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Yes... Let's come to our Rize notes...
As I mentioned recently, I am listing my point-shot suggestions without confusing you with suggestions to save on your mini trips. It is not enough, of course, but of course the whole region does not fit in one article.
✏️ If you add your recommendations, I am sure it will be a great guide.

⛰ For sunset: Be sure to watch the sun setting from the sea of mist on the Huser plateau, and don't die without watching it:)
🍴Food and Drink:
You should taste the delicious rice pudding in Hamsiköy.

In Çayeli, do not return without eating dried beans at the tulip restaurant. Trout in @rasot_dag_evi facilities in Çayeli is also amazing... You pass through incredible roads on your way to Raşot. You can also stay here.
🌿 There is a place called Dayı'nın yeri in Pazar district; a small shabby fish house, but the fish is very delicious.
You can have muhlama and sarma in Dağmaran, dinner and turbo dessert in Huzur restaurant, roasted meat in Liman or Durak restaurant, and of course Turkish coffee in Önce Zaman. ☕️
🏚 In Ayder, go to Kardelen restaurant just upstairs to eat lokum meat, Mr. Nadir's meat is much better than Nusret. Oh off👌🏻
Don't go back without eating eggs with onion and muhlama at Yolun dibi cafe near Koboş bridge. What was that...
🌸 Orme toast shop in the center of Fındıklı makes the best toast I have ever had in my life. It is minced meat toast made from rib meat and contains 20 kinds of spices. Dear Evrim, the owner of Bageni Pension, took us there. We were blown away.

🌿 Let's Travel - Let's See:
🍂 You can visit Zil Castle, which is about 15 kilometers away from Çamlıhemşin. The castle was built on a hill that can see the Fırtına Creek and the valley, dominating the whole beautiful view. The 57 kilometer long Fırtına Creek flows into the sea around Ardeşen.
-You can go to Hazindak Plateau, one of the many plateaus in Çamlıhemşin and the most famous one. You can see the chalets and the magnificent greenery here.


-I recommend you to visit the "Sendagez" cafe, there are already all the facilities there, there are even jeep tours.

You can visit Kale-i Bala, which is a bit far from Çamlıhemşin. You can see Zeleki Castle located in Çayeli district.
- 🍂 In Rize, which also has opportunities in terms of thermal tourism, you can visit Ayder Hot Spring and places such as İkizdere Drinking, Çayırlı Mineral Water and find healing. I would also say go to Agaran Waterfall.
- If you have not been to İkizdere, do not say you have been to Rize! ikizdere valley is one of the few valleys in the world. The advantage of not having too many tourists is that it keeps it cleaner and more beautiful. It already has most of the plateaus in İkizdere Rize and has the largest territory of Rize in terms of area. From its hot springs to its villages, it is very beautiful and still preserves its naturalness.
✏️ Haremtepe - Çeçeva village is also a very photogenic village. Çat valley is the same way. Countless actually Rize.
Go to İyidere Pileki facilities... Put your feet in the flowing stream and sip your miss-like rize tea while your feet are in the cool waters of Rize in that beautiful nature ...
👩🏼‍🌾 Climb to Pileki cave by following the 2 km walking path that runs along the creek. I cannot say that the cave is worth seeing, but the view from that hill is wonderful. Zipline and picnic areas are also available.
🌿 Lakes Region: Take a break at the Black Sea Lake in the lakes region of Upper Kavron and reach the Çengovit lakes where you will see the Kaçkar summit with a short ascent.


🏡 You can see my accommodation suggestions by entering http://www.boutiquesmallhotels.com/rize-hotels
@aydervilladepelit @gobocadagevi is definitely recommended, for peace of mind...

Just up the road from Çamlıhemşin Şenyuva.
Breakfast and accommodation can be made in Kaf Mountain Mansion Hotel. If you go to Gito plateau, Vartevor mountain house is recommended, a mountain house where the food and breakfast are great and the operators are perfectly sweet.

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