Places to Visit in March: March Vacation Ideas

The seasons are spring and the months are March. Vacations during this period are so privileged that they only appeal to travel enthusiasts with special tastes. Far away from the high season when everyone flocks to the resorts, March offers wonderful opportunities that are completely intertwined with nature and love. Moreover, prices are nowhere near the July and August prices for summer resorts. If you are looking for a snow vacation by the fireplace, there are also winter destinations whose season extends into March.

1. Pamukkale, Denizli
If you have not yet seen Pamukkale Travertines, where tourists from all over the world flock, now is the time. What makes the resort town of Denizli attractive in March is the thermal and healing waters here. Accommodation options in Pamukkale can easily be combined with thermal baths and indoor pools.
While you are in Denizli for Pamukkale; do not return without eating tandoori, also known as Denizli kebab, in the city center known as Bayramyeri. The city also has attractive attractions such as the cable car and Bağbaşı Plateau. If you move to the districts; You should see Buldan in the first place and meet all your textile needs here.

2. Sarıkamış, Kars
Even though it is March, you can make your loved ones who want to see snow happy in Kars Sarıkamış. This is one of the most severe winter seasons in Turkey. This also makes the delicatessen products and meats delicious and turns Kars cuisine into a gastronomic capital. Another special delicacy you should try while in Kars is goose meat.
Train services organized every day by TCDD under the name of Eastern Express can mark your way to Kars. The entire route of the trains departing from Ankara is full of wonderful views. Since there is a considerable demand for the express services, you should buy your ticket days in advance.

3. Cappadocia, Nevşehir
Cappadocia is the place for romance in March. This magical place is awe-inspiring with its natural formations, also known as Fairy Chimneys. Cappadocia is also the only address for honeymooners getting married in winter.
Among the things you can do during your visit to Cappadocia are to visit the underground passages, caves and the Hair Museum in Avanos. This place is also a world brand in offering fireside atmospheres where you can enjoy all kinds of red meat.

4. Sapanca, Sakarya
Those who are overwhelmed by the chaos, traffic and noise of Istanbul are always taking a break in Sapanca every weekend. Sapanca Lake is too beautiful to be left only to Istanbulites!
You can pamper yourself in every way in Sapanca district of Sakarya. A massage overlooking the lake, a sauna experience where you will sweat a lot or a Turkish bath will definitely go well in Sapanca in mid-March.

5. Akyaka, Mugla
One of the most suitable holiday resorts for March is Akyaka town in the Ula district of Muğla. This natural beauty, which is 2.5 hours away from Izmir, is located right on the banks of the Azmak River.
The way to have a pleasant time in Akyaka is never through loud music or dancing until the morning. On the contrary; this place is a quiet and peaceful hidden paradise on the mountain slope. Therefore, couples should definitely include this place in their romantic routes.

6. Cesme, Izmir
If you only know Çeşme from the summer months, and if the only way to get to Izmir is through Çeşme, you are at a great loss. Çeşme can be preferred in all seasons of the year with its sea, people and successful facilities. The concept of luxury here really gets what it deserves.
When you visit Çeşme Alaçatı in March, you will see that the streets are almost as crowded as in summer. This is especially true if it is Saturday or Sunday. While the evening entertainment continues at the same pace, the Çeşme sun continues to warm you up throughout the winter.

7. Erciyes, Kayseri

Erciyes Mountain in Kayseri is known for its long ski season. Located right in the center of Central Anatolia, the ski resort is easily accessible from all provinces of Turkey. March is not too late to experience winter in Erciyes, read a book by the fireplace or eat sausage bread.
Speaking of Kayseri cuisine, you can't not mention the delicious water pastries, ravioli and yağlamas. In fact, if you visit Kayseri in March, it will be much easier to camouflage the extra pounds you have gained!

8. Side, Antalya
In Turkey, where different seasons are experienced at the same time, the way to open the season early is through Antalya. If you find March early for this; you should keep in mind that you can swim in Antalya even on New Year's Eve.
Hotels in Antalya maintain their services by maintaining the same quality in every season of the year. Especially for guests from cold countries such as Russia, this is a much more ideal location, so there is always a tourist density in the city.

9. Kyrenia, Cyprus
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where it is possible to enter only with an identity card, is always a good vacation idea. Cyprus, the baby motherland, always has comfortable accommodation options. Kyrenia, the capital city, is undoubtedly the most crowded place in the winter season.
Not only enjoying fish in Kyrenia Harbor, but even having a cup of tea or coffee can satisfy your holiday longing to a great extent. There is such an atmosphere here that you experience the beauties of vacationing both at home and abroad together.

10. Ayder, Rize
Hey there Black Sea... It's cold in March, but it's beautiful like this! Ayder Plateau is under the invasion of both local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer months. On the other hand, this natural geographical beauty cannot be discovered enough in the crowd. In the winter months, Ayder can generously offer you both a calmer and snowy geography.
If you happen to be in Rize, you should make the most of the pitas, roasted cornbread and the legendary tea. Those who will go on the plateau roads must be cautious and experienced for difficult weather conditions.
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11. Mudanya, Bursa
If you say, "I can't get away from Istanbul, nor can I give up my vacation", Bursa is always a loyal friend. Moreover, it is free to eat chestnut candy on the roads of Bursa, shop for bed linen and textiles and crown the trip with iskender kebab before returning.
Trilye attracts tourists the most in Mudanya district. An old Greek village that hosted Greeks and Turks together for many years, the town is really worth seeing. Since the natural protected area of the village is completely protected, you may insist on making your way here, especially if you are interested in photography.

12. Edremit, Balıkesir
Edremit district of Balıkesir is a getaway point close to Istanbul in the same context. While Edremit Gulf adorns this place like a pearl; it also brings the beach town atmosphere you are looking for. When it comes to Edremit vacation, the first things that come to mind are olive cultivation and Kazdağları.
During your Edremit vacation, you should not forget to taste thousands of different olive oil dishes and make your annual oil stock on the way back. By the way, March is the perfect time for this! Boutique accommodation options in the shade of olive trees will definitely be enough to take away all the tiredness of the year and the stress of the city in an instant.
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