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Adrasan Hotels

For many years Adrasan has managed to keep its fascinating unspoilt nature. Adrasan is a quiet and very beautiful holiday place with refreshing air, beautiful beach, plenty of places to visit and mountains to climb.

Its amazing beach is 2 km long and is surrounded by pine trees. We would like to welcome you to stay at our family guest house. It’s perfect for those who wish to get away from the daily stresses of city life, noise and pollution. Come and enjoy the natural beauties and peaceful surroundings of PAPIRUS HOTEL. Here you will receive our very warm and cosy family hospitality.

DAILY TRIPS AROUND ADRASAN... Mount Tahtalı : located in Antalya-Kemer, with its height of 2365m is the mountain closest to the sea on the southern coastline of Turkey.This extraordinary adventure, realizes the dream of going up to Tahtalı with the new cableway constructed and rights the slogan “Sea to Sky”. Goynuk : Fun, action and adventure in the beautiful nature of Göynük! Within a fascinating nature setting in Göynük, you can enjoy adventure, have fun and feel the action. You can experience physical activities that will challenge you as an individual and groups as a whole. You will have unforgettable moments. Trekking: Choose the ancient Lycian Road or the Canyon side road to enjoy the untouched nature ... Canyonning: You can experince canyonning with well trained quides, or challenge yourself in the diffucult course of the canyon. Whichever course you choose, adventure is quaranteed! All the tours within the canyon are leaded by experienced quides. Ulupınar : is a village situated 15 kilometres from the district centre Adrasan. It is on the outskirts of the Olympos Valley National Park, famous for its eternal fire, and commands a region of stunning natural beauty. Particularly noted areas are the dense woods and the source of a river where icy waters spurt out from rocks at an altitude and descends in a waterfall. There are several restaurants situated along the river near the village, which is on the axis of the road from Kemer to Finike and Kumluca, and these serve trout from the river as well as more varied dishes. Phasalis : The three harbours of this Lycian port city were once a major commercial centre. In the shelter of Mount Tahtalı, it is a popular stopping off point for yachts, and its clear waters and sandy beaches are popular with sun-seekers. The remains are mostly Roman and include a theatre, baths, aqueducts, Hadrian's Gate, an agora and an acropolis. Demre : Also known as Kale, the ancient city of Myra, is mostly famous for its connection with St. Nicholas, who was bishop here in the 4th century. His church is the focus of the annual ceremony which takes place to commemorate him on or around his feast day of 6th December. It is well worth seeing the Roman theatre which remains here, overlooked by spectacular rock tombs, dating from the 4th century BC. Chimera : Yanartaş, proposed as the ancient Mount Chimaera, is the name of a geographical feature near Olympos valley. It is characterized by a permanent fire caused by methane emissions and the area is located on a track popular with hikers and trekkers on the Lycian Way.The spot consists of some two dozen vents in the ground, grouped in two patches on the hillside above the Temple of Hephaistos about 2 km north of the village of Çıralı, near ancient Olympos, in Lycia. The vents emit methane thought to be of metamorphic origin. In ancient times sailors could navigate by the flames. Olympos : is an ancient city. The former city of Olympos was founded in the Hellenistic period, presumably taking its name from nearby Mount Olympos. Today the site attracts tourists, not only for the artifacts that can still be found (though fragmentary and widely scattered), but also for its scenic landscapes supporting wild grapevines, flowering oleander, bay trees and pines. The surrounding area offers best conditions for Trekking, Mountain biking, Canyoning, Rock climbing, Sea kayaking.

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