Great Notes for Going to Erdek!

Erdek; What Erdek Reminds, What Erdek Keeps Alive...
✏️ How to Visit ?
🌿 On the Kapıdağ Peninsula of Erdek, I'm on a winding road climbing from sea level to the mountains. My route is straight to Kirazlı Monastery. The monastery is an extremely impressive place with a mystical atmosphere in the abundance of natural phenomena and the absolute dominance of the sun.
Then I drive to the ancient city of Kyzikos in Düzler Mevkii. The people of ancient times must have been living in a great abundance of time; as Strabo says in his book Geography, the people of Cyzicus gave importance to greatness, beauty, perfection in both peace and war in the city.
The Temple of Hadrian in Kyzikos, which is today recognized as the 8th wonder of the world, is one of them…

✏️ What to do in Erdek?
-Erdek, which is very popular among those looking for a sea, sand and sun vacation, offers different options for activities. So, what can you do in Erdek?

-You can enter the sea, enjoy the sun, and have fun on the clean beaches.
-You can take boat tours and visit the bays of Erdek and the Marmara Sea.
-You can witness the traces of history on Zeytinli Island.
-You can go to Seyitgazi Hill and take beautiful photos of Erdek.
-You can go on a Kapıdağ tour to discover natural beauties.
-If you like diving sports, you can participate in basic diving training organized by Erdek Diving Club.
-You can taste the delicious Cretan cookies.
-Buy olives, olive oil and olive oil soap for your loved ones.
-You can dine in Erdek's restaurants accompanied by the sunset.
-Enjoy stargazing at night on the pristine beaches of Erdek.
✏️ What to Eat?
🥗 The symbol of the mountainous regions of Balıkesir geography, dağar kebab cooked on wood fire. Since it is soft enough to melt in the mouth and cooked in its own juice, it is the number one dish for me. However, for dinner I go to Taş Restaurant { @tasrestaurant_erdek } which smells of the sea. The sea bass of these coasts is really delicious! Don't come back from Erdek without eating Kokoreççi Ufuk's stuffed mussels, Denizhan Balık Keyfi's sardines, Durak Restaurant's lamb skewers, Ögs Tost's toast made with mihaliç cheese!
✏️ Where to Stay?
🏡 For me, the most beautiful hotels are the ones that make you feel at home.
🐚 Pınar Hotel by the beach in Erdek is like a dream. Beautiful garden, wonderful sea, measured comfort. Even now, in the autumn coolness descending from the foothills of the mountains, a passionate wood fire is burning in the fireplace at Pınar Hotel...
Tel: (0266) 711 1000 
🌄 Pino Mar Luxury Bungalows under the trees at the end of the road leading to the secluded beach in summer and secluded in winter; Pino Mar Luxury Bungalows is one of the special selection of travel places that gives a sense of home with its rooms, hospitality, location and breakfasts. Tel: (0533) 602 8210
Note: Pino Mar is a paw-friendly place.