered but not that easily, with patience and calm… For example, the sunset scenery on Iznik Lake can be only seen at few places around the world. Fire, Soil and Handicraft Products, Iznik Tile : Do you know; the beautiful tiles that we see in many Seljuk and Ottoman art works are made in İznik, necessary raw materials required in the production process as well as its motifs on it are unique and immortal, and actually each motif has a deep story? Yes, preparation mud dough, raw materials used, firing techniques, primer, paint and glazes, rich range of colors, characteristic patterns; all come together to create the magic of Iznik Tile. Therefore, it is a rare and unique item that access to the infinity, like İznik… You also want to; get to know this world cultural heritage, touch and experience the process, Iznik is waiting for you… Iznik is The City of ‘’Firsts’’: Did you know that “the first Mosque” and “the first Madrasa”, “the first almshouse” of Ottoman, “the first Consul” that all Christians were gathered and “the first lake “ to have a church under water were in İznik? Abundance, fertility, the god of wine and soil, where “Dionizos “Wash, The Lake İznik: Let's listen Evliya Celebi: “Here is the place that has the fifth climate. Its water and air are very nice. There are 45 one village around the lake. These were prosperous villages those have gardens, vineyards, mosque and hammam. The population around, washes clothes at the lake's water. Although they would never use soap, washed clothes were purely white. It has 70 species of fish in this lake. If you want; you can swim at fresh and mystical waters of the lake as Dionizos, you can join boat trips or fishing. Or only at the shore in that beautiful lake breeze you can watch; cormorants, herons (purple birds, naval bird and you can share your bread with the ducks and gulls.

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