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Sarigerme Hotels

Sarigerme is the name of the beach, not the name of the area or the village that sits approximately 850 meters away from Sarigerme Beach. The name of the village is Osmaniye. The small village of Osmaniye comes alive during the summer months as the 7 major hotels at the beach attract holiday makers from Europe. Main street of Osmaniye has boutiques, restaurants, and bars, but the main attraction is the large sandy beach which hosts water sports, sunbeds with shady wooded picnic areas, as well as a cafeteria. Baba Island , situated right off the coast, is where boats and yachts plying between Marmaris and Göcek moor regularly. The sheltered side of the island, which looks directly at Sarigerme, is used to moor these boats and yachts. The other face of the island is rocky and most suitable for diving. If you are a confident swimmer it is possible to swim to the island and later climb to the top for a bird's eye view of the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Kamil Island is an island of 200-300 meters in length situated at the entrance of Aşı inlet abot 3 miles out of Sarıgerme. Nar Island is an another island of 100-200 meters in length situated 10 miles southeast of Sarıgerme. Sarigerme, belonging to the Ortaca district is located on the Lycian coast of South West Turkey where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet, just a short drive from Dalaman International Airport. Along the 8 miles drive passing orange groves, cotton and bloomed sunflower fields, one arrives at the charming village of Osmaniye which welcomes its visitors with an overwhelming richness of nature. The village itself is set back just a half mile from the 6 km stretch of Sarigerme beach with its golden sand, one of the finest beaches of the eastern Mediterranean. Scenic mountain ranges, together with lush greenery and pine covered hills around the village offer breathtaking views across Dalaman valley and the deep turquoise – blue waters of the Mediterranean.

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