Beyoglu Guide

Beyoğlu and Taksim: Beyoğlu is an interesting example of a district with European-influenced architecture, from a century before. Europe’s second oldest subway, Tunel was built by the French in 1875, must be also one of the shortest – offering a one-stop ride to start of Taksim. Near to Tunel is the Galata district, whose Galata Tower became a famous symbols of İstanbul, and the top of which offers a tremendous 180 degree view of the city.

From the Tunel area to Taksim square, is one of the city’s focal points for shopping, entertainment and urban promenading: İstiklal Caddesi is a fine example of the contrasts and compositions of İstanbul; fashion shops, bookshops, cinemas, markets, restaurants and even hand-carts selling trinkets and simit (sesame bread snack) ensure that the street is packed throughout the day until late into the night. The old tramcars re-entered into service, which shuttle up and down this fascinating street, and otherwise the street is entirely pedestrianised. There are old embassy buildings, Galatasaray High School, the colourful ambience of Balık Pazarı (Fish Bazaar) and restaurants in Çiçek Pasaji (Flower Passage). Also on this street is the oldest church in the area, St Mary’s Draperis dating back to 1789, and the Franciscan Church of St Antoine, demolished and then rebuilt in 1913.

The street ends at Taksim Square, a big open plaza, the hub of modern İstanbul and always crowded, crowned with an imposing monument celebrating Ataturk and the War of Independence. The main terminal of the new subway is under the square, adjacent is a noisy bus terminal, and at the north end is the Ataturk Cultural Centre, one of the venues of the İstanbul Theatre Festival. Several five-star hotels are dotted around this area, like the Hyatt, Intercontinental and Hilton (the oldest of its kind in the city). North of the square is the İstanbul Military Museum.

Taksim and Beyoğlu have for centuries been the centre of nightlife, and now there are many lovely bars and clubs off Istiklal Cadesi, including some of the only gay venues in the city. Beyoğlu is also at the centre of the more bohemian arts scene.

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Beyoğlu/Taksim bölgesindeki hangi oteller çiftler için en uygun?

Galata Antique Hotel'in eklektik, şık ve jakuzili odaları zevkle döşenmiş.

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Exe Adahan Galata'nın roof terasındaki olağanüstü İstanbul manzarası epey cezbedici! Benzersiz atmosferi olan tarihi bir otel!

Beyoğlu/Taksim bölgesindeki hangi oteller aileler için en uygun?

Faik Pasha Suites; eski İstanbul tadında, seçme antika eşyalar ile detaylandırılmış, konforlu ve donanıml suite odalardan oluşuyor.

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Otel fiyatları için sitemizi inceleyebilirsiniz.

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Faik Pasha Suites; kahvaltıda glutensiz ekmekler, ev yapımı reçeller zengin bir lezzet sunuyor. Nar reçelinin tadını öve öve bitiremiyorlar.

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