Grand Kartal Otel
Kartalkaya Mevkii PK. 50 14200 Bolu
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Grand Kartal Otel, Kartalkaya Bolu Small & Boutique Hotels

The story of Kartal Hotel starts with Mazhar Murtezaoğlu. He is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to ski tourism. He first came to Bolu and brought a different dimension to the facilities there with his food. The tomato soup, toast and mountain strawberry jam of the restaurant, which later became known as Varan Facilities, were engraved in the memory of everyone who visited there in those days. In the following years, he opened Koru Hotel on Bolu Mountain between Ankara and Istanbul. In the following years, Murtezaoğlu traveled abroad.

Realizing the lack of winter tourism in the mountains of Turkey, he thought he could make a breakthrough.

When he returned to Bolu, the first thing on his mind was to build a ski center in Kartalkaya. Even though everyone said the idea was crazy, he didn't listen.

No one allowed a mountain top without roads, water, electricity or anything else to become a ski resort. Mazhar Murtezaoğlu, who built Kartal Hotel and then Grand Kartal Hotel, embarrassed everyone around him who laughed at him at the time. Today, Kartalkaya is the leading name in winter tourism in Turkey... Thousands of skiers and snowboarders from Turkey and abroad enjoy the winter season in Kartalkaya.

This is a hotel with a charming ambience in a huge oak forest. In the forest, you can enjoy hiking, fitness, yoga, pilates, tennis, volleyball, soccer, trekking, jogging, mountain biking, ATV safari, off-road, and paintball. For those who miss nature, it offers a unique experience with its ecosystem. It is one of the rare places where time moves slowly.

Grand Kartal Otel

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Welcome to our hotel. On this site you can find all kinds of information about us. You can also read guest reviews and write your positive or negative feedback if you have stayed here. If you have any questions or reservation requests, you can contact us by filling out the information form. Happy Holidays...
4.7 · 3 reviews
2 guest
Active between 1st November and 31st March

Good to Know

Distance to the airport
Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanıı 190KM
Distance to the city center
Bolu 34KM

Terms & Conditions

Reservation Cancellation and Refund Conditions
Pet And Child Policy



Standard Room

3 guests
Double Bed (28 m2)
Mountain View
Safe Deposit Box TV Bathroom Hair dryer Bath towel Extra Bed +2 amenities

Deluxe Room

3 guests
Double Bed (42 m2)
Mountain View
Safe Deposit Box Air Condition TV Bathroom Hair dryer Electric kettle Bath towel +3 amenities

Family Room

5 guests
2+1 Bed (53 m2)
Mountain View
Coffee-Tea Pot Safe Deposit Box Air Condition TV Bathroom Hair dryer Electric kettle Bath towel +4 amenities

Standard Room

4 guests
Double Bed (28 m2)
Mountain View
Coffee-Tea Pot Safe Deposit Box Air Condition TV Extra Bed Bathroom Hair dryer Electric kettle Bath towel +5 amenities


7/24 Reception
Air Condition
Airport Pick-Up
Banquet Organization
Bath towel
Breakfast included
Car Park
Coffee-Tea Pot
Fitness Room
Hair dryer
In the mountains
Indoor Swimming Pool
Live Music
Meeting Room
Mountain View
Safe Deposit Box
Ski Hotel
Spa Center
Sport and Activity
Wireless Internet

Guest Reviews

Berk T.
Berk T.
· Great
We stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. The hotel has apparently been overhauled in the past period. Toilets and bathrooms (both in-room and general use) looked brand new. The interior of the rooms is old, but it definitely doesn't feel old. The cleanliness of the hotel is very good. The employees are extremely attentive and friendly. Especially the restaurant staff are very attentive and friendly. The food was very good, lots of variety. They did not serve the same soup for 4 days, even though there were 2 types of soup. The ski room has also been recently renovated and the lockers are very useful. The pool has also been renovated, but the jacuzzi was not working properly when we went, this may be the only problem with the hotel. Although the snow appeared to be 110 cm on the meteorology website, there were gaps in places, which can be considered normal since it is the beginning of January, and there is nothing the hotel can do about this situation. My wife tried snowboarding for the first time, they rent it daily (no half days) and it costs 190 TL. Considering that we rented it in Uludağ for 60 TL last year, it seemed a bit high, but since it was in the hotel, it was considered normal. Unfortunately, he fell and hurt his arm on the day we rented it, so we were examined by the doctor at the hotel. 500 TL was taken only with the examination fee, sling and vaccination, and 850 TL was received. It is not covered by insurance. It would be positive to carry out a study to reach an agreement with private health insurance companies on this issue. We went to Çağ Su Hospital in Bolu and did all our work in half a day. If you are in the same situation, it would be more logical to go directly to the hospital in 45 minutes, especially during the day. I've read some bad reviews, but we haven't encountered anything bad about it. Thank you for the quality service they provide.
Metin Y.
Metin Y.
· Good
We had a great time at Grand Kartal Hotel, one of the distinguished establishments of our city. While the children were enjoying the tracks, we experienced the hotel's facilities. I couldn't help but mention that we would be more satisfied if the prices were not so high. Friendly, quality service, delicious food, spotless rooms, everything was great. Thanks a lot..
Yiğit D.
Yiğit D.
· Great
It is a wonderful hotel in everything, it is a facility that combines all the facilities of modern hotels while preserving the authentic mountain hotel atmosphere, the food is excellent, the service is good, the rooms are comfortable. However, I have been skiing since 2002 and I can say that I learned to ski on the tracks of Grand Kartal. Since then, we have been waiting eagerly every year for the tracks to be merged, but it is obvious that there has been no development in this regard, the opportunity for additional tracks to the existing tracks of Grand Kartal is not enough and the transportation equipment used is the first one I went to. No renovations or improvements have been made since the year.

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