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Urla, which is only 40-45 minutes away from Izmir, the favorite holiday region of the Aegean, is a peaceful holiday town with its deep blue sea, green nature and delicious Aegean flavors. Urla, named Klazomenai in 2000 BC, is one of the oldest harbors in history. It should be noted that the Greek poet Yorgo Seferis, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Necati Cumalı, who has an important place in our literature, and Tanju Okan are from Urla.

If you are looking for a calm, simple and modest holiday destination, you should definitely add Urla to the list of places you can go. If you want to get away from the tiring crowds of the city on the weekend and relax, you can make a small getaway to Urla. Or if you want to spend your summer vacation this year away from the crowds and feel the history with all its texture, you can go to Urla.
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You can color your travel program with 10 unique recommendations that you should experience when you go to Urla.

Join Urla Festivals
Urla is one of the first holiday resorts in Turkey to come to mind when it comes to festivals. Urla festivals, which start in the spring and continue until the fall, enliven this quiet town. The Urla Herb Festival, which is held towards the end of March every year and lasts for two days, allows you to taste and get to know the beautiful herbs of the Aegean. In April, the International Urla Artichoke Festival is organized. Urla, a member of the World Gourmet Cities Network, attracts more and more visitors every year with this festival. In the second week of August, Urla Traditional Vintage Festivals are held. Even these flavor-oriented festivals are very valid reasons to go to Urla.

Taste Urla's Famous Artichoke
You cannot go to Urla without eating artichokes. The mastic artichoke, native to the Urla Peninsula, is an early, flat-leafed and delicious artichoke. At the Urla Artichoke Festival, it is possible to try classic and innovative recipes from stuffed artichokes to fritters, from fish with artichokes to boyoz.

Visit Karantina Island
Quarantine Island, which turned into a peninsula thanks to the road from Urla, was actually the place where foreigners and pilgrimage groups coming to Izmir during the Ottoman period were subjected to health checks. If they were carrying a contagious disease, they were diagnosed and treated here. Since it was one of the oldest ports, many travelers entered the Ottoman Empire after being checked on this island. The building where these checks were carried out has survived until today. You can see this building closely during your tour on the island.

Witness History in the Ancient City of Clozamenai
Located on Karantina Island, one of the hills west of Limantepe, the ancient city of Klozamenai is a settlement dating back to the Hellenistic period. As a result of excavations, the world's first olive oil workshop was also found here.

Visit the Magnificent Villages of Urla
Barbaros Village, Balıklıova Village, Özbek Village and Bademler Village are worth visiting for their preserved nature, clean air and friendly people. Of course, my favorite among them is Bademler Village, known for being the only village in Turkey with a theater. This place is a home of art. With a 70-year-old library and a toy museum, the village is a wonderful route where you can get your cultural fill.

Tour Urla Art Street
Located in the center of Urla, you can find places that suit your taste on the art street, which offers many options from concept cafes to ceramic workshops, antique shops and shops selling handmade products. You can also find the souvenirs you are looking for here. On hot summer days, you can spend a lot of time on this street and then relax in a café with the smell of delicious cookies.

Visit the Historical Houses in Urla
After leaving the art street, you come across Necati Cumalı Culture and Memory House. In this house, which is a meeting point for literature lovers, you can see Necati Cumalı's awards, the author's personal belongings and his works. Necati Cumalı has an important place in Turkish literature with his works such as Susuz Yaz, Empty Cradle and Tobacco Time. Visiting the house where he lived as a museum allows you to witness history. The summer house where the Nobel Prize-winning Greek poet Yorgo Seferis spent his entire childhood is now a hotel. The poet, who said that Izmir and Urla had a special place in his poetry, left everything and left this house with his family due to the exchange and visited this house again in the 1950s after almost 40 years.

Visit Wine Cellars, Take Vineyard Tours
It is no coincidence that a vintage festival is being organized in Urla. Urla has a 6000-year wine history dating back to ancient times.

With the Vineyard Road Project implemented by the wine producers of the region, Urla has become more and more famous in wine production. In the region where there are many facilities, you can visit wine cellars and participate in wine tastings. Urla Şarapçılık, Usca Şarapçılık, Mozaik Şarapçılık and Urlice Şarapçılık are among the leading ones.

Ayda Winery, which has Turkey's first vegan certified wines, is also located in Urla-Seferihisar. You should not return from Urla without visiting the cellars where you can find wines for every budget and every taste and without wine tasting.

Swim at Urla Beaches Of course, you have many alternatives to swim in Urla, the pearl of the Aegean, the coastal town of Izmir. The point you should not forget is that the waters of this deep blue sea are a bit cool. Urla has a long coastline of about 40 km, so you have plenty of beach options. If you like the cold sea, you should go as far south of Urla as possible. Altınköy is just for you with its cold waters. You can go to Ada Camping, the only facility in Demircili Bay, and have a picnic-like day.

If you immediately think of a barbecue when you think of a picnic, don't worry, the facility will help you rent that too. Çeşmealtı is one of the other places you can choose to swim in Urla. Çeşmealtı, which has a very long coastline, has many alternatives as there are many facilities that appeal to different tastes. If you want the sea to be a little warm, you can choose Aydilek Bay in Özbek.

Here you have to enter the sea with a ladder like entering a pool. The sea water in Aydilek Bay is warmer than other beaches. However, due to the sea urchins, it is important to remember to take your sea shoes with you for your comfort.

Enjoy the Aegean cuisine
You can taste the unique flavors of Aegean cuisine with olive oil, herbs and fresh seafood in Urla venues. You should not return without stopping by Beğendik Abi, which is recognized as an Urla classic.

Located in front of Malgaca Bazaar, Beğendik Abi has stolen the hearts of all guests who have been coming to the place for more than 20 years with its daily olive oil dishes, stews that push the limits of flavor and traditional pastries. Thus, it has become one of the first places you should visit in Urla. If you feel the heat while strolling on Art Street, you can choose Irmik Hanım Patisserie for a small break. Especially the lavender ice cream is a heart-winner. In addition to the delicious ice cream made with goat's milk, you should definitely try the acıbadem cookies. If you are looking for a place for dinner, you can go to Yengeç Restaurant, which is known as the best fish restaurant in Urla. Yengeç Restaurant is famous for its fresh fish as well as its appetizers and appetizers.

You can make your own flavor discoveries at different points in Urla and meet unexpected flavors in lovely places.
Finally, Hiç Lokanta and Tasting Workshop is one of the most popular restaurants in the region. You should definitely book a tasting or a meal here.

Since many festivals are organized in Urla and the number of people who prefer calmness in the summer months increases day by day, you should definitely arrange your accommodation in advance.

After you buy your wine and olive oil, you will be eager to come back to Urla again.

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